Plan a Meaningful Ash Scattering Ceremony

Ash Scattering Ceremony
Ash Scattering Ceremony

More people chose cremation over burial than previously in the United States in 2020. According to an estimate by NFDA, by 2023, over 80 percent of families looking for end-of-life options will choose cremation. It is clear that the funeral industry is going through massive changes. For the average cost of a direct cremation, all you have to pay is about 700 to 800 dollars, while for a funeral without cremation, it is over 5000 dollars. 

The pandemic has left the economy in a crisis, and as many people are unemployed now, it is understandable why people are choosing cremation. A common myth about cremation is that you cannot have a funeral service or ceremony with it. While direct cremation is an affordable option, sometimes people opt to have a ceremony before it. This is to honor their loved ones. So, to honor their loved ones in a meaningful way, families and friends often come together to scatter the cremains in a significant place.  If you want to know how to plan a meaningful ash scattering ceremony, read on. 

Select a Location and Invite Close Friends and Family

When people choose to scatter the ashes, it gives them a lot of freedom to honor their dearly departed in a nontraditional and meaningful way. If your loved one admired the ocean, you can get a permit and scatter the ashes carefully at a water body. You can also go up to the mountains and scatter the ashes on top. Also, if they loved the environment and were nature-loving, you could plant their ashes with seeds and grow a tree or a garden.

With scattering ashes, the possibilities of meaningful disposal are infinite yet limited in some ways. For example, if you want to scatter ashes at the seaside, you have to take a boat there, and the number of people you can take with you is limited. Not only do you have to pay for the boat, but you also cannot bring as many friends and family as you like. 

Whereas if you choose to have a scattering ceremony at a national park, the cost will be minimal, and you can have as many people present as you want.

Get Permits

There are almost no restrictions regarding the scattering of ashes in many states, and you can scatter them almost anywhere without facing legal hassles. However, you should still contact government offices and makes sure there are no prohibitions regarding this. 

On the other hand, national parks let you scatter ashes in many areas with permission, such as from a  park ranger beforehand. If you want to dispose of the ashes at sea, you should get permission from the Environmental Protection Agency about a month before the scattering ceremony. So, the main thing is to get permission no matter where you want to scatter the ashes.

Pre-Plan The Ash Scattering Ceremony

Again, an ash-scattering ceremony is an unorthodox, unconventional way to say goodbye to your loved one. Preplan the ash scattering ceremony. Find a member of the clergy to say a prayer or two. Ask your family to give a eulogy. You can even have speakers beforehand or tell people to improvise their speeches. 

Before the ceremony, you should tell people where you will hold the ceremony, what they should wear, and what they should be expecting. Have a plan or schedule to prepare ahead of time. If the ceremony is taking place outdoors or on a boat or a plane, you should tell guests beforehand so that they can plan accordingly.

Also, if you’re planning a scattering ashes ceremony outdoors, keep in mind the wind and the possibility of other hikers or tourists.No matter what kind of a ceremony it is, having a plan is very important.

Talk to Family to Plan For The Ashes

Talk to your family and friends and make a plan about the ashes. Whether you want them to be scattered all at once, or you want to keep them at different places, consulting your loved ones is important. Sometimes people want to keep a bit of ash with themselves. You have the opportunity to split the ashes between loved ones. You need to do this beforehand so that it does not delay the scattering ceremony. An option is to split ashes in the form of keepsakes such as cremation jewelry. Again, you should decide this before the scattering ashes ceremony.

Practice Opening and Scattering from the Urn

As with any scattering ceremony, people want it to go on without any hurdles or hitches. In the case of an ash scattering ceremony, you really don’t want to be struggling as you try to scatter ashes under the gaze of your family and friends. You should practice opening the urn and scattering before the ceremony. It is sometimes tough to open and scatter from the first try, and you don’t want any surprises. In this way, you will know whether the ashes are loose, liquid, or are inside a plastic bag. If they are not in the form of ashes, it is a challenge to scatter them openly. 

Ask for Counselling

The death of someone you love is an incredibly emotionally taxing event. You should ask for help or get counseling from a therapist or a psychologist. Even your funeral director or cremation advisors will get you the help you need to cope with your grief. For an added fee, they will take care of all the steps of the cremation ceremony for you. If you feel overwhelmed, and lost, you should talk to a mental health professional.

A scattering ashes ceremony is as meaningful as you make it, whatever you want for your departed loved one. a Direct Cremation can help. Feel free to contact us for a quote or call us at 877-938-0672. Or, visit our website to know more about our cremation packages in the Northern California area. Even if you are looking for cremation near you, we can help you find an affordable package.  

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How Cremation Jewelry is Made

The first type of jewelry is a delicate container that contains a bit of ash. The craftsmen
use a funnel or a tube to pour few ashes into a tiny urn, and following that, the top is
attached and sealed. This type of jewelry usually consists of pendants, and they are not
usually teardrop or heart-shaped. For example, typical cremation jewelry includes a
three-dimensional cross that holds ashes.
The second type of cremation jewelry is that which has tiny bits of cremains in the
jewelry materials. Commonly, ashes are mixed in glass, liquid metals, porcelain, or other
materials and then made into jewelry. Sometimes, on special requests, particular
messages are engrained on the surface of this jewelry. This is the most expensive type
of cremation jewelry and takes many months.

Cremation Diamonds

If you look for cremation diamonds, a bit of research will tell you that they are different
from custom-made jewelry; they are made from a person’s cremains. The making of a
cremation diamond is a complex process. The ashes are put into a metal container and
heated to the incredibly high temperature of five thousand Fahrenheit, and every bit of
ash is oxidized at this temperature. The ashes which have been converted to graphite
are put inside a diamond seed crystal. Then, this is placed in a press, where the heat of
about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit is applied.

At this high temperature, the graphite turns into a crystal. The graphite is then set aside
to turn into a crystal, and it takes few weeks. The cremains crystal is cut and polished
according to the customer’s specification and anchored in a setting of the customer’s
choice. Cremation crystals are made similarly and have many colors and settings.

Cremation Near You

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Why Do People Wear Cremation Jewelry?

People feel comforted when they have the small cremains of their loved ones with
them. The jewelry means different things to different people. Some people like to wear
cremation jewelry and use it to keep the memories of their departed loved ones alive.
They even use this jewelry to share memories and stories about the dearly departed.


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