Price Ranges for Septic Systems

septic tank installation cost

Price Ranges for Septic Systems

If your home or building is not connected to the municipal sewer system, you will need a domestic sewage treatment plant. Rural areas are primarily affected by these issues. A variety of filters are used in household wastewater treatment systems, but all of them serve the same function, which is to remove, filter, and treat wastewater before it can be disposed of. All of which may leave you asking, “How much does a septic system cost?”

Septic System Type

As you choose a septic system, you should consider the cost,  effluent treatment mechanism, and size of the leach field. Most septic systems are anaerobic or aerobic.

A septic tank that uses anaerobic bacteria to break down waste and produce water. Most septic tanks are connected to the house through pipes, and they are connected to the leach field via pipes. In many cases, a new system can cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

A system of aerobic decomposition decomposes waste through bacteria. Septic tanks can be oxygenated using timers and motors. The treatment of wastewater can result in irrigation water. In anaerobic systems, the leach fields must be larger than in aerobic systems. The average cost of installing an aerobic septic system is between $13,000 and $26,000.

Septic Tank Types

How much does a septic tank cost, though? Each tank type will have a different price:

Concrete septic tanks are capable of lasting more than 30 years if constructed and maintained properly. Their durability makes them the most popular tanks. Depending on the size and capacity of the tank, a concrete septic tank installation costs between $1200 and $1800.


Due to their lightweight nature, polyethylene septic tanks are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Putting too much pressure on them can cause them to crack or break. They are prohibited in some states. A 1,000-gallon tank costs approximately $1,100, while a 1,500-gallon tank costs more like $2,100.

Septic tanks made of fiberglass are lightweight and easily installed, and they are highly affordable. These products have a nonporous surface, so algae growth is less likely. Additionally, they do not crack since they don’t contract or expand as concrete septic tanks do. Fifteen-hundred-gallon tanks run around $2,000 while one-thousand-gallon ones cost $1,600.

Other Factors

To design the best septic system for your home, septic system engineers analyze the results of your soil test. These plans are used to construct durable, compliant, and efficient septic systems. Companies that design septic systems are available locally. Regular maintenance will prevent septic system failures. In order to maintain a septic system, sludge and floating scum should be pumped out every three years. Keep your septic system well-maintained to extend its lifespan. Up to $420 could be spent on an inspection, and it could cost $300 to pump out the septic system.


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