Premature tyre blowouts: 6 Critical tips to avoid premature tyre blowouts

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Premature tyre blowouts: History and 6 Critical tips to avoid premature tyre blowouts

Premature tyre blowouts was really a concept until the new gen tubeless rubber tyres came along that had a long life. Ever wondered what happened in the old days? 

One of the main contributors to fatal accidents is premature tyre blowout. There is a lot that goes into ensuring that your tyres remain safe and sound on the road.

Chances are you want to learn more about tyre care, maybe you had an accident that scared you. Anyhow, you are in luck today! Tyres have undergone a ton of innovation to make you and your families safer when travelling by road. 

The road conditions deteriorate overtime hence it is vital that you do all that you can regularly to ensure that no mishaps occur. Here is a brief overview of the history of tyres.

Premature tyre blowouts: The real struggle

It may come as a surprise that it was quite a decision for a man to take his family on a long trip back in the 1930s. As tyres were infamous for rupturing on the roads.

As they were not as safe as they were prematurely in their development stage. For the time being car owners depended on the tyres available at the time.

These tyres did not have a long life and were quick to reach blowout points rather quickly. However, today tyres have come a long way as through the use of technology and engineering of new compound material is a norm these days.

This results in a safer tyre that is less likely to result in a blowout. As a result there has been a decline in the number of accidents that occur due to poor tyre care.

Moreover, the tyres used to cost a ton. However, with new modern metropolitan states such as Dubai there has been an increase in tyre offers Abu Dhabi businesses offer. 

Reasons to take care of your tyres

Tyres are the connecting points on the road. hence a safer connection will ensure a safer car. Here are a few other reasons why you should take the best care of your cars

Firstly, there is the phenomenon of physics known as wear and tyre. Tyres go through some of the worst treatments in order to get you safely to your destination. Modern day tyres are quite safer and reliable.

Tyre car involves wheel balancing and alignment as that results in the optimal coverage of each tyre on the road. 

This results in a greater dispersion of pressure lowering the wear and tear that the tyre would otherwise experience.Today it is easier than ever to get the best tyre. For example, the tyre offers Abu Dhabi businesses provide meets the cost expectation of exotic and luxury car owners. 

As a result Michelin and Pirelli are readily available throughout the region. As it is a well known market.Despite roads being of higher quality with planning to reduce accidentes. 

But preventing tyre blowouts is the responsibility of the owner or the caretaker of the car such as the driver. A low tread tyre is more likely to burst from a premature tyre blowout or as a result of skidding on the road and hitting an embankment which can also cause similar damage. 

Best tips to ensure tyre safety from premature tyre blowouts

Now that you know the reasons to take care of your tyres we reckon it’s time to give you starting tips to check and to maintain it, to maximize the tyre life. 

Modern day brands such as Pirelli and Michelin compete to make their tyres last longer whilst providing the best performance without sacrificing the comfort.

The tips are more or less on how to maintain and take best care of your car tyres. Here are a few:

  • Ensure that your tyres are balanced and aligned when on the road. This will maximize the tyre life by spreading the pressure that the tyre experiences more evenly. This has two other benefits that are better grip and lower tread wear that results in elongated tyre life
  • If you are modifying your cars such as lowering the car etc. Do keep in mind that tyre rubbing can seriously lower the tyre life. And it also increases the chances of a premature blowout. 
  • It is advised to keep your tyre pressure in check. Try to be regular and take out time every time you refuel and get your tyre pressure checked. New tyres work the best when provided the optimal air pressure as tyres expand and shrink in the desert weather.

Why go through all this trouble?

These steps ensure that tyres remain in good shape for longer periods of time. And are prone to higher forces that are exerted on it when driving such as the centrifugal forces that are working against the health of tyres.

These lead to the rubber shedding the weight to spin faster. Modern Bugatti Chiron SS uses a special tyre that is made specifically for the car that enables the car to reach high speeds whilst ensuring control and best grip.

It is vital to provide your tyre with sufficient care such as tyre wash and polish that invigorates the surface of the rubber making it grip better. When tyres lose tread they become unpredictable especially when the surface is smooth or when it’s wet. 

Ending points

Tyre have come a long way from being completely unreliable yet important for car safety. They were infamously dangerous back in the 30s compared to today. As tyres are now quite safe and predictable on the road ensuring safety of the passengers and the driver. Come to us and let us take care of your road safety.

It is vital to take care of your tyres by regularly monitoring and filling your tyres up with air. It is essential to take care of your tyres. This is done by getting your tyres aligned and balanced whilst driving with optimal air pressure in tyres. Considering a change of heart and tyres? Feel free to reach out to Yalla Tyre in the UAE for your further queries. 



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