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Are you seeking a trustworthy team of piano movers? Are you tired of looking endlessly for a credible firm with a tidy record? Hire Piano Moving in Rochester, It’s obvious that moving a piano takes a particular degree of competence as well as patience.

Like so lots of other components as well as objects in your home, pianos are vulnerable to scrapes and also dings throughout the moving procedure, with the added challenge of considering numerous pounds, as well as containing delicate equipment.

Due to this, picking the appropriate business to move your piano is necessary to ensure it is safely and also effectively delivered to your new house.
Right Here at piano moving, we give a selection of moving solutions for Rochester, NY, and also past, as well as are honored to aid in thousands of moves yearly.

We have spent years building a strong group of moving experts, and job as a representative of Piano Moving in Rochester. This partnership with moving offers you accessibility to a nationwide network of movers, as well as the confidence that you’re collaborating with one of the most trusted moving businesses in the country.

A Closer Look To Piano Moving in Rochester

Our piano moving treatment includes:

  • Eliminating legs and lyre as well as plan individually
  • Thoroughly pad and cover the entire piano
  • Very carefully tons piano onto a specialized skid (dolly).
  • Fully secure piano in moving truck.
  • Reassemble piano in the area.
  • Conduct thorough assessment.
  • Re-tune as well as general touch-ups if required.
  • Equipped for the most fragile moves.
  • Custom-sized protective coverings.
  • Temporary flooring to shield your floorings.
  • Particularly developed piano straps.
  • A dedicated moving van for safe transport and also the real estate of your piano.

Right here are 2 factors you must consider when employing piano moving companies:


Moving companies usually stress over keeping personal belongings safe, yet a piano is different from other properties. It’s a tool with many components that are pricey to change if broken or damaged.

In addition to dealing with costs is the weight: The ordinary piano can evaluate up to 1,000 pounds, making it far harder to transfer than regular home things. While lifting or moving the tool on one’s very own has a high danger of injury, specialist piano moving companies have the abilities, experience, and also tools required to move the instrument safely and efficiently with absolutely no damage, securing both people and their valued pianos.

Piano Security

Unlike the mound of boxes moving companies handle during moving, pianos aren’t just going to fit about edges, as well as they usually require to be reconstructed after transportation.

It’s challenging to move 1,000 pounds throughout the floor without causing damages to the instrument or the surface, yet knowledgeable piano movers have the devices to do so appropriately, protecting against damage and guaranteeing your piano still plays like the initial day you obtained it.

Specialists recognize that value extends beyond cash. Instruments are often nostalgic, so they do every little thing possible to ensure security both throughout the moving process and also after the piano comes to its new place.

Piano Moving Procedures

A competent piano moving expert will have an accurate understanding of the different components of your piano, as well as how naturally they must be taken care of throughout the moving procedure.

Piano Relocating Rochester is a fully guaranteed piano moving expert as well as can manage your piano moving, supplying packaging, transportation, and also adjusting, giving you assurance knowing that your upright or grand piano will be recovered to its initial problem once moved. In addition to piano transportation, we can arrange climate-controlled storage space for your piano!

There are many safety measures to take when moving a cumbersome piano. As an issue of maintaining every one of the parts secure, we make use of a variety of protective padding that removes the opportunity of damages and also scratches.
After covering the piano, our team competently maneuvers corridors, entrances, and also staircases for loading right into the vehicle.

Once we get to the piano’s brand-new location, we relocate to exactly where you desire it. We also are happy to help with at-home moving and rearranging your piano.
Arranging your piano move with us is no extra job as our scheduling is adaptable and also you can reserve us in the early morning, afternoon, or night according to your personal choice.

We Provide Specialist Packing Service & Supplies.

To match our moving solutions, we are happy to offer a full series of packaging solutions. We provide clients a large variety of boxes and also personalized crating containers, bubble cover, anti-static packaging material, strapping tape, and also more.

Conversely, our professional moving companies can load your possessions as well as unbox them at your brand-new house. Expert packaging solutions guarantee your individual belongings are safely wrapped, boxed, and afterward delivered to your brand-new house.

Frequently Asked Piano Moving

What kind of tool do I have?

” It’s simply large and heavy …” is the answer we often hear when we ask our consumers regarding the sort of instrument they have. And also it’s true, even the reasonably tiny spinet piano or body organ is “large as well as hefty,” especially to the unskilled moving company.

For Piano Moving in Rochester, the logistics of shapes and size are vital variables to think about. Although they all seem “just big and also hefty,” there are 14 various sorts of pianos as well as organs.

You can usually determine the exact type of piano you have by taking the measurements of the piano. Listed below you will find examples of how to measure your piano.

If your piano is over 40 inches high, you have a Console. If your piano gauges less than 40 inches, you have a Spinet.
If your piano is level as well as standing on 3 feet, it’s grand. To see what sort of grand piano you have, measure the length from front to back in feet. (See photo over).

Just how are each kind of piano commonly relocated?

Piano Relocating Rochester is one of the most usual designs that we move. Because of this, we carry the piano skid for this piano on our trucks in any way times. Like the bigger grand pianos, they are positioned on their side on the piano skid, cushioned and also strapped, after that relocated.

Piano Moving can be different in height, yet they are most generally full-size uprights like the old “watering hole design” seen in the majority of the old western films. An upright piano (complete dimension or brief) has front legs that attach to the body of the piano.

The piano can proceed a piano skid or when there are no steps included a 4-wheel dolly might be all that is required. These Upright design pianos are frequently discovered in the cellar. If there has been any kind of renovation to the basement after the piano was put there, the piano or the basement will have to be jeopardized.

In a scenario where the structure of the home has altered and the piano can no longer leave the residence, we can dismantle the piano.
Piano Moving in Rochester is very usual. They go to the floor as well as typically have wheels on completion of the legs.

They can be gone on a piano skid or a 4-wheel dolly, also where stairs may exist. The Spinet style piano is generally the easiest of the piano styles to move. Keep in mind “not every moving company is an expert piano mover”.
Why do I require to work with a professional piano moving company?
The bitterness of poor-quality solutions remains long after the pleasure of affordable price is forgotten.

Does a grand piano vary between 500 and 1300 pounds?


Not only are pianos very heavy– although sturdily built, they go to the very same time, facility and extremely vulnerable.
A basic piano has more than 200 strings, drew limited across a metal bridge with the mixed tension of 40,000 pounds.

The piano action itself has more than 1,000 moving parts. So, the job of moving a piano is not just a matter of weight. The asymmetric shape, the frailty of the outer closet and also inner auto mechanics, the unequal circulation of parts– all this and also more needs not only correct devices but additionally an understanding of the unique dynamics of balance and also inertia that pianos posture.

Just how do I arrange a piano move?

To make sure Piano Moving, just call us, and also we will be glad to organize your piano move for you as well as respond to any type of inquiries you may have. It is useful, yet not essential, to call us a minimum of a week ahead of time.

As piano moving professionals, we are rather Analytical and you need to be prepared to address some of the complying with questions:
Where your piano is, as well as where you would certainly like us to bring it; consisting of Details about what floor or degree it is on and the number of steps it will certainly require to be raised or down.
Some information regarding just how your piano was initially relocated to its present location
The sort of piano (grand, upright, console, and so on), its dimension, and also brand name.
We hope you recognize that the even more details we have in advancement, the much better task we can do for you on Moving Day.


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