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Online Yoga Course

Yoga is the art and practice of spiritual and physical integrity. It is the process through which unity and oneness can be achieved of the body, mind, and soul. Yoga is an ancient art that has been carried down from generation to generation and is practiced widely even today.

Is it compulsory to practice yoga every day?

The benefits of yoga cannot be realized in a single day. It is a long and continuous process. If an individual wish to practice the art of yoga they need to be passionate about the same and practice it regularly.

The benefits of yoga take time to realize. This is because it makes changes from the internal as well as on the external. That is why you need to passionate and practice yoga regularly. You can check out the Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course for more details.

Thus it can be concluded that to get the maximum benefits of yoga you need to practice the same every day. You need to be dedicated to the art of yoga and be very careful to practice the asanas correctly. Only if you take care of these factors and are ready to be committed to the art from a long-term perspective will you be able to achieve the full benefits of the art.

What is online yoga teacher training?

An online teacher training is dedicated to training aspiring yoga professionals to learn about the practice and theories of yoga on an online platform. Through this training, an individual can fulfill their dreams of becoming a certified yoga professional or teacher.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, many organizations are looking to provide training in a virtual format. This is done so that the flow of yoga is not hampered and people can learn the same even from a distance. The online yoga teachers’ training program requires you to have a mat, good internet connectivity, and a good device to attend the online classes.

Pros and Cons of Online Teachers Training Course

In this article, we will be discussing the various pros and cons of the online teachers’ training program and help you to make an informed decision towards your yoga training-related decisions. Concerning this, we will first discuss the pros and then the cons.

Pros of the Online Teachers Training Program –

Some of the pros of the online teachers training program is as follows:

It saves Costs of traveling and other costs:

One of the major benefits of online yoga teacher training is that it helps to save a large amount of money on traveling and other expenses. If the yoga teachers’ training is held in a physical format instead of the online mode, it may require the students to travel large distances. Sometimes the students also travel to different states to attend the training.

In these cases, a huge amount of money is spent on accommodation, traveling, food, and daily convenience to and from the institute. With the online mode in place, the aspiring yoga teacher can save these costs and complete his yoga teacher’s training without drilling many holes into his pockets. Students can try the Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course to gain more experience with various yoga asanas and training programs. If you want to learn more about the yoga nidra then you can check this –  yoga nidra teacher training online.


It saves time and effort:

Another major benefit of the online yoga teachers training program is that it saves a major amount of time and effort on part of both the student, who is the aspiring yoga teacher and his or her trainer in the course. This is because in a physical format the student needs to travel long distances to reach the institute and put more effort to reach the institute and attend classes. Similarly, in an online format, the trainer cannot have limitations of the students he can train at a time.

However, this is not the case with an online format. In an online format a yoga trainer can teach an unlimited number of students, all the same, time, provided the institutes’ interface supports the same. This leads him to put less effort to train students. Additionally, the effort and time put in earlier by the student to travel and reach the institute are reduced as he can attend the classes from the comfort of his home.


It is more flexible:

One of the Unique Selling Propositions of the online yoga teachers’ training program is the fact that it is very flexible. This means that the students can attend the classes at their convenience and need to adjust less as they would in the case of physical format training.

Since the online yoga teachers’ training program takes place from the comfort of the home the students can attend the classes without changing their schedule much. This is possible as the time to travel is saved and the students can do other activities in the saved time.

Furthermore, provisions are also available to rewatch recorded sessions or watch the videos later. Students who missed the classes can revisit the same and will not be affected. Additionally, they can even pause, stop or adjust the pace of the training videos as per their convenience. All these factors make the online teachers’ training program a better option.



The location of the online yoga teacher, as well as the aspiring yoga teachers’ trainee, is not a problem in the online format of the yoga teachers’ training program. This means that the trainer and the trainee can be in any place that they want and still they can conduct the classes and attend the online yoga classes respectively. This kind of provision is available only in an online or a virtual format of the yoga teachers’ training program.

Here location is not an issue and you can get involved in the classes only by fulfilling some very minimal requirements. This means if you have a yoga mat in hand to be used to perform the yoga poses, a working internet connection to connect you to the institutes’ classes, and a device where you can play the classes, you can attend the online yoga teachers’ training from any place or location you desire.


Requirements and fees structure are less:

The requirements and fee structure in online yoga training are comparatively less when compared to a physical format of training. As mentioned earlier the only requirements to start your yoga teachers training program online is a yoga mat, a working internet connection, and an efficient device. This requirement can be easily fulfilled in today’s world and makes online training more beneficial.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that the cost of the physical yoga teachers’ training program is much costlier than that of the physical format. This is because the institute saves costs on the building cost or rent on the place the physical class would have been conducted. Further, one teacher can conduct classes on many individuals all at the same time thus reducing the cost and subsequent fee structure in the online format.

Cons of Online Teachers Training Program –

Some of the cons of the online teachers training program are as follows:

Lacks peer to peer learning:

One of the major disadvantages of the online yoga teachers training program is that it hampers the peer-to-peer learning that is the key to a physical course. In a physical format, the yoga teaching students can interact and discuss the art of yoga with their peers and classmates. These discussions lead to healthy learning.

This peer-to-peer learning is very important as it gives the students fresh ideas and motivations about the art. However, the peer to peer learning is lacking in the online format.

In the online yoga teachers’ training platform the aspiring teachers or the students do not get to interact with their fellow candidates. What’s more, they do not even get to know properly who their peers are. And this hampers peer-to-peer learning thus affecting the course.


Reduces the motivation of the students:

Another bad effect of the yoga teachers’ training course is on the online format is that it reduces the motivation and enthusiasm of the students. In the online format, the students are not able to get into the complete environment of the teaching course.

As a result of this, they are not able to concentrate on the classes. Since the classes are sometimes available to re-watch, they do not take it seriously to attend the live classes. They may not even watch the videos later on. This lack of motivation among the students in an online yoga teacher training course may lead to inefficiencies in the students and may cause them to fail the program.

Thus from the above points, it is evident that the online yoga teachers training program has both pros and cons. The students must match their priorities with the pros and cons of the online program to choose the platform they wish to use. If the aspiring yoga teachers can match and make the right decisions about the training program the best results will be achieved.

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