Personal Loans: Basic Rule to Get Best Deal

personal loans

Personal loans can be utilized to pay big expenses like education, weddings, home improvements, and a variety of other emergencies. To optimize your user experience, look for a number of incentives offered by lenders. This include flexible payback periods, online applications, and quick loan disbursements. The rise in popularity of personal loans has altered the lending landscape in India. Personal loans accounted for 96 percent of non-food credits in 2018, according to data issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

This financial instrument has only grown in popularity as a result of the competitive personal loan interest rates being offered by a number of top lenders, as well as the unlimited end-use. However, there are a few things that prospective borrowers should keep in mind in order to get these loans with the most favorable terms.

Ascertain the interest rate

This is one of the most important elements because it might affect the EMIs (equivalent monthly payments) and the loan term. To determine the best possibilities, use a personal loan EMI calculator.

Choose the lender carefully

Personal loans are available from banks, NBFCs (non-banking financial firms), and fintech startups, although the terms and conditions vary between legacy lenders and digital natives. Although banks and NBFCs claim to offer cheaper interest rates, some terms may be unsuitable, or a borrower may be ineligible owing to regulatory requirements. So double-check all of these details ahead of time. In addition, another lender may have a better deal. As a result, use loan aggregator websites to look for the best interest rates, as well as other fees and terms.

Maintain a healthy credit score

A credit score, or CIBIL, is a three-digit expression used to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness. The overall score is calculated using information from the CIBIL Information Report, or CIR. The CIR data is used by financial organizations to predict which applicants are most likely to repay the loan without defaulting.

A credit score of 750 or more is considered good, as credit ratings vary from 300 to 900. A lower credit score means the loan will either be denied or granted at a higher interest rate. Paying EMIs and credit card bills on time will help you retain a good credit score.

A person’s creditworthiness can be determined by checking their CIBIL score online. The borrower can apply for a loan based on their needs if they have a minimum score. Borrowers with a low credit score might take a few steps to enhance their credit score before applying for a loan.

Avoid advanced EMIs

Some lenders require borrowers to pay one or two EMIs in advance during loan disbursement. An advance EMI effectively raises the interest rate, causing borrowers to pay more than the stated amount. As a result, avoid advance EMIs and go for a personal loan app or lender that just takes regular installment payments.

Opt for a short tenure

Because of the reduced EMIs, borrowers may be enticed to take out a longer loan term. However, because the outstanding balance accrues interest each month, this will result in a higher total repayment during the term. Short tenures, if the EMI is cheap, are a good way to keep the total amount under control. A personal loan calculator can help you identify the best possibilities once again.

Maintain a good repayment history

To have a clean payment history, a person should pay off their bills on schedule. A credit card can be obtained by the borrower, who should use it wisely. Proper card usage and repayment of credit obtained during the grace period can not only assist a borrower in maintaining a solid repayment history. There are a few possibilities in the financial sector for obtaining a personal loan with a low CIBIL. But these loans typically require a co-applicant and come with high interest rates. A good credit history and a track record of timely payments might help an application get a loan with low interest rates.

Approach a credible lender

As previously stated, pursuing many lenders at the same time can result in multiple hard inquiries against the borrower. This gives the impression that the person is in severe need of credit. As a result, lenders are hesitant to give credit to such a person. So, compare the eligibility criteria of several lenders and just approach a lender who meets the standards. With the loans they provide, each financial institution offers distinct characteristics. By comparing the various loan terms, a person can not only gain insight into their possibilities, but also obtain a loan that meets their needs.

Check for hidden charges

Find out if there are any processing fees, late payment penalties, or other hidden/embedded charges that could increase the total cost of a loan. If there are, make a budget for them or figure out how to avoid them.

Ask for foreclosure fees

Borrowers are sometimes able to pay off a loan early. However, if the costs of foreclosure or prepayment are too great, it isn’t worth it. To avoid disappointment, find out crucial data ahead of time or choose a lender that charges no prepayment fees or only a small price.

Beware of 0% EMI schemes

In partnership with retailers of lifestyle or consumer durable products, some lenders may be able to entice consumers with 0% EMI schemes. High file fees and processing fees are either not disclosed to buyers or are only mentioned at the last minute. As a result, the borrower pays interest without realizing it.

Double check your credit report

Before applying for a personal loan, double-check the information on your credit report. Check to see if the information on your credit report is accurate and matches your payment history. Even the simplest error in your credit score computation might have a detrimental influence on your score, resulting in future credit requests being declined. If there is a discrepancy, make sure it is corrected as soon as possible.

Special offers

Every financial institution informs its consumers about any possible discounts. Individuals in need of immediate cash assistance can look for such opportunities.

If the applicant fits the specified eligibility criteria, can be sought for and obtained quickly. Use these tips, as well as a reputable lender, to get a personal loan with reasonable payback conditions.



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