Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company


It can be difficult to find reliable commercial cleaning companies to do the job.When caring for a property, cleaning is often forgotten. There is a lot going on, so dirt doesn’t seem like a big deal. Dirt can quickly build up. There are more than 1.1 million janitorial service providers. You can take care of your property while keeping it clean.

To fully evaluate your options, ask the following five questions.

1. Are You Insured for Your Cleaning Company?

If you own a company that has employees who travel to customer sites, insurance is something you cannot live without. Even though it is a safe job, accidents can happen. Accidents could be anything, from injuries to employees to property damage.

If damage occurs on your property, you don’t want your cleaning company to be responsible. Before you hire a cleaning company, verify that they have insurance.

2. Which products does your company use?

A cleaning company must choose the right product. Customers don’t want to have harsh chemicals on their property. They want safe chemicals for everyone.

Some companies purchase harsh chemicals because they are cheap. You don’t need harsh chemicals on your building so make sure to find out what cleaning products are used by a service.

3. How do you set your prices?

Although it is tempting to choose cleaning services based on price, it is a mistake to limit your search to the lowest priced options. If a company offers you a low price, you never know what you will get in quality.

After the cleaning company has walked through your property, they will give you a quote. After you receive the quote, take a look at the different services available. You want to find the best cleaning service for your money.

4. What services do you offer?

There are many cleaning methods available, and not all companies have the same experience. For example, take an office. An office is a larger space and will require different cleaning methods than a home. You might find cleaners who specialize in office cleaning more suitable for the job.

Before you talk to company, consider your specific needs. If you are clear about what you require, you can talk to company to see if they have the experience necessary for your clean.

5. Are You Putting Everything in Writing?

A solid contract is essential when you are working with contractors. People can’t do the job without a contract that holds them to their word.

In this case, a contract will protect you. You have a reference point in case something goes wrong. This will make sure everyone is clear about what they are expected to do and that there are no surprises.

Do not make a mistake when choosing a commercial cleaning company

Although it can seem easy, it takes a lot of experience. Many professional cleaners fail to properly vet their staff and train them how to do the job. To find the best commercial cleaning company for your job, ask the questions below.

Want to know more about how to maintain a clean space? You can find more tips on the blog.


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