Platinum engagements rings for women – Buying Guide

Platinum engagements rings

Platinum is considered to be one of the finest metals which can be used to make jewellery. Although there are more popular metals, like gold, which are often the preferred over other metals for making jewellery, platinum is a rare metal for jewellery and closely resembles the qualities of a woman. Beautiful and resilient, just like today’s women, platinum is versatile and strong. Any jewellery piece made of platinum is not only precious but also durable and long lasting. Hence, if you are looking for an engagement ring to propose your significant other with, then a platinum engagement ring would be a great choice. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying a platinum engagement ring.

1 – Check for the authenticity:

You should check for the authenticity of the materials when you buy any jewellery made of precious materials like gold, diamond or platinum. Always make sure that you are given a tamper proof certification of the purity of the metal that you are buying. This is essential because the price that you pay for the commodity is directly related to its purity. Hence, you should be certain that the purity of the metal is certified by a reputed Laboratory. For example, the platinum jewellery that you buy will be stamped with Pt950 or Pt900. The Pt stands for platinum and the number 950 denotes 95% purity. The number 900 is 90% purity.

2 – Enquire about the making charges:

The price of platinum jewellery is influenced by the making charges. Platinum is a precious metal that is mostly mined in South Africa from where it is exported to different countries. It is also a very dense and strong metal that requires a very high melting point to give it the pliability required for making jewellery. Being a hard metal, platinum is difficult to work with and requires skilled craftsmanship for cutting and polishing. All these factors are considered while deciding the making charges which are higher for platinum than gold. Usually a small percentage of the platinum price is the making charges. The making charges of the engagement rings in Hatton Garden range from 11% to 25%.

Platinum engagements rings

3 – Check and compare prices:

In the past, the price for platinum and gold had a huge difference where platinum was much more expensive than gold. Today, the prices of gold and platinum are almost similar. The only difference is that the price of gold fluctuates on a day to day basis depending on the market rate whereas in the case of platinum there is no standard pricing. Because of this the price of platinum jewellery will vary from jeweller to jeweller. Hence, always check for the labor charges and the pricing of the metal separately in order to grab a good deal. Jewellers Hatton Garden has a wide range of platinum jewellery, the price of which will certainly fit your budget.

4 – Buy Back Scheme

Get information regarding the buy-back scheme: When you buy platinum jewellery, make sure to keep your receipt and authenticity certificate securely. Since the prices of platinum do not change on an everyday basis, the receipt and certificate will help you to get back your entire money from the same jeweller if in case you plan to put it up for sale in future. However, the jeweller will deduct the making charges for platinum while buying it back.

Platinum is a versatile and dense metal and hence is the best choice to securely hold your diamonds in the ring. Keeping in mind the abovementioned points will help you get a good deal on the engagement ring of your dreams.

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