Oscar 2022 Red Carpet Jewelry: 5 Best Looks That You Can Adopt for Yourself!


The Oscars are known for bringing out the extreme fashion side of the entertainment industry, and this year was no exception. After three years of virtual ceremonies and social distancing, we returned to the old Oscar setting, with everyone sitting together, having a good time celebrating their achievements. Since all were allowed to physically attend the event, the celebrities did their best to make themselves look as memorable as possible. From shimmery gowns to statement-worth jewelry, the red carpet was full of indulgent and opulent ensembles.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the 2022 Oscars was the craziest one yet. It’s easy to focus solely on the shocking and dramatic moment. Like the pointless Twitter awards or Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. But at the end of the day, it is about filmmaking, fashion, and glamor. And at one point or another, we’ve all wished to be a part of that hurrah. But, since most of us can’t, the next best thing is to draw inspiration from the best looks and dress up fashionable for our own events and occasions.

Here Are the 5 Most Memorable Looks That You Can Embrace

  1. Floor-Length Gown and Statement Earrings

Jessica Chastain, who won the best actress for her performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, wore a glittery sequin Gucci gown with highly embellished earrings from Gucci’s Hortus Deliciarum collection, which translates as “garden of delights.” Aside from looking drop-dead gorgeous, her overall appearance matches up quite well with the theme of her film.

A Fun Look for a Nightclub

This look is meant for a fun night out at the clubs with your buddies. Instead of a floor-length gown, choose a short sequin dress. And any type of diamond chandelier earrings for women that goes with the style of the dress. Don’t forget to add a cocktail ring with fancy shaped diamonds to complete the look.

2. Elaborate Necklaces With Hotpants and Tuxedos?

Instead of wearing a pantsuit or a dress, Kristen Stewart made Oscar fashion history by wearing black hot pants, a straight-cut tuxedo, and a white button-down silk shirt paired with a long drop necklace. She threw out the conventional option and dressed in a way that showcased her personality the best.

Just Flaunt Your Personality Through Accessorization and Outfits

Let’s be frank, we regular Joes and Janes can’t pull off this look. It only works in an ultra-high fashion world where most of us don’t belong. However, instead of taking inspiration from the actual look, you can get inspired by the thought process behind it. And that is expressing your own personality. So, for this one, we will not be recommending anything other than suggesting that you wear whatever outfit you like. And accessorize in a way that shines a light on your personality.

3. Satin Shirt With Minimalist Bangles

Zendaya was all about dramatic hand adornments while keeping everything else simple. She wore a shimmering two-piece with a simple necklace and tons of matching bracelets with a few rings. She definitely pulled out all the fashion stops by going with such a unique look.

A Soothing Look for a Sunday Brunch

This particular look works really well for a Sunday brunch or a hang-out session with friends at a fancy restaurant. It is minimalist yet ornate in a well-balanced way. So grab a long skirt and a top made of satin. Preferable in a timid shade, like pale pink or cream. And then accentuate the outfit by donning a simple solitaire necklace, a petite diamond band featuring fancy shape diamonds, and a stack full of white gold diamond bracelets. Trust us! You will look the most fashionable in the group!

4. Choker With Cocktail Rings and a Ravishing Black Dress

Chokers are the trendiest jewelry item of the year. And that is why so many celebrities wore them during the 94th Academy Awards. However, it was Rachel Zegler, who gave us the best choker look. She paired her Dior sheer black dress with a gold-chain choker with a row of diamonds set in platinum from Tiffany & Co.’s 1980 Blue Book Collection. She also adorned herself with white gold diamond bracelets and rings set with fancy-shaped diamonds.

Look Ultra-Luxe at Your Anniversary Party

This ensemble is the most adaptable of the bunch. All you need is your favorite black dress, a diamond and gold choker, rings with fancy shape diamonds, and white gold diamond bracelets. With these items, you can achieve a look that is similar to hers. And if you’re wondering what occasion this would be appropriate for, we’d say it’s a good get-up for holiday parties or a special occasion like an anniversary date.

5. Crisp White Shirt With White Gold Diamond Halo Earrings

Actress Uma Thurman made us all nostalgic by gracing us with her presence in a pulp fiction-inspired ensemble. She paid homage to the Quentin Tarantino film by wearing a floor-length black satin skirt, a white shirt, a pair of rings for Cartier, and diamond earrings in white gold with an emerald accent. The look mirrors her iconic “Mia Wallace” character, who wore a similar shirt and black pants.

The Sophisticated Red-Carpet Look To Glam Up Your Workday

This particular look is so elegantly simple, that you can effortlessly embrace it while getting ready for your workday. And why wouldn’t you wanna add some glam to your same old work attire? Correct? Just pick a white satin shirt, for your bottom wear, you can go with either the long black skirt or the pants. It is totally up to you. And what you are comfortable with on that day. Then ultimately bring in the dazzle with a set of white gold diamond halo earrings. And some petite diamond bands with fancy shaped diamonds. If you think you will be having a particularly dull workday, add some energizing glamor with white gold diamond bracelets.

The Wrap-Up!

The allure of red carpet fashion is undeniable, with its sparkle, fantasy, and charisma. And it’s only natural that we’d want to be inspired by their splendor and aspire to look as good as them in real life. And It’s also not that difficult either. With the right jewelry, such as rings with fancy shaped diamonds or white gold diamond bracelets and cool outfits, we can all look as stunning as they do. You can also browse Sabrina Jewelry for other cute bracelet ideas, to go with your high-end fashion ensemble.

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