Places to Visit in Spain in Summer 2022


Within months, your children’s vacation will begin, and you must be thinking about where to go this time for your summer break. Now, however, there are many destinations that you can go to. But, if you choose Spain as your destination, you will be impressed beyond your expectations. For your assistance, we have created a list of places to visit in Spain in Summer 2022. With the advent of summer, Spain has turned into one of the most burning tourist destinations in the whole of Europe.

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However, you will even get the get if you don’t have the refundable delta flight. Provided, you need to cancel the booking within a day of the original booking. Anyways, let’s get into what are the summer places to visit in Spain. But before moving directly to the places to visit in Spain, don’t you think you should? Why, Afterall, should you come here for your vacation? 

Why is Spain the best place to visit? 

Here are some of the reasons why every one of you should try visiting Spain this time:

Landscapes: However, the world knows Spain for its beaches. But, you must know that vis has some jaw-dropping landscapes and scenic beauties. From the northern Picos de Europa and  Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada in the south to the Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife, the country’s mountains are breathtaking. Cabo de Gata near Almera, Spain’s lone dessert, was the inspiration for several Hollywood spaghetti westerns, many of which were filmed there.

Adventurous activities: You might have seen in the pictures the narrow path connecting Spain and Portugal. But you can only feel the thrill if you go there in person. Some of the other adventurous activities famous in Spain are snowboarding, Skiing,  hiking, and scuba diving.

Mouthwatering Cuisine:  if you are in Spain and you don’t taste Tapas at least for once, then, you have actually missed the flavor of the country. You all might have tried tapas back in the restaurants in your hometown. But you need to taste these authentic ones. Many bars in Spain will give you a complimentary dish of tapas if you order a drink, a fantastic custom that every other country should strongly consider emulating. Spain is known for its seafood, and copious and fresh fruits and vegetables. All of these make a trip to the local market a gustatory and visual delight.

Gothic Quarter: Places to visit in Spain Barcelona 

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Barcelona is full of beautiful destinations and attractions when it comes to tourist spots. One of them is the Gothic Quarter. For around two thousand years now, this destination has served as a secular and spiritual spot for tourists. When you visit this place, however, you get the reflection of ancient and Roman buildings. But what is mostly reflected from the historical buildings of the quarters of these unique places to visit in Spain in the Middle Ages. Some of the main highlights of the Gothic Quarter are Picasso Museum, Museu d’Història de Barcelona, and the Plaça del Rei.  

Lisbon and surroundings: places to visit in Spain and Portugal 

No matter what you are in search of, Lisbon and its surroundings include some of the best places to visit in Span. You can plan at least a three to four days trip to Lisbon so that you are able to cover the destinations nearby as well. On the other hand, this is one of the beautiful places in Spain by the sea. This city is the gateway to some of the best-known and most visited beaches in the world.

There are two main destinations when it comes to Lisbon:

  • Sintra: you can coe here to see the Quinta da Regaleira castle.
  • Cascais: Here, you get to enjoy some of the exotic beaches. 

If you choose to go to Lisbon this summer season, you will be able to visit the above-mentioned two places.  They are just 30 minutes in reach from the city. 

Cordoba: What is the nicest part of Spain to visit?  

There are some highlights of Cordoba that attract most of the tourists to this place. Some of them include the old town view, the architectural beauty of the town, the Moorish atmosphere, the academic and artistic achievements, and the Jewish quarters from history.

All the above mentioned reflects in the destinations and attractions such as the The Great Mosque, Old Jewish Quarter, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba, Palacio de Viana Roman Bridge and Calahorra Tower, Museo Arqueológico de Córdoba, Museo de Bellas Artes, Jardín Botánico de Córdoba, and Iglesia de San Miguel. However, there are many more places to see in Cordoba. But, these were the places that do not get missed when people come to Spain, and especially when they come to Cordoba.

What is the prettiest place in Spain? 

However, discussing all the prettiest places in Spain could be difficult in one go. But there are some towns that must not get missed when talking about these. They are Cantabria, Catalonia, Andalusia, Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Mallorca, Castile and Léon, Andalusia, 

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