Plan a Sightseeing Trip to The Top Sights in Peru


Peru is an incredibly beautiful and popular vacation destination in South America, home to a wide range of Amazon forests. Moreover, its fascinating culture, history, exceptional beauty, and adventure create great opportunities for travelers. The traditional Inca town of Machu Picchu is one of the highlights of any trip to South America. Additionally, it features the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, and Cusco colonial city, home to a number of archaeological sights. Tourists can take a boat trip on the most navigable lake in the world and witness the deepest canyons. Sandboarding, hiking, and fishing in the tropical forests are popular things to do here.

Diverse landscapes, freshwater lakes, high mountain ranges, and distinctive destinations make the place unique and attractive. Moreover, it is a great center of ancient civilization, dating back to the centuries. The Norte Chico civilization flourished along the Pacific coast as early as 3000 BC. Also, civilizations like the Moche, Chavin, Nazca, and Chimu are home to famous ancient ruins and artifacts. 

So, plan a sightseeing trip to the top sights in Peru and discover Peru’s hidden treasures and wilderness. 

Machu Picchu – World of wonders

Peru’s major landmark, Machu Picchu, lies 300 meters surpassing the Urubamba River. The Inca city features exciting scenes of a broken town, exceptional jungle mountains, tropical forests, and a clear sky. An American explorer came across the excellent place in 1911 and believed it was the ‘Lost town of the Incas’ till his death. There are hiking trails within the Inca Trail and train routes, beginning from Cusco, Urubamba to Aguas. Travelers can plan a trip to the alluring site between June and August when the weather is pretty decent.

There is a town below the beautiful Machu Picchu and from Aguas Calientes. One can take a bus ride of 20 minutes along the switchback road to commute to the final destination. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the authorities have announced new admission rules for Machu Picchu. As a result, visitors have to travel with a guide and follow a tour route to enter the place at a specific time. 

The Inca Trail – famous attraction in Peru

The Inca Trail is one of the popular tourist attractions, lying at Machu Picchu and notable sights of South America. Numerous scenic trails provide unimaginable scenes, and one can plan a four-day hike trip to enjoy a unique experience. Hiking can begin at 82 km of the Aguas Calientes and hike through the trail, passing from 30 Inca ruins. Tourists can see magical places and participate in interesting activities amidst nature. However, the foremost difficult part of the hiking path is mounting 1200 meters and two of the greatest passes. 

The peak hiking season is from June to August or, based on the Gregorian calendar, and online bookings are available. You can spend two to four days here and bring necessary things like water bottles, rain cover, navigation equipment, etc. The daily numbers of hikers on the Inca trail are limited depending on the new regulations. 

The Sacred Valley – an incredible site

The Sacred Valley is an excellent site, ideal for major sightseeing opportunities. Visitors can go on a car ride which takes less than an hour from the north side of Cusco. Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, and Pisac are great sites to witness the jaw-dropping scenery and diverse flora range. Moreover, the fertile valley features numerous Inca ruins, which are worth discovering during the trip. Besides, visitors can stroll around the market, learn about its local culture, and buy amazing daily use stuff. 

The Pisac Ruins and the Sunday Market in Pisac are the highlights open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday. Within the valley, you can also explore Moray, Huchuy Cusco, Salinas, Tambomachay, Chinchero, and Urubamba. However, you would require a tour pass to explore the Inca sites in the Sacred Valley. 

Lima’s Historical Center – UNESCO World Heritage Site

One of Peru’s most stunning and significant landmarks, Lima’s Historical Center, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It came into existence in the 1500s, and at that time, several buildings and other sites were ruined and damaged. Today, the historical attractions still preserve a great significance in world history. History seekers can learn interesting facts about the country and place and witness the great artifacts. Plaza de Armas is the major landmark of the area, lying in the heart of the historic district of Peru. 

In 1746, the place had to go through the scariest earthquake, and at that time, many buildings were rebuilt. The cathedral lies on the eastern side, and Government Palace on the opposite side, and these are two significant attractions. After that, you can discover the Archbishop’s Palace and the Casa del Oidor, which are other noteworthy sights in the historical center. So, book your Jetblue Airline tickets to get exclusive amenities on the flight and explore the best destinations in Peru. 

Lake Titicaca – Loaded with Villages 

The massive hills and small traditional villages surround the turquoise water of Lake Titicaca and offer jaw-dropping scenery. Travelers can witness a vibrant mix of rich culture and exquisite beauty of nature, setting apart from Peru. It sits at 3820 meters above sea level, and it is notable for being the world’s highest passable lake. Take a boat trip to the gorgeous islands and neighboring villages and explore the magical sights at the lake. It is an ideal destination for people willing to spend a quiet time and reconnect with nature. 

The Uros Floating Islands or Islas Flotantes is the major highlight of the site, featuring small communities of Uros Indians. The artificial islands are made of reeds that are known to be a traditional way since the time of the Incas. The floating islands measure only one tiny part of Titicaca’s attraction lying within the remote villages on the shores. The main entrance to the site is Puno town, and here, you will find several hotels, restaurants, and agencies. Tourists can commute to the major landmarks through buses, trains, and flights. 

Colca Canyon (Canon del Colca) – Deepest canyon in Peru

It was the world’s deepest canyon; Colca Canyon is as deep as the Grand Canyon. It lies near Cotahuasi Canyon and reaches around 3400 meters, resulting in an unstable fault between two volcanoes. At the bottom, so much below could be a winding stream. It has been inhabited for years, and earlier, it became home to the College, Cabana, and eventually the Inca inhabitants. It takes a few hour drives from the urban center, and day journeys are available for tourists from Arequipa. Considering the drive hours, it will be great spending two or more days in the canyon.

Besides sightseeing, one can explore hot springs, churches, villages, and Inca ruins within sight and discover the hidden treasures. Condors are the most popular landmark in the area and soar past the geographical formation. While you are here, you can spot animal species, including Parihuana, Llama, Guanaco, Vicina, Taruca, Fox, and the Viscacha. 

Puerto Maldonado and the Amazon – Provides stunning experience

Travelers can take a half-hour flight from Cusco, commute to Puerto Maldonado, and begin the Amazon road trip. It may be a unique experience than exploring the other parts of Peru for incredible natural beauty and irresistible charm. It features distinctive wildlife creatures in the humid jungle, including parrots, turtles, piranhas, monkeys, capybara, and Caimans. The Reserva Nacional Tambopata and the Parque Bahuaja Sonene are two of the main attractions worth exploring. These sites feature several jungle lodges; it would take at least an hour on a ferry ride from Maldonado.

On the other hand, the Parque Bahuaja Sonene lies across the watercourse from the Parque Madidi in Bolivia. It takes approximately four hours to reach by boat; however, tours generally vary from some days to week-long adventures. Amazing hotels and other accommodation options are offering great deals on bookings and other services. For example, Paradise Amazon Lodge and Adventure, Casa Amazonas, Enai, GreenHouse Tambopata, Monte Amazonico Lodge, and Corto Maltes Amazonia are great hotels.

Cusco’s Architectural Treasures – Dig into history

Visitors can wander through the streets of Cusco and appreciate the works of the incredible museum built upon history. Architects have used Inca ruins in the establishments of several colonial buildings on the narrow roads, representing the historical heritage. Plaza de A Armas is the main square in the city center and home to the Cathedral and La Compania. You can begin your trip walking down the street, eating tasty food, and watching people during the daytime. 

Pisco and the Ballestas Islands (Islas Ballestas) – Explore the coastline

The major reason to visit Pisco is to see the neighboring Islas Ballestas and the Reserve Nacional de Paracas. It is about 2000 kilometers to the south of Lima, and sometimes, people call it the poor man’s Galapagos. The island is home to thousands of species, including birds, giant sea lions, penguins, dolphins, and pelicans. Boat tours are available from Paracas and Pisco, and you can leave in the morning and enjoy the whole day. The tour will take you to the Candelabra, which is a hillside geoglyph visible from the coast. After that, you can spend the remaining time boating and witnessing the surreal beauty of the place and wildlife. 

The Paracas Peninsula looming out into the Pacific Ocean is home to the Reserva Nacional Paracas. Additionally, it features the greatest section of coastline in the country. The boundary of the Paracas ground supports a large form of life, with roughly 200 species of seabirds. While you are here, you may spot ocean lions, a rare kind of an otter, and vulnerable Humboldt penguins, and other fauna species. Plan an unforgettable trip to Peru by booking Allegiant Airline tickets and customize your requirements in the best possible manner. In conclusion, one can find abundant attractions worth exploring and offering endless thrill and adventure. 

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