Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Complications

Premature Ejaculation

In many parts of the world discussing and treating sexual issues is not considered a normal civilized thing to do. People suffer from these problems for a long time and don’t even consult a doctor as they find it inappropriate. Almost one in five people has suffered from premature ejaculation in their lifetime.

Although it is not such a big problem and can be overcome easily. But at considerable times it could be associated with severe diseases. In this text, we will discuss in brief premature ejaculation and its treatments.

What is premature ejaculation?

Achieving orgasm or releasing semen before or shortly after starting sexual intercourse is known as premature ejaculation. There is no fixed time when a man should ejaculate during sexual intercourse but if he ejaculates early it is termed as premature ejaculation.

Many times premature ejaculation doesn’t have any specific cause and can be due to a combination of several different reasons. It can be disheartening and could lead to depression at times. But it’s not a matter to worry about like 30 to 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation once in their life.

What are the causes that lead to premature ejaculation?

There are no certain reasons that can make a man ejaculate early but yes your brain has a role to play in it. A low level of the chemical serotonin in the brain can also lead to premature ejaculation. Both emotional and physical factors can contribute to premature ejaculation.

Emotional factors leading to premature ejaculation are:

  •     Stress is the most important one leading to premature ejaculation.
  •     Depression tricks the mind and makes man ejaculate early.
  •     Anxiety issues too contribute to this problem.
  •     Feeling guilt can also be an important factor.
  •     Problems in relationships and severe miscommunication can also give rise to PE.
  •     Poor body image and not having enough confidence.
  •     A man who is always conscious and does not feel worthy enough can suffer from this problem.
  •     A person suffering from sexual repression can face this issue.
  •     Some false religious beliefs could also lead to premature ejaculation.

Physical factors that lead to premature ejaculation are:

  •     Disturbance in hormone levels can lead to PE.
  •     An unstable level of neurotransmitters can be a problematic factor leading to premature ejaculation.
  •     A developing infection in the urethra or prostate is also a factor.
  •     Generic inheritance can also lead to premature ejaculation.
  •     It might be due to some other health conditions like hyperthyroidism, varicocele, and hyperprolactinemia.
  •     Many times PE might be a problem with people suffering from erectile dysfunction. As people with ED always are in a hurry and in fear of losing an erection that makes them ejaculate early. But it can be solved by Erectile Dysfunction medications such as sildenafil citrate 150mg.

How does a doctor diagnose premature ejaculation?

doctor diagnose premature ejaculation

When you visit a doctor, he might question you if you are suffering from this recently or is it a pertaining issue. He might also ask you about your relationship if there is any problem in your relationship or not. If necessary, you will also undergo a physical examination.

After a good conversation with you if the doctor finds out that there is an emotional reason behind your rapid ejaculation problem he may refer you to a consultant. And if physical factors are leading to PE he will refer you to a urologist, who is a specialist in the urinary system.

What are complications associated with premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can increase the relationship problems and widen the gap between you and your partner. Talking with each other and trying to resolve the issue is a must to save the relationship. The Problem of early ejaculation can hinder starting a family because the sperm will not reach the egg to fertilize it.

Also, premature ejaculation due to depression can lessen the sex drive and lead to bad performance. You can consult a gynecologist or fertility specialist as soon as possible to overcome this issue. 

Premature ejaculation sometimes can decrease self-esteem and cause marital dysfunction. This can in turn lead to separation or divorce.

What are the methods to cure premature ejaculation?

methods to cure premature ejaculation

There are innumerable treatments to premature orgasm including tons of home remedies. But most of the time behavioral changes can do it all. Here are some of the treatments that can help to cure premature ejaculation:


  •     Start practicing stop and start technique:

Until you can stimulate your sexual organs you both have intercourse and stop for 30 seconds when you feel you will have an ejaculation. After that, you can start stimulating again and have sexual intercourse. Repeat this process several times.

  •     Try squeezing:

This is the same method as stop and start but in this method when you feel like you will ejaculate, twist the head of the penis until you lose erection.

Iterate this before you achieve ejaculation.

  •     Work to strengthen your pelvic muscles:

Choose the muscle you want to strengthen and do the right exercise and keep doing it regularly. Kegel exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles.

  •     Remember to wear a condom:

It reduces the sensitivity of the penis for some time and can help you prevent early ejaculation.

  •     There a few shreds of evidence that suggest masturbation before having sex could help in premature ejaculation problems.
  •     Try getting a counseling session:

Getting counseling can help you deal with the most important factors of Rapid ejaculation like stress anxiety and depression.

If all of these treatments do not seem to be working for you then you need professional help. There are no particular medications for premature orgasm but yet some other medicines could help treat this condition. The medications that are off label used for premature ejaculation are:

  •     Antidepressants: A reverse effect of SSRIs can be a delayed orgasm. But yes this medicine can have other side effects too like drowsiness and nausea. And antidepressants can also lead to reduced sexual desire. So instead of solving the problem, it might create another one for you. Talk to the doctor and he will give you the right medication.
  •     Use tramadol: Tramadol is a pain reliever that can delay ejaculation. Your doctor may prescribe you this if antidepressants are not helping you out. One of the adverse effects of this medicine is it is addictive so it might not be prescribed to you without need.
  •     Anesthetic cream and sprays: These are the medications that need to be applied to the head of the penis to reduce its sensitivity. You must wash it off before sex to prevent loss of erection and loss of sensation of partner.
  •     Erectile dysfunction medicines: The medications prescribed for erectile dysfunction can also help you treat premature ejaculation as it helps in maintaining a firm erection. These medications can include Levitra 60mg, Vardenafil, etc…


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Premature orgasm is faced by innumerable men across the globe and is not such a big issue. We can treat PE easily with the help of a doctor and by trying a few remedies at home. But at times it could cause much harm to your relationship and confidence.

Therefore treating it immediately and taking help from medical professionals is necessary to reduce harm. From the above text, you must have got enough information on PE that could help you out with treating and understanding it.


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