Ported and Sealed Subwoofer Boxes are Best fit for Terrific Sound Performance from Speakers


Subwoofer Boxes make things feasible for you to set up your choice of speakers in the premium enclosure. These are designed to get the best sound output per the car’s model. Among variants types of subwoofer boxes available, ported and sealed woofer enclosures can generate higher sound output. CT Sound is one such brand that comes with top quality subwoofer boxes of different types, amongst which these two subwoofer boxes are gaining higher popularity

People generally look for sizes before deciding to buy ported subwoofer boxes or sealed subwoofer enclosure for their car speakers. CT Sound is one such brand that people have trust in as it has products available that are reliable and cost-effective. You will now get a warranty upon purchase of sealed subwoofer enclosure or ported subwoofer boxes. It’s upon you which subwoofer box to be chosen as going through specific features can quickly help you make decisions. Alongside this, it’s essential to be aware of its size before you buy ported and sealed subwoofer boxes or enclosures.

There’s no doubt you can get full, enriching sound bass from a car audio stereo system, and it is only possible when you add a subwoofer in the car audio sound kit. But the add-on effect is only possible with a subwoofer box that enhances the fun and significantly impacts the music. Let’s talk about these subwoofer boxes in detail, as it will help you understand more about them and decide what to opt from these two. CT Sound is one such brand that offers quality in product, and subwoofer boxes are not separate from them.

As you might be looking for the pros and cons of sealed subwoofer enclosure and ported subwoofer boxes, analyze them carefully before choosing the best option for your speakers. Don’t need to worry about the size before you buy ported subwoofer boxes or sealed enclosure as the reputed brand like CT Sound has complete knowledge about the make of the car and its spacing area.

All About Ported Subwoofer Box – It’s Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking to buy ported subwoofer boxes, it’s essential to know how this ported subwoofer box can benefit you. But before that, it’s necessary to understand that a ported subwoofer available at CT Sounds online shopping portal is quite reliable and pocket friendly. You can find subwoofer boxes for the different sizes such as 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ and all manufactured as per the vehicle makers to be set up easily to install speakers in it with cross-wiring facilities available to best sound performance.

Ported Subwoofer Box Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that ported subwoofer box can deliver a louder booming sound than any other bass with more punch and reverberance. Let’s unveil the pros and cons to highlight the benefits and limitations before you take a step ahead to buy ported subwoofer boxes:


  • Comes with reduced distortion and cone excursion
  • You cannot get an extra bump in any other subwoofer box than ported one and ultimately provides a sound effect that also has a touch of whistle


There’s nothing enumerated as unfavorable for this ported subwoofer, but you need to be careful during climate change, such as humidity and temperature fluctuation. The drive fatigue issues are quite common in such scenarios. These need to be constructed in a full proof way with a more challenging design than what we see in sealed boxes.

All About Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure

Sealed Subwoofer enclosures are different from ported boxes as they are more compact and can easily fit in many vehicles. There’s no issue if you do not find any vehicle space, as the sealed subwoofer boxes work best in that scenario. Size should not be considered the only factor while distinguishing sealed containers from vented ones, and sound element also comes into consideration. The trapped air inside the tubes acts as a shock absorber or spring against the cone of the sub-woofer, which restricts woofer movement and doesn’t overexert itself.


  • Sealed subwoofer enclosures are relatively smaller as compared to ported ones
  • Assures top sound quality and accuracy
  • Transient response is exemplary.


No such complaint is received from customers who are using CT Sounds sealed subwoofer enclosure. But you need an amplifier kit to drive the subwoofer to make sure there is no efficiency loss.

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