Practice 8 Simple Yoga Exercises to Reduce Face Fat.


There is no such secret for the fact that men with prominent jawlines and chiseled faces are considered good-looking. As the world had undergone advancements in cosmetology aspects almost every person wanted to have a good personality. Hence minimizing the appearance of your double chin is easily achievable in a natural way through Face yoga for Double chin.

Perhaps not every man has the time to undergo aesthetic procedures and can’t afford them too. Still, you want to get rid of this excess fat around your chin. The solution for this is entirely natural with the help of specific face yoga exercises that help you to reduce your double chin forming that jawline that you always desired to have. Let’s learn about it in an elaborated way.

List of Face Yoga Exercises to reduce face fat:

Mentioned below are some of the face yoga exercises that can be performed and added to your daily life to get rid of or reduce your face fat.

The Pout Pose

Pull up your cheeks to form a pout expression, stretching your mouth muscles. It helps in giving a stretch to your neck and cheek muscles for improving blood circulation.

How to perform

  • Press your lips together gently and try to make the corners of your mouth meet.
  • Widen your eyes so that you feel the stretch
  • Repeat this for 3 times and hold the position for almost 10 seconds

Neck stretch

Neck stretches are considered to be fundamental for the neck, face and jawline. It helps in stimulating the tired muscles and gets the blood flowing. As a result, it prevents a droopy neck and double chin.

How to perform

  • Inhale in the air and move your chin towards your left shoulder
  • Now Slowly bend backward and move towards the right shoulder
  • In last exhale and complete the cycle
  • Repeat this 3 times clockwise and then anti-clockwise

The Lion pose

The Lion pose erases fine lines and wrinkles in a way by facilitating facial blood circulation and that of the brain.

How to perform

  • Widely open your mouth along with your eyes widely opened too
  • Holding the same position get your chin closer to the chest
  • Now pull out your tongue while making a roaring sound
  • Inhale in while closing your mouth so to break out of the pose
  • Perform this 3 times and hold the pose for at least 15 to 20 seconds

The Cobra pose

This asana is an excellent way to practice yoga to get rid of a double chin. Not only does it stretch your neck muscles, but it also improves overall blood circulation all over your body.

How to perform

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Inhale and then slide your upper body in a forwarding direction just like a cobra rising
  • Take the support of palms facing down near your chest
  • Make sure your pelvic, as well as abdominal regions, are touching the ground
  • Perform this 2 times by holding the position for at least 30 seconds

The Tongue lock

This exercise mainly involves stretching your “Jivha” meaning tongue. Performing this gives a stretch to the neck and tongue simultaneously and it even helps in reducing fat which is accumulation around your face.

How to perform

  • Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth also creating a vacuum
  • Slowly open your mouth, hold the tongue at the same position and tilt your head in an upward direction.
  • Now release your tongue and close your mouth to break out of the pose
  • Repeat the same process about 3 times by holding the same position for almost 15 to 20 seconds

The Camel Pose

If you are wishing to get a full-body stretch along with a chiselled jawline you should opt for this asana. This exercise works slowly and is particularly effective for neck movements that will help strengthen your chin and neck muscles. Make neck and skin flexible hence preventing a saggy double chin. Also one can use Papaya for the face in order to assist your journey to clear skin.

How to perform

  • Kneel down on the floor with your thighs perpendicular to your calf
  • Now place your hands over your back and inhale
  • Breathe out and slowly bend backward so to touch your heels with both hands
  • Repeat this 2 times and hold it for almost 30 seconds and 1 minute respectively

The Cheekbone lift

This face-shaping workout is said to be a simple solution for sculpturing your facial bones and muscles. You can swap your sagging cheeks for crisp, by performing this lifting workout.

How to perform

  • Place your 2 fingers over each cheekbone and by holding the same gently lift the skin until resistance is created.
  • Now open your mouth and create an “O” shape with your lips
  • Hold this position for almost 3-5 seconds and relax
  • Repeat this exercise 5-10 times for getting better results as soon as possible

Neck and Jaw firmer

This workout is done in the proper way helps in giving your neck and jaw a firm and sleek structure or look. This workout also provides a stretch to your neck and jaw muscles too.

How to perform

  • Open your mouth and make a sound of “ahh”, then fold your lower lip and the corners of your lips into your mouth.
  • By holding this position tightly extend your lower jaw in a forwarding direction
  • Now using your lower jaw start scooping up your mouth slowly as you close it
  • Pull your chin upwards 1 inch each time you scoop
  • By holding this position for almost 20 seconds feel that the sides of your face are lifting


So from here, we came to know about the Face Yoga exercises that help a person to reduce facial fat and get a nice clean body structure too. Face Yoga is simply a program that will help improve your facial expressions and facial awareness. It can help you discover new areas of the fact that you may not have noticed before. Face yoga for double chin not only works on the fats of your face it also structures and makes you active and all the way ready for anything.


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