Palmitic acid supplementation: a dairy farming game-changer


Palmitic acid supplementation: a dairy farming game-changer

Dairy farming plays a major role in supplying milk and dairy products to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers worldwide. To thrive in this industry, dairy farmers continually seek innovative ways to optimize their cattle’s health and productivity. One such innovative solution is palmitic acid supplementation, a game-changer that benefits not only the cattle but also the farmers and end-users.

In this article, we’ll explore how this supplement can revolutionize dairy farming and see why P85+ palmitic acid from FoodGrid presents itself as an exceptional choice.

Understanding what palmitic acid is

Before diving into the advantages of palmitic acid supplementation, it’s essential to understand what palmitic acid is. Palmitic acid is a type of fatty acid naturally found in various vegetable fats, including palm oil. This unique fatty acid plays a crucial role in dairy cattle nutrition, offering numerous benefits when included in their diet.

Benefits for dairy cattle

Palmitic acid serves as a high-energy source in dairy cow diets. It contains a concentrated form of metabolic energy, providing the cattle with the energy needed for milk production and overall health. Palmitic acid, particularly in the form of P85+ from FoodGrid, is derived through natural and non-genetically modified processes, which ensures high digestibility, allowing the cows to absorb nutrients efficiently.

Long-chain saturated fatty acids in palmitic acid are resistant to fast oxidation. This characteristic gives P85+ high rumen bypass qualities, enabling efficient absorption in the small intestine. This helps in utilizing the energy provided more effectively.

Benefits for dairy farmers

Palmitic acid supplementation has been shown to boost butterfat production in dairy cows. This is a significant advantage for dairy farmers, as it can lead to higher-quality dairy products and increased profitability. It also improves feed intake and weight gain in cattle diets over time, meaning optimized feed conversion ratios and reduced amount of feed needed to maintain cattle health and productivity.

FoodGrid’s P85+ offers dairy farmers a cost-effective source of energy for their cattle. This economical solution allows farmers to maintain the health and nutrition of their cattle without breaking the bank.

Benefits for end-users

Dairy products from cattle supplemented with palmitic acid, such as milk, butter and cheese, are of higher quality. They often have a richer flavor and improved texture, making them more appealing to consumers. Palmitic acid supplementation can contribute to healthier dairy products by ensuring that cows receive the necessary nutrients to maintain their well-being. This indirectly benefits consumers looking for healthier dairy choices.

Why choose FoodGrid’s P85+ palmitic acid

When it comes to palmitic acid supplementation for dairy cattle, FoodGrid’s P85+ stands out as a top choice. It is produced from pure vegetable fat with a high concentration of metabolic energy and digestibility, thus being a reliable product that enhances cattle nutrition.

FoodGrid derives P85+ from natural and non-genetically modified processes using palm oil raw material. This sustainable approach aligns with eco-conscious farming practices and ethical sourcing.

P85+ consists of long-chain saturated fatty acids with high resistance to fast oxidation. This ensures that the supplement has excellent rumen bypass qualities and efficient absorption in the small intestine. Also, it has a track record of improving feed intake, weight gain and butterfat production in dairy cows.

Recommendations for dairy farmers

Dairy farmers can incorporate P85+ into their cattle’s diet at a recommended usage of 0.25 to 1.25 lbs per dairy cow per day. The supplement mixes seamlessly with common feed and is available in different sizes and packagings.

To preserve the product’s quality, P85+ should be stored in dry, clean conditions with temperatures not exceeding 110°F. The supplement has a shelf life of 12 months from the production date.


Palmitic acid supplementation offers a multitude of benefits for dairy farmers, their cattle and end-users. By choosing P85+, dairy farmers can revolutionize their operations and meet the demands of a growing dairy market while ensuring the well-being of their cattle.

FoodGrid aims to improve dairy farming with excellent animal nutrition products, as well as to provide high quality ingredients for cooking and baking, including natural colored sprinkles, organic oils and cooking fats.


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