Pecha Kucha Examples that Should be Helpful for your Next Meet

pecha kucha examples
pecha kucha examples

Pecha Kucha Ideas to Spice Up Your Get Togethers

The unique style of storytelling entitled Pecha Kucha is unknown to many. It is a unique format that inculcates all the elements. This includes every form of media, including visual, dialogue, and even text if wanted. If the premise intrigues you, just sit back and relax as the entire concept never fails to amaze.

Let’s explain it in plain words. Pecha kucha is a format of presentation which involves 20 images with 20 seconds of description each with every slide included in the presentation. Mark our words, it becomes so much more when it is done practically. In this blog we will be sharing some pecha kucha examples along with ideas which you can deliver to create a long lasting impression at your next gathering.


Pecha Kucha Ideas to Keep in Mind Before Taking a Step Further –

In this section, we will provide you certain points to keep in mind before you start working on any pecha kucha related task. These aren’t engraved in stone, but worth considering. Keep these in mind:

  • Audience takes Primacy

The audience ultimately decides the fate of your presentation. There are times when there is no meeting of minds, but a certain amount of research about the audience to be addressed does help you avoid this.

Choose your topic and your words keeping in mind the audience’s perception and how well versed they are with the topic. The audience’s prior knowledge is necessary since you have a meagre 20 seconds to explain the image. This time should be reserved for short punchlines, not for reading our paragraphs.

  • Keep the Description Crisply Witty

This is an elaboration from the previous point, and it is necessary as it is a key factor.

The descriptions accompanying your pecha kucha are supposed to be for a mere 20 seconds, which is really short. So all you have to do is not create literal descriptions, rather, you need to keep them crisp so that a greater impact is created in a short span of time.

The wittiness cannot be ignored, as a short knockout punch never fails to amaze.

  • Choose Pictures which Impact

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it cannot be more true when it comes to pecha kucha.

The first thing that comes in front of your audience, even before you speak a word, is the image. It almost acts as the opening line for your presentation. Furthermore, your audience is going to stare at the image for an interval of 20 seconds, be sure to make it worth their while. The more clear and attractive an image, the greater is the effectiveness of it.

  • Match Your Tone with Your Topic

The tone is one of the four horsemen of presentation. It acts as the thread that weaves all the other components together. You need to ensure that the topics you choose and the tone you utilise are in perfect harmony.

To make it clearer, if the topic is about pets, your tone has to be affectionate. If you’re presenting about travel then it has to be passionate, if jobs then it has to be professional.

If you mess this up, you’ll have issues to face. This will lessen the impact of your hard work. So before you start to speak, spend some time practising as to how you should convey your thoughts.

Pecha Kucha Examples which Grab Everyone’s Attention – 

There are certain topics which grab the attention of a comparatively higher number of people than others. In this section, we will provide you with certain topics which are the most famous when it comes to making pecha kuchas:

1. Travel –

Hands down the best topic to present on. All credit goes to the beauty of nature and the wonders of mankind. A set of picturesque images along with descriptions of those breathtaking views. This is the perfect recipe for an enjoyable presentation.

2. Food –

Food is required for survival, but for some it is much more. Along with all the beauties, it is a key pleasure that the world has to offer. Make a set of pictures which consist of unique foods from various cuisines around the world. Trust us, this will make its way to the audience’s heart through their stomach (well, almost stomach in this case).

Choose a set of delicious images, and describe them with panache. And enjoy the hunger in the viewers eyes.

3. Pets –

Our furry friends (sometimes non-furry) are a source of joy for most of us. They provide unconditional love in exchange for the least. There are many who don’t allow animals in the house, however their opinion changes the moment they get one by chance or by obligation. 

Make a slide of pets and pet activities that straightaway strikes the emotional cord. The one chord, the frequency of which reaches the farthest.

4. Technology

The year is 2022. While we’re nowhere close to what Blade Runner showed us (thankfully), we are definitely a lot ahead.

This is one topic that fascinates everyone. The new upcoming technologies and the developments of the world. Create a set of the most fascinating inventions that took the world by storm, and planned ones the execution of which is yet to happen, and watch your audience get lost in the world of developments.

 5. Your Work/Job

We do our work for five days a week. For some of us, this extends beyond the normal threshold. So if we are tasked to explain our work, then why not spice it up?

However, keep in mind that this is strictly for the times when you have an audience which is interested in your daily work, or your life.

All we are providing you with is an interesting way to describe what you do for a living. This might also come in handy when you have to present your work in your office, however, it needs to be sprinkled with some professionalism.

To conclude, pecha kuchas are an excellent way of conveying information. It is entertaining and precise, and can be made fun if the speaker is witty and the audience enhances the fun factor. Try to inculcate the pecha kucha ideas presented in this blog to make your next get together a day to cherish. Also, look for the topics mentioned in the pecha kucha examples section, but don’t limit yourselves to them. Put in your own originality, and feel free to bend the rules.


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