PPE – Something More Than Essential For Your Survival


Appropriate Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory if you work in a place where conditions and circumstances turn to be hazardous and risky at times. Also, at places where you cannot avoid, control or remove the hazard completely.

At such places, you are always exposed to serious injuries and solemn harms. This means you are at potential risk and ultimate danger if you do not have personal protective equipment with you. Exposure to radiation, chemicals and to high volt electrical systems demand different PPE.

You must try your best to eradicate the hazard to the maximum extent possible. To help you do this, here is the list, along with some description of PPE. These equipment will significantly protect you from life threatening circumstances and from injuries and illnesses that might occur in uncertain hazardous conditions.

1.  Head Protecting Equipment

With no doubts, head injuries are the most dangerous ones. Therefore, protection of the head is more than important if you are working in a place where you are open to get shocks or burns, and where heavy flying and falling objects move. These can potentially harm you.

For protection from these objects, you must ensure that you equip yourself with PPE that can absorb shocks and can endure the penetration through falling, fixed or flying objects.

To save your head from critical injuries, you can use the following PPE:

  • Helmets,
  • Guards
  • Bump caps, and
  • Hard hats.

1.1.  Hard Hats in PPE.

These protective hats are ideal for industrial workers. They are shock absorbing and serve to defend your head from flying, falling and fixed objects.

Hard hats are have three classifications:

  • Class 1: Can provide optimal protection from electrical threats and are impact and penetration resistive.
  • Class 2: are impressive. While being impact and penetration resistive, these also function to protect you against high-volt shocks and severe burns.
  • Class 3: Only guards you from strong impacts, cannot shield you from electrical threats.

These head protecting equipment only defend your head. Neither your remaining body nor your long hairs that can be stuck in industrial machinery.

2.  Ear protecting equipment

Ear protection is also necessary for people who work in an environment where noise-levels are constantly high. High-pitched sounds and excessive noise can damage your hearing ability and can stress you out unexpectedly. These can be irreparable as well.

Therefore, adequate ear protection equipment is highly essential for you to enable you to work for more time, safely and happily.

To protect your ear drum from any serious illness or trouble, you can use the following PPE:

  • Acoustic foam,
  • Earplugs,
  • Earmuffs,
  • Noise meters, and
  • Communication sets.

PS: Never use plain cotton for your ear protection as it is not a hygienic and adequately protective equipment for protection.

3.  Eye protecting equipment as a PPE

If you work open to chemicals, acids, radiations and where particles bomb-up into the ear, you should equip yourself with certain eye protective equipment. This is to save you from thousands of eye injuries. Work-safety is crucial: cover yourself with appropriate PPE while you do welding, heavy cutting, work with lasers, and handle hazardous substances.

For eye protection, you can use:

  • Eye shields,
  • Over specs,
  • Eyewear accessories,
  • Safety glasses,
  • Goggles,
  • Welding shields, and
  • Laser safety goggles.

PS: Ensure that these PPE fit properly and comfortably to your face, be clean and don’t limit your movement or vision.

4.  Face Protection Equipment

Is, undeniably, important. In an environment, where you are open to face hazards due to chemical, acid, and toxic substances usage, your face needs a shielding. For face protecting equipment, you can use:

  • Face shields.
  • Helmets.

PS : Ensure that you cover your complete face in order to maximize the protection.

5.  Respiratory Protection Equipment

If your job gets you to work in contact with powders, harmful gases, fumes, mists, vapors and to enormous amounts of toxic dusts, you should take respiratory protective measures.

Atmospheric contamination is common so equip yourself with PPE for your health and safety. Only PPE can safeguard you from breathing in polluted air.

Therefore, you can use the following PPE as your respiratory protective equipment:

  • Protective hoods,
  • Respirators,
  • Detectors,
  • Helmets, and
  • Above all, face masks.

PS: N95 respirators are ideal. These are best for protection and have particle filtration and bacterial filtration efficiency. PAPRs (powered air-purifying respirators), SARs (Supplied-air respirators) or HEPA are also excellent for protection. Just make sure you buy these from a reliable protective mask manufacturer such as Guilin HBM Health.

6.  Hand Protection Equipment

In a workplaces, protection against severe cuts, lacerations, chemical and thermal burns, abrasions and extreme temperatures is essential. Arm yourself with hand safeguarding equipment if you work in a cold or hot environment, if you handle and work with sharp components, or if you experiment with hazardous chemicals.

For protection of your hands, you can use these PPEs:

  • Chemical resistant gloves,
  • Leather,
  • Canvas, and
  • Coated fabric to cover your hands.

7.  Foot Protection Equipment

Workplaces often require you to have some foot protection. This is so that you can save yourself from harsh injuries from sharp, rolling and falling objects. Environments where the surfaces are wet and slippery and circumstances, where chances are you can get an electrical shock, you should equip yourself with certain PPE such as:

  • Leggings: They protect your legs and feet. Protective leggings are made from aluminized rayon and leather. They have safety snaps inside so that you can easily wear and remove them anytime.
  • Shin guards: For protection of your feet and lower leg, shin guards are ideal.
  • Toe guards: if you want to protect your toe from impact, these plastic, aluminum or steel toe guards are excellent.
  • Safety shoes: There is a huge variety of this PPE. For protection against electrical shocks and electrical uncertainties, these electrically-conductive shoes are exemplary.

8.  Surgical Face Masks as a PPE

Protection against contagious viruses and harmful bacteria that can transmit through air particles is more than necessary for every individual. This PPE can safeguard you from germs that are in droplets or splatters. Also, it can minimize the respiratory and saliva secretions through which a person can transmit microbes to others.

This PPE covers your nose and mouth, and establishes a barrier between you and the infected person protecting you in an outstanding way. You can get one light yet most-defensive mask from one of the reputable protective mask manufacturer : Guilin HBM Health.

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