Personalized ideas for celebrating mom’s birthday in style

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Personalized ideas for celebrating mom’s birthday in style

Many of us hold a special place in our heart for the woman that gave us life. As we get older, we realize that time is a precious commodity that we cannot get back. As we start to raise families of our own, watching the ones we love age becomes inevitable. Holidays begin taking on special meaning as we look forward to one more Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthday to shower her with love and appreciation. The essence of time simply puts everything into perspective to not take any second for granted with the ones that we love. If you didn’t guess it already, we’re talking about mom.

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate a big milestone birthday (hello, 50!) or want to make the most of the annual affair, mom’s birthday is a big deal. It deserves to be celebrated with a bang! You might not always feel like the party planner extraordinaire, in fact, you might hate all of the prep work it takes to throw a big bash. But after the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to assemble in love and celebrate the moments that make life worthwhile.

If it’s just around the corner or month’s away, adequate planning can take some time. These ideas should get those wheels turning on how to make the most out of mom’s next birthday. Let’s get creative:

Create your own spa experience

We haven’t met too many mom’s that don’t like to be pampered and her birthday should be a day of complete bliss. Give her time to relax through a customized spa experience. There are plenty of mobile spa services that come right to the home or you can find one near you to make the most out of time out of the house. Make sure to find out what treatments she loves most before booking to create the ultimate customized experience for her.

Book a cleaning service

Between cooking, cleaning and a lifetime of tending to her children, mom spends a lot of time on her feet. This often doesn’t stop when the kids grow up and leave the nest since she’s so used to being busy. While cleaning feels routine to her, every mom appreciates time off from mopping floors, vacuuming carpets and dusting window sills. Either book a cleaning service for the day of her birthday or hire one for an ongoing weekly or monthly commitment. Whatever your budget can afford, she will definitely appreciate the effort.


Take dining to the next level

With indoor and outdoor dining establishments now open throughout North America, enjoying dinner at a restaurant is not only an elusive dream but a reality. Encourage the entire family to dress up for an evening at her favorite restaurant. To make it a bit more personal, some restaurants allow patrons to bring their own cake. This is the perfect chance to try your hand at baking.

If she would prefer to stay indoors, hire a private chef for an intimate experience. From a romantic meal for two to an interactive cooking class for the entire family, private chefs are well-versed at creating personalized experiences that take your unique style, menu preferences and party size into account. If you’re feeling hesitant, Food Fire + Knives offers useful recommendations on the questions to ask before hiring a chef for your next affair.

Keep it simple

When it comes to planning, many of us lean towards the pomp and circumstance. Sometimes, all that mom wants is a little appreciation. Remember when you were small and your parents hung every artwork and card proudly on the fridge? The appreciation is still there even as an adult.


If you are hosting a party, consider unique graphics that speak to the unique theme of the event. PosterMyWall is a free graphic design tool that makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to create designs that make a statement. In just minutes, users can create and share professional-looking designs courtesy of its user-friendly tools.



Design a Poster

Design and print a birthday poster that guests will see as soon as they enter the party. PosterMyWall has thousands of fun templates ready for customization. It’s as easy as:

a) Visiting the website to choose the poster that catches your eye
b) Clicking ‘edit design’ to add photos, incorporate text, swap in a new background and more
c) Click ‘save’ for instant download or ‘publish’ to post to social media, email or create digital signage

The best part? If you are also considering creating a social media post, flyer or invitation, the ‘resize’ option is embedded right into the platform. This allows users to reuse the image for multiple purposes, without the need of creating an entirely new design.


Enjoy the special day

Birthday’s only come around once a year and they are certainly an affair to be celebrated. Mom deserves a lot of love everyday, but we hope that you will use some of these ideas to make her feel extra special on her birthday. From designing a customized spa experience, hiring a cleaner or elevating the typical dinner, she is guaranteed to love the effort you put in.

If you decide to plan a party, make sure that it has personalized elements to it, too. Graphic design is an easy and accessible option to customize the event in a cost-effective manner. Platforms like PosterMyWall make it fast to create, save, publish and go.

However you decide to celebrate, enjoy every minute!


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