QuickBooks Error Code 1328 – Causes, Symptoms, Solutions

QuickBooks Error Code 1328

No one can deny that QuickBooks has become quite popular among those who want to accomplish bookkeeping and accountancy-related tasks. However, many of such users also get frustrated over QuickBooks update error 1328, one of many bugs in QuickBooks. This error is quite common in occurrence and is related to updating the QB Desktop application.

One thing to note regarding this error is that this error either comes in pair with other errors or pops up on its own. Also, files mentioned with these errors start with c: \ config.msi \ PT **. TMP name. Otherwise, the C:\config.msi\ path phrase will surely be common in all these files. The QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch or its alternative appears depending upon why the error came up in the first place.

You should also seek help from the error support team which can easily help you tackle the bug. It saves time, and effort, and diverts attention on core issues as well.

What exactly do we mean by QuickBooks update error 1328?

The QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch is an issue that occurs because of TMP files that are placed in the config.msi folder. Also, this bug pops up and doesn’t let the users use their company files.

Why Does The QuickBooks update error 1328 occurs?

Now that we are aware of what exactly this error is, let’s understand the reasons that cause the error code 1328. Knowing them would help resolve the issue easily and in a shorter time frame.

  • The QB desktop software might have some downloading issues.
  • There might be issues with connectivity and the internet network.
  • Your program files are either corrupt or damaged.
  • The system that you are currently using may have some bugs.
  • Your QB desktop software has some files that aren’t installed properly.
  • The system has some invalid entries in the Windows registry that aren’t letting the system run.
  • Your system is under a virus attack, corrupting files, folders, and programs.
  • The system might have shut down abruptly due to power failure, leading to error 1328 applying patch.
  • The user has an invalid license right of the QuickBooks software.

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Identifying QuickBooks update error code 1328: The Key Indicators

We have mentioned all possible indicators that will help you identify if you are facing QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch or not. Follow these indicators thoroughly to avoid this error before the scenario becomes out of control:

  1. Firstly, the QB update will abruptly stop in the middle.
  2. Also, The window will be inactive when the user is running it on their device.
  3. Your QB desktop software will stop abruptly.
  4. Also, the error message will show up on the window.
  5. The uninstallation process of QB software will hamper.
  6. Users can’t complete the QB software repair.

Fixing The QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch:

We recommend the method that will easily fix the QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch. Here is how to do it:

Fix: Locating The Config. Msi File

  1. Firstly, right-click the start key, go to explore, and double-click the C drive.
  2. After that, show all hidden files and folders, ad click the tools option to go to the folder button.
  3. Now, click the tab option, click all hidden files and folders, and finally press applies all changes option.
  4. After pressing Ok for confirmation, make all necessary changes, rename the config.msi file, and add OLD at the end of its name.
  5. Click enter to save the changes in the name, and hide all system files on the system.

We hope that you will find information on QuickBooks error code 1328 useful. If this fixing method doesn’t help, reach out to the error support team to quickly resolve the QuickBooks error 1328 applying patch.

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