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Industries require several types of equipment that function precisely so that the industry too can run smoothly. Boilers are among the basic needs, and the manufacturing industries look for manufacturers that provide boilers at an affordable cost and provide excellent quality and additional benefits. Prime Thermals is one of the leading boiler manufacturers in India, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

Steam boiler manufacturers in India       

The steam boiler manufacturers in India manufacture different kinds of boilers, including oil and gas-fired boilers, small industrial boilers, external furnace solid fuel fired boilers, coal and wood-fired boilers, husk fired boilers, thermic fluid heaters, multi-cyclone dust collectors, Biomass boilers, etc. They have also talked about several lists of steam boiler manufacturers and have emerged out with receiving several credentials.  

 Wood-fired boiler manufacturers

The wood-fired boiler manufacturers have designed a low-maintenance, three-pass smoke-tube design boiler. With mainly used in rubber, textile, brewery, and tea processing units, it carries a capacity of 600 kg/hr to 5 TPH up to 17.5 kg per cm2 pressure. The primary purpose of this boiler is to burn coal and wood. It bears yah design system that is comfortable to use, has large water holding waste, and provides good quality of saturated steam at study pressure. Oil refineries and chemical plants often tend to use the boilers manufactured by the wood-fired boiler manufacturers in India as maximum heat transfer is ensured by this machinery, which guarantees high efficiency and lowers fuel requirement.

Biomass boiler manufacturers in India

Much agricultural biomass, wood bark, groundnut shell, sugarcane bagasse, grass, rice husk, chicken manure, etc., can be a potential fuel for the boilers. Prime Thermals is one of the biomass boiler manufacturers in India who have produced an utterly auto-controlled boiler with an appreciable capacity of 1 TPH to 12 TPH. They can use for various industries, including food processing units, Dyeing units, plywood industry, textiles, tea processing units, etc. These biomass boiler manufacturers also.

A Large Client Base 

Industries primarily look for the client base possessed by boiler manufacturers before availing their services. Prime Thermals has a vast client base, including Pran, Red Cow, Himadri, Builtech, Oil India Limited, etc.

Other Benefits

These industrial boiler manufacturers also provide both before and after services for their clients, which is appreciable. In addition, they take care of the installation and make sure that the boilers’ cost falls under the industry’s budget.

This Packaged Boiler comes in dry back, semi-wet back, and fully wet-back options and is most suitable for a manual firing of Solid Fuel like coal, wood or briquettes. It comes in ready to install condition, saves space & is designed to take care of fluctuating steam load demand.


CAPACITY : 600 kg/hr to 5TPH upto 17.5 kg/cm2 Pressure




  •  Good Quality Dry Saturated Steam at Steady Steam Pressure with High Dryness Fraction helps in reducing the processing time, saves steam and improves the quality of processed material.
  •  Compact Design enables less site work & quicker commissioning
  •  Easy and Low Maintenance
  •  Optimum Grate Area with Grate Bars leads to effective combustion
  •  Higher Convective Heat Transfer Area in the furnace, 2nd and 3rd pass tubes ensures maximum heat transfer which leads to higher efficiency & good fuel savings.
  •  Large water holding and steam holding space are extremely helpful in overcoming the fluctuating steam demands needed for the process.





  •  Tea Processing Units
  •  Dyeing Units
  •  Textile & Garment Units
  •  Rubber Processing Units
  •  Feed Plants for Animal, Poultry & Marine
  •  Breweries & Distilleries
  •  Chemical Plants
  •  Solvent Recovery & Extraction Plants
  •  Plywood Industry
  •  Dairy Units
  •  Food Processing Units
  •  Bottling Plants
  •  Oil Refineries



As reliable coal/wood fired boiler manufacturers in India, we take immense pride in our manpower resources who have vast experience behind them in their respective fields and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the products offered by us exceed the expectations of our clients. Plants of their creation are strewn throughout India and abroad that have withstood years of operations to the entire satisfaction of the clients. We also have a band of coworkers attached to them so that delegation runs smoothly as conceived and delivering timely completion of project as per agreed schedule.

Our manufacturing facilities with shop testing and IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations) Statutory inspection is backed up by a strict quality control regime & have been manufacturing pressure parts from finest grade of Boiler Quality steel and tube elements as per international specification and standards.


Biomass Fired Boiler Manufacturers In India


Multi pass Auto Controlled Biomass Fired Boiler is a unique & very high efficiency Boiler which uses clean and renewable energy to produce high quality dry saturated steam as well as to mitigate the impact their activities have on the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Not only does the operating & fuel costs go down in this type of boiler, the sale of carbon credits can also lead to increase in revenue.We are reputated Industrial Boiler Manufacturers in India, Nigeria and Bangladesh


This boiler consists of an extended furnace (high temp refractory casted) having ample furnace volume & optimized Bed Plenum Area, thus increasing not only the quality of combustion but also the time of combustion of all particulates and emissions before they are able to exit the system, thus making the process environment friendly.

CAPACITY : 1TPH to 12TPH upto 17.5 kg/cm2 Pressure

FUEL : Agricultural biomass, wood bark, rice husk, chicken manure, sugar cane bagasse, grass, nuts, groundnut shell, paper, card/board products, sawdust, etc.



  •  High Quality Dry Saturated Steam at Steady Steam Pressure with High Dryness Fraction helps in reducing the processing time, saves steam and improves the quality of processed material.
  •  Large water holding and steam holding space are extremely helpful in overcoming the fluctuating steam demands needed for the process.
  •  Generous furnace volume coupled with optimized Bed Plenum Area fitted with SS Nozzles/Grate Bars leads to excellent combustion thus saving the fuel.
  •  Effective disposition of radiation heat transfer area complimented by advantage of convective smoke tube heat transfer results in substantial saving of fuel.
  •  Designed for user – friendly operation and maintenance.
  •  Elimination of fossil fuel Emissions leading to cleaner environment
  •  Usually incorporated with PLC to control the air flow & fuel feed rates using VFDs & monitored through a HMI Touchscreen unit


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