Quick tips to master English section of competitive exams


It has been perceived that the majority of aspirants devote ideal time to prepare strenuous sections such as quants and reasoning.  The biggest mistake they ever make is neglecting the English section. Note that English is the most scoring section in the competitive exams. Rather than taking it lightly, you should be assiduous while preparing for it. Some of the candidates study 10th-12th class grammar books. Do you think it is enough to ace the English section? Big no. So, what is the right strategy to excel in this section? Make sure to know this before engaging in preparation. In this article, we have listed some magical tips to prepare the English section perfectly. 

Do you aim to crack the competitive exam in one fell swoop to acquire a prestigious dream job? If yes, then make sure to focus on each and every section to improve your overall score. Students who ignore the easiest section mostly fail to accomplish their goals. Therefore, give equal importance to all the sections you will face in the exam. However, if you are facing issues with any concept and want to clear your doubts, you can consult the right platform. For instance, if you are preparing for banking exams, you can approach the eminent institute offering the best bank coaching in Uttam Nagar

Here are some quick and easy tricks to ace the English section of competitive exams: 

Implant habit of reading

You may find it boring but reading English newspapers, books, novels and journals can aid in improving your vocabulary and grammar rapidly. By reading newspapers regularly, you can shoot two birds with a single stone. Do you know how? Let us tell you, it can help you to upgrade your general knowledge as well as enhance your skills in English.  Apart from it, you can also invest your time in reading motivational books and articles. For sure, you will come across a plethora of unique words, learn about correct sentence formation, different ways to write a single sentence and a lot more. This way, your study will become interesting rather than boring. Moreover, you can keep yourself happy and positive during your preparation period. 

Cover general topics of English

Every competitive exam has a common syllabus for English. So, here is the list of some topics you must cover to excel in this section: 

  • Tenses
  • Rules of preposition
  • Conjunctions
  • Active/passive voice and direct/indirect speech.
  • One word substitution
  • Articles
  • Homonyms/Homophones
  • Reading comprehension
  • Spotting error
  • Cloze tests etc. 

Maximum questions in the exam are generally based on these topics. Make sure to concentrate effectively on these topics to upgrade your overall performance. In case you are unable to prepare for these topics on your own, then seek help from a reliable source. For instance, if you are preparing for SSC exams, it is recommended to approach the leading institute that conducts the finest SSC coaching in Uttam Nagar. 

Write regularly

Writing skills play a crucial role in making your test presentable. Therefore, it is advisable to write an essay on different topics everyday. In addition, you can maintain a diary in which you can write about how you spent your whole day, something you learned and something you regret in a day. Make sure to write everything creatively by using new words and phrases. This way, you will get to know how to fit some unique words in sentences. You can also create your blog to post daily articles. Your article must be written in a way so that it can captivate your readers. Most probably, you may not be able to write perfectly for the first time. Gradually, with daily practice, you will surely master the skill of writing creatively. 

Watch English movies/webseries

Do you love to watch movies? For sure, watching bollywood movies is not going to help you here. Instead, replace bollywood movies with English movies and web series. Believe it or not, it can help you improve your English. Initially, you may find it grueling to understand English. Hence, you can simply turn on video subtitles. This way, you can easily understand what the character is saying. It can help you know the exact pronunciation of different words. Moreover, you can enhance your speaking skills and become fluent in English. Remember, you need not to spare special time for watching movies, either keep weekends for it or you can spend your leisure time on it. This is how you can make preparation for the English section facile and engaging. 

Practice mock tests

After learning every concept and topic perfectly, now it’s time to assess your knowledge. You can better do it by solving mock tests. Practicing mock tests can help you recognize your weak areas so that you can make improvements in them. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase your speed to attempt questions within a time constraint. Do you know how you can access mock tests? Don’t worry! You can easily get it from a bookstore or you can download it for free from any website. You will find a number of online mock tests on diverse websites. You can solve these mock tests to simulate the experience of the actual exam. Moreover, you can practice mock tests in a leading institute so that your trainer can guide you about your mistakes and encourage you to give your best in the exam. For this, you can approach the reputable institute offering the best bank coaching in Uttam Nagar.

Listen to English podcasts

In this epoche, everyone carries a smartphone. So, why not use it for your betterment? Isn’t it a good idea? So, make wise use of your smartphone by listening to various English podcasts on it.  Listening to it regularly will make it easy to learn English concepts easily. Moreover, when you listen to inspirational podcasts, it can help you keep your chin up while preparing for the exam. Hence, this motivation helps you to concentrate on hard topics and have in-depth knowledge of the concepts to master the section. 

Are you aiming to crack the competitive exam to get an esteemable job? For which exam are you preparing? Is it an SSC exam? If yes, you can beef up your preparation by connecting with the illustrious source that caters splendid SSC coaching in Uttam Nagar. 


To conclude, by following these quick tricks scrupulously you can prepare for the English section effectively.  However, it is not mandatory to follow all the tips. You can choose any 2-3 tips and follow them vigorously for better outcomes. 


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