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Pocket Knifes Guidence

If you want to buy one of the best pocket knives of 2022 that simply guarantees to make your life much easier, we recommend below some of the most outstanding models.


1. Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

Damascus pocket knife

Main Advantage:

It is a small product but really efficient, since its blade has the same quality as that of the best traditional knife you can find on the market.


Main disadvantage:

Some comments indicate small defects in the finish, such as an improvable impression of the logo or the paint. Minor issues that do not affect the usefulness of the product.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

A pleasant surprise for both price and functionality, which is ideal for when you need a compact knife.


Damascus Steel Pocket Knife Provide Solid and Good Quality Knifes you can also Order it.

Razor design

The first thing that catches the attention of this knife is its design, which follows the more traditional butterfly format. Ideal for a small product like this. The only difference is that this knife does not open automatically, but the opening is manual.

As for its measurements, these are five centimeters in the area of ​​the blade and a total of 7.5 centimeters in the part of the handle, adding a length of 12.5 centimeters when the blade is fully unfold. Regarding the weight, the knife barely weighs about 77 grams, so it is ideal for those who want to make cuts without adding more load to what they carry in their backpack for their days in the field.

Manufacturing materials

One of the strengths of this product are the manufacturing materials use when creating this model. Starting with the blade, it has been made of high-quality 420-grade stainless steel, which is always a guarantee of its hardness. In addition, its finish and sharpening make the process of making all kinds of cuts even easier.

As for the handle, it has been made of a material similar to wood, frame by a highly resistant black anodize aluminum frame. Just what you need to build strength and properly maintain control when cutting or unfolding the product.


Ease of use

As you can imagine, thanks to the design and materials that we have propose, we are facing a high quality product in terms of handling. To enjoy it comfortably, we have elements such as a very simple unfolding and closing process of the knife, which we can do with just one hand in a simple way.

It also has a good grip system in the handle area, so that the knife does not slip when making cuts. In this handle we also have a clasp, with which we can easily hang the knife from the belt and always have it at hand, so we add an extra comfort to the product.


2. Victorinox V02300.26 Taschenwerkzeug Bantam Medium Pocket Knife


Among the pocket knives recommend by users, we find this model that has a stainless steel structure, assuming a good level of resistance and durability at the same time. However, the knife is light in weight and compact in size, estimate at 81.6 g and 9.1 x 2.6 x 1.7 cm respectively, so it can conveniently store and move.

The knife is made up of two types of accessories, one being a multipurpose bottle opener and the other a blade that also has various applications, thus resulting in a versatile object to solve any setback in our daily life.

The structure is gray, so it has a neutral tone and has a texture surface, which allows for a good level of grip, which favors precision when cutting or uncovering bottles.

It is a model with interesting pros and cons, so below we summarize these characteristics so that you know them.



Users have repeatedly praise the blade’s level of sharpness, which persists after multiple cuts and lends itself to a variety of applications.


This razor has a special fixing method after opening, which allows it to be left in that position and cuts safely.


The transport of this object can be done comfortably, thanks to its compact size and the fact of having a way of attaching it to the belt.


Due to its style, this knife is suitable to use in open spaces, in activities such as camping, fishing, and the like, due to its stainless steel structure.


There are users who question the quality of the blade, noting that apparently, the layer of the same has begun to peel off. However, this can influence by the use given to the knife.


3. Bergkvist K29 Titanium 3 in 1 pocket knife


The Bergkvist K29 knife is another of the products that we wante to highlight in the current market. We are talking about a folding model with a high-quality blade, with which you can perform all kinds of gardening, field, or DIY tasks.

A product that has a good size and quality blade, as well as a wooden handle, where the blade is collect and which gives the device greater stability when working. In addition, the product not only serves as a razor but can also be used to cut belts and glass breakers.

A model where we find details that give greater security, such as the thumb lock, which avoids unnecessary risks while using the knife. It is accompanied by the corresponding cover, so you can take the product wherever you want safely.

To cut everything you need, you just have to use all the functions that this model offers and that we summarize below.




The wooden handle adds an extra quality and protection to the product, thus preventing it from slipping from our hands during use.


The blade includes a fixing system that prevents accidental folding of the knife and the risk of cutting that this entails.

Triple use:

In addition to using the product as a razor, you can also use it as a belt cutter and glass breaker.



Closing can be somewhat hard in the first few occasions until we get use to the system and it takes the corresponding game.


Some comments indicate that the product could be somewhat sharper, although this is more of a personal preference of each.


4. Kubey Sharp D2 Steel Pocket Knife 


Among the options that the market offers us, we find the Kubey razor. This product has a design of 14 centimeters long, of which about 6 centimeters correspond to the blade.

This has a smooth area of ​​traditional cut and is prepare with a high-quality sharpening, so you can use it directly as soon as you receive it. This cutting edge lasts longer thanks to its D2 type steel construction, with considerable quality and resistance.

Regarding the handle, it has a pleasant grip and with which to gain security when using the knife, thanks to the material use in it. A model suitable for all kinds of uses, so you won’t have to worry about having it at your fingertips when necessary.

Since buying a knife is not a minor decision, nothing is more convenient than having all the information you need to choose the best possible option.




Its blade has an efficient design when cutting, thanks to the high quality of its construction and its sharpening.


Once unfold, the knife has a size of 14 centimeters, of which about 6 correspond to the blade. Ideal to take it anywhere with comfort.


The handle has high quality materials and offers you a pleasant grip when cutting, which is an extra security.


The opening is not automatic but manual, although at least this process does not require an exaggerate effort.


It is essential to be careful when unfolding, since in case of not doing it completely the knife can accidentally close.

5. Morpilot 5 in 1 Multipurpose Knife


In case you are orient to find the best value for money knife, then check what this model offers, which is one of the cheapest knives and has a total of five special functions, as it has a blade, a saw, a seat belt cutter, chip breaker, and bottle opener. With all this, it is classified as a knife for survival and can be use in various types of activities.

Likewise, we must highlight the incorporation of a knife sharpener, which has several types of sharpeners, in addition to being able to use as a whistle or as a compass. Likewise, the knife has a 3CR13 stainless steel structure with ABS plastic, which supposes a considerable level of resistance, has an easy-grip handle, and has a locking system that allows it not to be open accidentally.

One of the best knives for 20 euros may be this model, which has receive praise from users. Here we leave you the favorable and unfavorable characteristics identify in it.




This model has five functions in one, since it has a seat belt cutter, saw, bottle opener, fender blade, and chip breaker.


In addition to the knife, a sharpener is incorporate with the purchase, being an accessory with various uses, since it additionally works as a whistle and compass.


The combination of stainless steel with ABS plastic makes the knife have a resistant structure and with various applications in outdoor spaces.


It has a non-slip grip that allows you to have sufficient precision when making a certain cut.



Criticisms have been found about the mechanism for fixing the blade, adding that it is uncomfortable to operate both when opening and closing it, although this can be a variable perception.

Buying Guide – What is the best pocket knife on the market?


The razor is one of the most useful tools mankind has ever known. And it’s not an exaggeration. They are use to hunt animals, for human consumption, to cut all kinds of food, for personal defense and for many daily tasks.

Either because we lost our pocket knife or that we have never own one, many people are interest in acquiring a pocket knife. What happens is that there are so many different makes and models on the market that choosing one is a difficult job. That is why we have specially prepare this guide to buy the best pocket knife on the market today.

Gerber pocket knife

There are very varied styles and materials. There are some pocket knives that combine steel and carbon, others with stainless steel, there are also serrat knives and non-serrat knives, not to mention the Swiss army knives with multiple metal blades and different accessories that can get you out of any difficulty.

The difference between a simple pocket knife with a single steel blade and other multi-tool knives is that knives with a separate blade are usually of higher quality, much stronger and more durable, while multi-tools offer a variety of options, but the material is usually less robust.

Regardless of the model you choose, there are certain characteristics that any good pocket knife must have, here are some of the most important.



Making a comparison, the first thing is to decide the number of blades. The truth is, if you are dealing with a pocket knife, sometimes a single, very good blade is preferable to a bunch of lesser quality blades. We must know that single-blade knives, in addition to being the most resistant, also usually have spring opening mechanisms, which allows them to be open and ready to use in a second.

On the other hand, multi-blade knives have the advantage of doing the work of two or three knives, each with a different tip to perform different tasks, so you can cut different materials: you can carve wood and cut the skin of an animal with the same pocket knife just by changing blades.

Finally, there are the Swiss army knives or multi-tools. These types of knives were creat to meet the needs of soldiers in the field, who need all kinds of tools to help them survive in difficult conditions. These pocket knives can have saws, toothpicks, tweezers, can openers, nail files, scissors, corkscrew, magnifying glasses, and even screwdrivers.

Both the Swiss and the multi-blades are usually large and less resistant than the knives with a single function. In any case, it is your specific needs that establish which is the most suitable model for you.



As for measures, these are variables and you must consider them both for practical and legal purposes. And is that if you carry a pocket knife larger than 11 centimeters in the street, it is possible that the police will seize it if they find it, so limit its use only to field situations or where it is really necessary.

In this case, the measurements are variable, so if you have a good size knife, you may be able to make powerful cuts, but not so much those precision cuts that you may need. Again, your needs are what make the difference when choosing.



Cutting edge type

This characteristic, like the previous ones, depends on the use that you are going to give the knife, so check in the specifications what type of edge the pocket knife offers.

Smooth-edge blades are best for push cuts, penetrating materials, and making clean cuts. Plus, they are the easiest to sharpen, so you won’t have to pay for it.

A saw edge on the other hand can cut harder materials. The grooves tend to be finer, so they cut some materials better than blades with a smooth edge.

Finally, there are the knives with the partially serrat edge. These are the best-selling blades for their versatility, allowing you to use the tip of the blade for clean push cuts and the other half of the blade for more rigorous cuts.



How to use a pocket knife


Pocket knives have accompanied man for many centuries to perform different tasks and to meet different needs. Currently, they are products that are kept in force for precautionary reasons.

They are use for excursions or activities in rural places, and finally, to cover some personal needs. There are several types of pocket knives and below we will explain a little about how to use each one.

black Viper pocket knife

Single Blade Knives

This type of knife has functions and characteristics very similar to those of common knives. When handling this type of knife, it is necessary to take them using one or both hands with great force by the handle, to avoid slipping and falling in this process, causing accidents. The end of the handle can be use as a hammer to hit and break hard surfaces.


Double blades

They were create at first to sharpen the tips of the feathers and as its name indicates, this type of knife can store two to three sharp blades inside, thanks to the hinge system that they have at their ends. It must be handle with greater care because the risk of cutting is increase by having more than one blade; It can be use to cut fruits, but after use they must be dried very well to avoid deterioration.


Multipurpose knives

The so-call multipurpose or Swiss army knives were at the time basic survival instruments for soldiers in times of war, as they include a sharp blade, scissors, files, can openers, screwdrivers and many other functions.

Each tool is use in the traditional way, what must be ensure is not to open all of them at the same time because it will hinder their use; it is advisable to unsheathe them only when their use is require.



If for example you need to pierce materials and make clean cuts, it would be advisable to use a blade with a smooth edge; on the contrary, if what you want is to make incisions in strong materials such as wood, the most appropriate thing would be to use a knife with a saw blade.

Finally, we find the partially serrate edge knives, which adapt to almost any situation due to their versatility. Edge maintenance is done using file paper.

Materials for its elaboration

In general, pocket knives are made of metals such as steel and carbon, the large brands specialize in the development of these survival instruments can combine these metals with other elements such as plastic.

Big brands tend to be very careful and use premium materials that meet the highest global standards.



There are many variations that have emerge over time, highlighting among them the spring-type knives that are use for small jobs. The knives with a locking system mainly generate greater security at the time of use and finally we find the one-handed knives that are useful in activities in which the hands are occupied.




The most popular brands


To make it easier for you to choose a good pocket knife, we have review some models and their main characteristics, comparing them with the comments of many users on the internet. Next, we will make an analysis of the best brands of knives, among which are Victorinox, Gerber and Boker.


In the market for multipurpose pocket knives, Victorinox has a privilege place, not only in Europe but in many countries around the world. Found in 1884, since its inception the brand was dedicated to the manufacture of pocket knives especially for the Swiss army; It was originally named Victoria, in honor of the founder’s mother, Karl Elsener. “Victorinox” is a contraction of the name Victoria with the word “inox”, which has traditionally been used in France to refer to stainless steel products.

In Switzerland, the only companies that officially supplied knives to the national army were Victorinox and Wenger, but in 2005, the Victorinox company took over the Wenger brand, becoming the sole manufacturer of knives for the army of its country.

Currently Victorinox pocket knives are use inside and outside the army, offering a wide variety of models and other tools typical of hiking and camping. Among its products we can find portable peelers, sharpeners, knives, tweezers and of course its well-known Swiss army knives. Apart from these products, it also covers the market for watches, luggage and clothing for men and women, as well as the famous Swiss Army fragrance.



This American brand is currently part of the Finnish Fiskars Corporation. The Gerber Legendary Blades was founded in Oregon in 1939. The Gerbers had a small advertising agency since 1910, but when Joseph Gerber manufacture and ship kitchen knives to customers on vacation, he realize that these knives made by hand they were like among the population and he start his business.

Gerber may be the answer to the question about how to sharpen a knife, since currently it not only manufactures multi-function pocket knives, but also produces sharpeners of various sizes and models for different needs, as well as tools to maintain hunting weapons. Their knives are known for their precise cut and the quality of the materials that allow greater durability.

One of the special characteristics of this brand is that it has always work with designers who create unique pieces in the market, made to efficiently meet the needs of each user and of course with an exquisite finish.



The German brand Böker had its origins in the 17th century, when the manufacture of swords and knives began in the 1800s. History tells that by 1839 the company would produce up to 2,000 sabers a week that was destine for multiple wars. Since 1860 the company has had a presence in North America through Mexico, the United States and Canada. In this way, similar knives were produced in Europe and America under the “Tree Brand” seal or brand of the tree.

The Solingen, Germany factory was destroy during World War II and the American factory took over the business for a long time. Currently and for many years, the company has its production sites outside of Germany, mainly in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Böker was one of the first manufacturers of ceramic knives, and today it not only offers pocket knives but also produces axes, knife sharpeners, flashlights, martial arts swords and a line of kitchen knives. Many people prefer this brand for the usefulness of its products and the affordable prices.




Frequently aske questions


Q1: What are the main differences between a pocket knife and a blade?

Pocket knives are compact instruments that people can carry from one place to another with ease, to cut various objects or foods at any time. These are widely use on excursions or camping, so many users use them.

On the other hand, blades are not necessarily portable instruments, whose sizes can be larger than pocket knives and are generally use in the home. Likewise, we mentioned that the word blade also refers to the blade of a stab weapon.

All this means that both products are useful and good for cutting, but you should buy the one that best suits your needs.


Q2: Is the pocket knife legal? Can I take it with me everywhere?

According to Spanish law, any person of legal age can carry a single-edged razor as long as it does not exceed 11 cm in length. This is measure from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade.

However, the police have the power to seize any knife if it or the person carrying it seems suspicious. In addition, if the citizen exhibits it to intimidate those around him or uses it for another improper and dangerous use, the police could requisition or remove it, even if it is license blade weapons.

Our recommendation is that you do not use the pocket knife improperly, much less to commit a crime, also, do not double-edge it, this is for your safety and that of other people.


Q3: How and when to sharpen pocket knives?

If your pocket knife no longer works even to peel an orange, it is time to sharpen its blade. To achieve this you can use a sharpener with a handle, these are easily available on the Internet and are small, so they fit very well with this type of instrument.

First pass the blade of the knife several times through the rectifying hole, then through the next one, that of sharpening, in this way you will have your product ready to cut things like cardboard, paper and food in a few seconds, some examples of the latter could be tomatoes, onions and potatoes.


Q4: What are the parts of a pocket knife?

The most traditional models of pocket knives have different parts such as the handle, in which there are the rivets or pins that hold the blade, in addition to the shaft, through which it is possible to turn the blade and hide it in the handle.

In addition, these instruments are compose of the blade, which in turn has different areas, the cutting edge, buttressing edge and the tip. Regarding the edge, some pocket knives vary their shape, for example, sometimes it is smooth, other times wavy, and sometimes it even comes in both types, for greater ease when cutting various foods.

Finally, it should be note that the majority of pocket knives have the nail between their parts, which is also called a lug in some models; it is a small slot in the blade that is use to open the knife easily.


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