QuickBooks File Extension With File types and Differences 

QuickBooks File Extension


QuickBooks has been perhaps the most famous software lately inferable from the usability it accommodates keeping the accounts and overseeing funds of commonly little and medium-sized organizations. Consequently, we offer you basic self-improvement articles to see your business economy help with Quickbooks. Here We expand data about the distinctive QuickBooks File Extensions that you will run over on your desktop while utilizing Quickbooks and what they are really going after. 


All in all, each sort of QuickBooks File has a novel Extension. Despite the fact that QuickBooks file Extensions type may differ depending on which version of QuickBooks you are utilizing, be it Quickbook 2016, Quickbook Enterprise 2017, and so on in this specific article, we will allude QuickBooks Extension names as utilized in QuickBooks Desktop. Additionally, in this article, we have clarified some QuickBooks backup file Extension. These QuickBooks company file Extension disclosed are pertinent to all files, for instance, Accountant files, Loan Manager Files Payroll files or QuickBooks working files. Therefore, various sorts of data are isolated by various folders. 


What are the sorts of QuickBooks File Extension: 



This is the Accountant’s survey duplicate (the import file)

This file is made when the Accountant’s duplicate is sent out to import it to the client’s company file. 



Timer Back-up file

This makes when a client is endeavoring to back up time data in ‘QuickBooks Pro Timer. 



Windows Bitmap file

The files store/contain “bitmapped pictures” utilized by QuickBooks 



Business Planner file.

This file isn’t supported up with the company file, this should be independently replicated to the backups. 


‘. DES’

Form plan format file

The file is made while sending out a structure plan from the layouts list. 



Word Documents

These archives are utilized to “compose letters” work/activity. 




Intuit Interchange Format file

It allows you to import and fare records/transactions through content files with a ‘. IIF’ ext. All things being equal, the QuickBooks SDK ought to be utilized to peruse and compose data for QuickBooks and other applications. 


‘. INI’

Configuration file

This file allows you to support “Web based Banking.” 



MS Access file for Timer data.

This is a MS Access file needed for the “*.TDB file”. 



Little Green Box

LGB file contains encoded data identified with client names and passwords. The file is utilized when a SDK application is associated with a company file and must be opened in an unattended mode. You require a username and password to open the connection with the “Sybase server.” 




Advance Manager Data

This file is made by the “Credit Manager” and stores information identified with advances. You need to independently duplicate this file to the backups. 



QuickBooks Network Data File

This is an arrangement file that permits admittance to the QuickBooks company file. You need to keep this file and guarantee that it doesn’t gets erased. 



Online Banking File (obsolete)

It’s an internet banking design utilized by previous QB versions and was supplanted by “OFX” design. Monetary foundations presently don’t support it. 



Accountant’s audit duplicate (working copy)

Accountant reestablishes a QBX file, and the file is given a.QBA Extension. 



Transaction log file (for the accountant’s survey copy)

When you back-up the accountant’s audit duplicate, QuickBooks starts a log of transactions that proceeds with structure the last time you did a back-up. Assuming coincidentally, you may lose your data it tends to be recovered with the assistance of this “Transaction log file.” 




QuickBooks backup file

It is a QuickBooks Company backup file. In the event that you need to open the ‘. QBB’ file – explore to File menu and click Restore. 



QuickBooks picture file

The picture file will hold transactions until the time you move them to the hard drive. File stores memory-inhabitant changes to the data file. When you close the company file, “. QBI” file will be naturally erased. On the off chance that you experience a QBI file when QuickBooks isn’t running, it most likely implies that QB smashed when you had a file open. Try not to eliminate and keep QBI file when the QBW file is open in QuickBooks. 



QuickBooks Portable Company File (2006 v and above).

This file is more modest than the QBB or QBW file and contains all the data. It doesn’t store the database ordering. It is valuable for moving the data file through the internet as the data size is more modest than some other file type. 




Web Connect file.

This file is known as “Web Connect Online Banking download file.” You download this file from the bank while utilizing “Web interface strategy” for Online Banking. 



QuickBooks for Windows company file

Primary file type for the QuickBooks Company file. 



Transaction log file (for QuickBooks company file)

With the assistance of this file, you can recover lost data for QuickBooks Company file. 



Temporary Database File

This is an impermanent file made by the “Database Manager” while opening the company file. The time you open the primary file, the transitory file will be erased. 



Accountant’s survey duplicate (send out file)

When you create an “accountant’s audit duplicate” of QuickBooks Company file, QB produces an accountant’s audit duplicate with a ‘.QBX’ Extension. 




QuickBooks Pro Timer files.

In QBTIMER directory, there is a “Period following data from QuickBooks Timer. 


‘Document Copy XX/XX/200X ABC.QBW.’

An chronicle duplicate of the data file A separate QBW file is made with the name “File Copy XX/XX/200X followed by the QBW file name. The file is a precise of the company file prior to gathering. You can utilize this file to see information that was available in the unmodified file. 



Connection Log file

This is the “Internet Banking Connection log file” that has a log of every connection for the Online Banking. 


‘DownloadQBXX folder.’

Download folder

The folder is made by QuickBooks to store the updates that get downloaded when you use “Update QuickBooks” work. 


‘Pictures Folder’ 


Pictures folder

It stores ” transitory duplicates’ of pictures utilized by QuickBooks. 


‘Inet Folder’


Earlier was utilized to store “Permit data” for QuickBooks. 



Instance Finder file

You can erase the file, however it may again come up in some QuickBooks versions. 



Temp reestablish the file.

The file is made while reestablishing the QBB file that was erased naturally during the reestablish process. 



QuickBooks Log file.

The file is made/updated when you run check/modify alternatives. It assists with discovering “Log Problems and circumstances amended.” It is put away in the QuickBooks Installation directory. 


‘QuickBooks Letters Templates folder.’

Letters Folder

This folder contains ‘word report formats” for QuickBooks ‘ compose letters work. 



Temp reconstruct file.

It is made during “Pass 1 of the modify” and is erased naturally when the revamp is done. 


QuickBooks File Extensions for Windows 


QBW Extension: It is a Company File which clients typically use 


QBB Extension: It’s a backup file made from QuickBooks 


QBM Extension: It is a Portable Copy of the Company file. Which assists with sending and getting files. 


QuickBooks File Extensions for Accountant 


QBX Extension: This fare file is made when a customer is sending the file to their accountant 


QBY Extension: This import file which is made when the accountant finishes the changes before customer accommodation. 


QBA Extension: This working file is made on the Accountant’s QuickBooks where they survey the file and make the necessary corrections, it is made from the QBX file which is sent by the Client. 


QuickBooks File Extension for Payroll Files 


QPD: QuickPay data file type made by QuickPay version 3.0 


1PA: It is the Extension for the 940 and 941 tax structure files 


TXT and SET: These are QuickBooks version 2.0 and 2.1 


Taxtbl.usa: It is the Extension for Windows version 3.1 


Qpconvrt.log: This is a log file that stores all payroll cautioning messages 


Other QuickBooks Company File Extension 


Temp1234.qbt (temp remake file): The client makes this file while revamping the company file. 


Qbwin.log (QuickBooks log file): This file contains a log for all the records, made or updated by the client in QuickBooks company file. 


IIF (Intuit Interchange Format file): This is a file which permits clients to fare or import of transactions and records from one or the other Bank or other QuickBooks Desktop 


.ND (QuickBooks Network Data File): It is a design file that tracks the network PCs that permits admittance to different files on the network. 


TLG Extension: This is a log file of the multitude of transactions in QuickBooks. It helps the application while attempting to recover transactions. 


LMR and.LMX Extension files: These files contain data about the credit a client tracks in QuickBooks company file. 



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