Photo Frame Ideas That Can Transform Your Home


Photographs document your journey through life and connect the people, places, past, and stories. A framed photo can add personality and character and come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and textures. Choose the best picture frame to complement your photo at a frame shop

Baby Photo Frames

Photographs capture the growth and development of your baby and record memories for years to come. These baby photos will be preserved forever and make wonderful gifts and keepsakes.  

Pearl Photo Frames

Pearl photo frames are a unique and elegant way to display your photos. Pearl frames can be understated or over-the-top. Your custom frame store can assist you in choosing which frames work best for your photographs.

Photo Frames with Unique Pattern

If you want an unconventional way to display your photos, consider using photo frames with unique patterns or themes. Stripes, polka dots, and checkered patterns are a few of the pattern choices available. A theme frame can represent animals, locations, countries, and historical events. Patterned and frames with themes can be whimsical or represent a more serious subject matter. Art stores can help determine what frame best highlights your photo.

Solid Photo Frames

Solid photo frames are simple yet elegant, and they can fit any decor. They come in various widths and colors. Search a custom frame shop near me to find that perfect frame. Jerry Artarama offers many options and styles to choose from, and their knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the perfect frame for your photos.

Mosaic Wall Decor Photo Frames

Mosaic frames usually combine pieces of glass, tile, or stone around the frame. These unique frames draw attention to the photo and help preserve and protect your photographs. 

Artistic Chain-Link Photo Frames

Chain-link photo frames are distinctive and noticeable frames. Art stores offer a large selection of frames and can assist you in determining the best frame for your photo.

Personalized photo framing reflects your style and preferences. Frames come in a variety of exciting shapes, sizes, and colors. Frames improve the look of your photos and protect them from damage. From abstract designs to designs of nature-inspired patterns, framed pictures can define the house’s personality. With so many options at Jerry’s Artarama frame shop, we are sure that you will find what you need.


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