Playground Equipment Names Then And Now

Playground equipment names

Do you ever connect the cliche “back in my day” to your own childhood memories when you consider how your grandparents would have used it? Well, a lot has changed since we were kids, and playground equipment is a great example of this!

Take a journey down memory lane to observe how some of your favorite playground equipment names and structures have changed over the years if you spent your childhood playing on creaky old tyre swings and steep, scorching metal slides. While engineering and playground safety have advanced significantly, the best news is that today’s play equipment is still as much fun as ever!

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Favorite Pieces Of Old Playground Equipment Names With Before And After Images:
  • Slides
    metal slides
    Hot Metal Slide
    Early slides often had a steep inclination and thin side rails, and they were composed of metal. Children had a substantially increased chance of slipping off the slide or turning over as a result of this structure. It goes without saying that these metal slides could, when exposed to sunlight, attain temperatures high enough to swiftly result in serious burns, making them inappropriate for use by children or during summer playdates!
Now: slide with improved materials and support!
Today, there are regulations in place to guarantee that metal slides have adequate protection from the sun’s rays. Slides constructed of resilient colored plastic are now more frequently seen, which helps to lower the surface temperature. A slide’s incline is also based on age group standards, and the higher side railings that are part of the design support it. Wee!
  • Climbing Structures
    climbing structure
    Then: jungle gym built of metal pipes.
    Many old climbing structures were nothing more than a grid or cube-shaped arrangement of metal pipes. A fall or slip could cause unpleasant bumps and bruises due to the robust pipes that were frequently interwoven throughout the building.
Now:  flexible, vibrant spider webs!
The sensation of an old-school old playground equipment names jungle gym is replicated in modern climbing structures by using metal pipes in place of thick rope or stretched wires. In comparison to their metal predecessors, these flexible climbers are considerably kinder to bumps and falls and feel cooler to the touch in direct sunlight. Children can learn about cause and effect via play while also improving their balance and hand-eye coordination with the aid of climbers.
  • Seesaws
    Seesaw playground equipment
    Then: Don’t get off of this seesaw too soon!
    The dangers of dismounting too soon are obvious to anyone who used to play on a seesaw in the 20th century. Back then, a seesaw could fall directly into the grass or asphalt below it and was fixed to a centre pole. Every time one rider hopped off, the other might hear a loud thump. The two riders must be around the same size and build for this design to bounce from side to side evenly.
Now: Everyone can have fun on the seesaw, even lone riders.
The seats and centering mechanisms on new seesaws have been developed to help prevent sudden contact with the ground. Additionally, they do not require players to coordinate their moves. This model is a popular one on many of our playground projects.
  • Merry-go-rounds
    merry go round playground equipment
    Then: An extremely quick-spinning metal merry-go-round.
    Early merry-go-rounds had thin metal railings and a foundation made of wood or metal. But there were few restrictions on how many people could ride at once or how quickly they could spin around the central pole. As you can expect, there were lots of slips and falls, and the metal fence could get very warm in the sun.
Now: Riders of all skill levels will have more seating and less metal!
A merry-go-round seat is much more comfortable now! A redesigned basis and new mechanisms assist in preventing riders from falling or crawling beneath the apparatus while preventing them from reaching dizzyingly high speeds. Most crucially, with variants that are flush to the ground for wheelchair users and seating that incorporates a strapped safety belt, these spinners have grown to accommodate inclusive play for kids with special needs. We have such a strong love for accessible playgrounds!
  • Swings
    Swings playground equipment
    Then: Crowded swing sets with chairs.
    Early swing sets had metal or wood seats, which later gave way to bases made of wood or metal and seats made of rubber. There were fewer limitations on the maximum number of seats that could be hung from each structure and the minimum distance needed between each swing. Even longer, more narrow chairs with space for multiple riders were available in the early 1900s.
Now: Swings that provide a little more leg space.
The swing set is still a common sight in playgrounds, but it has changed recently. The spacing between swings must meet safety requirements in order to help prevent collisions with riders who swing sideways. Whether accidentally or on purpose! Swings are a favourite of ours since they may be used both alone and in conjunction with a buddy or caregiver and because they promote movement.
  • Tire Swings
    tier swings playground equipment
    Then:  Reuse that worn-out spare tyre
    In addition to being a beloved modification of a multi-person swing seat. It was a superb example of upcycling and proof that not all innovations are successful. The flaps of tyre swings were notorious for gathering rainwater, which frequently led to insects, mould or mildew, and foul odors.
Now: Multiple-passenger flying saucers!
On a flying saucer, friends can travel together! These swings include a roomy, comfy seat and adjustable heights for accommodating more riders. These are also generously spaced apart to minimize unintentional accidents and bruises, just like the traditional swing sets we mentioned earlier.
  • Accessible Swings
    swings playground equipment
    Then: Remember attempting to stay seated in this chair at that point?
    Not everyone is able to use a conventional rubber-seat, backless swing. The slick surfaces and lack of a seat belt made it exceedingly difficult to prevent falling out. Even if this early version of an adapted swing seat offered some extra lumbar support.
Now: Adapted swing seats provide support to people who require it.
Creative Recreational Systems shares a passion for inclusive design and accessible play. There are now a variety of modified swing seats available that can better serve kids with specific needs and varying abilities. The Generation Swing Seat is on the far right, while the Inclusive Seat is on the far left.
  • Monkey bars
    monkey bars
    Then: scaling the monkey bars to a great height.
    Monkey bars were created to support the development of upper body strength. Older versions of these bars were more prone to injuries caused by falls because there were fewer restrictions on their height in the past.

Now: Elevating it to a new level.
The monkey bars used in more recent sets are shaped like loops, which makes them simpler to grab. In comparison to their predecessors, they are also considerably lower to the ground, and many of them include a “on” or “off” deck that leads to another playing area.

Creative Recreational Systems Can Bring Your Playground into the 21st Century
To ensure that everyone may have fun safely, playground equipment playground names list has undergone significant alteration over time. Your one-stop shop for the best in playground equipment and furnishings is Creative Recreational Systems. Regardless of whether your school or community group’s playground is stuck in the past or you want to add inclusive play equipment for kids with special needs.
So that we can start talking about your project, please tell us about it.
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