Project PRINCE2 Management – The Key to Success

PRINCE2 Certification glasgow course

Project PRINCE2 Management – The Key to Success

“What is the single most important thing that you will learn in your project management education, Outside the box?”An essential key to successful project management is the human element, the ability to deal with people at all levels of the organisation. The human element embraces individuals at every level of the organisation because that’s who leads the project and, as such, not just as one department head, but everyone.  Project management is more than simply organising individuals’ jobs and resources or producing a deliverable to schedule.  Project management is primarily understanding and communicating the project at a macro level throughout the organisation. As can be found on a PRINCE2 Certification glasgow course.

This is also a form of communication both with those who specialise in the project tool and those who have work within the organisation.  Your understanding and expertise in project management will be tested in numerous ways throughout your career.  The one area that stands out in my mind as of late is interpersonal management at top management level.  Even more specifically, how are you often taken for a ride by those in higher management? Do you solve a problem and, then, hand these responsibilities off to a more junior person, or do you go to your boss and boast that you’ve creatively solved a major problem for your superiors?  Is your success based upon your technical field expertise or how you relate to people who work below you?  We all have setbacks in our career and those who manage this area in the most effective way are the ones with careers that last.

Fortunately, the way you deal with people will shape and pave the way for your career’s future.  I’ve made it a focus of mine to be good at communication not only for my boss, but with my peers and with my co-workers.  I speak my mind quite freely when it comes to people at work and often when I take on a new role in the organisation, not everyone agrees with me.  The corollary being that I am uncomfortable when I disagree with the way other people work.  Throughout my career I’ve had to manage expectations regarding both myself and my co-workers.  While there are those who use me to beta test positive and negative reviews on a company’s credibility, I’ve made it a point to report positive information as it is along the lines of the performance bar chart.  If there is something of a detriment to being a key asset to the company, I’m quick to share why the issue should be noted for the betterment of the organisation.

It comes back to the same idea that one has to manage expectations-both for oneself, and those who work for you.  I always use the example of a company being new and the first employee to get hired; chances are, the person you have a lot in common with.  Having that very same person, who will be associated with the organisation for years to come, be a key benefit is for them.  As a result, there may be certain items of discussion and documentation that you may see as a very intimate part of your relationship.  These things will be done within the context of a large business with many employees considered to be key resources.  Once you assume a Managerial role, on the other hand, these are concerns with the company that the Manager needs to manage.  You are now providing a team member with direction.

The key to managing the relationship is asking the right questions so you can easily connect the dots concerning other individuals as well as the overall plan, and the image of a greater whole.  It is important to ask what does a project require from the organisation and why certain things are being done, and what about other parts of the company will be a time waster for the Project Manager.  This is not to say you shouldn’t be preoccupied with how things are progressing, however, and to get a grasp on what will lead to success, I would strongly encourage you to get a mentor of sorts that can help guide you.  You need to know how to deal with your colleagues.  No project Telecom Regulatory Authority will recommend you to work on activities that would have negative financial or legal impact to its overall success.

Each project is its own, but a good Project Managing environment will provide you with plenty of time to work on the more important things, while helping get the routine work done.  Sometimes it’s acceptable to let your manager provide more direction, but unless the overall Vision is defined, you will lose momentum.  So you get caught in a web of what you can do, but what can you not do.  This should be easy to maintain when you have an objective in your head of how you can provide the union between your desires and the prerequisite of others.


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