PRINCE2 Project Management

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PRINCE2 Project Management

Project management is both identifying the project  and following the project plan.  The aim is to complete the project within the budget. As outlined on a prince 2 training course providers.

Identifying a Project

Identifying the project is one of the critical steps in project management.  The project to be classified varies from organisation; it is vital to know exactly what is being done and for what purpose.

Often the process is very complex and can be over-sensitive.  During this phase the business need to be committed to and provide a budget allowance to finance a project.

The following steps are the common steps to help in this project management process:

*  What exactly is the aim of the project?

*  Who will do what  ?

*  What are the steps to be followed?

*  How and when will the steps be monitored?

*  How will the project progress

*  Who will use the computer system to monitor progress

*  At what stage the following tasks should begin

*  When will the assessment of progress begin

Project planning

Project planning is the work leading up to project launch.  Within project planning there are 4 major steps:

1.  Before launch

2. During the Project

3. After the Project

4. Reviewing the project

During the project, implementation of processes is in place, however, there must be a plan of how all tasks should be progressing.  This plan must be captured in a plan.

There are 2 types of projections.  They are:

*  Working

*  Projected

*  Working project.  It does not include specific details

Project Planning

Project planning is the step where all the departments are put in place with the desired schedule, budget and personnel.

Project out time

Project out time must be at least 4 weeks out from launch of the software.  Usually a project is delayed 10% sooner than the scheduled period.  The life cycle of a project varies from one organisation to another.  Different methods exist to schedule control.

Project double tapping

Project double tapping is where additional material (e.g. reports, information, feedback etc.) is collected from both ends.  This is advantageous to know exactly what you have so that it can be transferred to the other side to complete their side of the project.

Project planning and double-tapping

A project should not be started in the dead position, as it is not known which half will be completed at the end.  Therefore, a project plan is prepared from the very outset to know the status on the project.

Project evaluation

The hard part of project management  is evaluating the investment or expenditures with the associated  profit.  At the end another phase will need to be planned.  This evaluation must include the investment cost, the revenue generated  and the original financial statements prepared.

Project team

Objectives, deadlines, and functional departments may be expected to meet the project success  status.  Project team must be made up of the right people for the development, maybe it is the whole Direct Sales Team or not.

Project review

Project review is the option to reassess success and provide needed adjustments.  There must be an option to “close the book”.  As time passes the project can be re-evaluated based on progress achieved and then closed if all objectives have been reached.

Project viruses

Project viruses aredangerousnergistics between contributors or substantive perks that may affect the project  during the life cycle.For example: less then – projected financial targets

Relevance for project managers.

The major factor for project success is not only in perception but in actual results.  In fact, project success is where project management lives; this is why an initial plan must be made and adhered to at all times.

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