On-Demand Car Wash App Development: The Next Big Trend In The Market


Cars cost several thousand and even millions of dollars. However, vehicle owners often do not clean it due to their busy schedules. Having a dirty four-wheeler filled with bacteria and dust is as good as not possessing a vehicle. External pollution also affects the body of the car and its shining colour starts fading. What is the solution to this big problem? It is none other than an on-demand car wash app. Currently, car wash experts are spread all over the market and customers find it difficult to use their services quickly. Hence, clever entrepreneurs can own a lucrative business by initiating on-demand car wash app development. They can approach a skillful app development company.

Business people can consider presenting express vehicle wash administrations later on. Also, they can lessen functional expenses by utilizing burrow vehicle wash hardware frameworks. Significantly, techpreneurs should offer both in-inlet and rollover 4-wheeler washing answers for pocket more income.

What services are available in an on-demand car wash app?

Users can book different 4-wheeler care services on an on-demand car wash mobile app. They can choose AC vent and carpet cleaning, exterior foam washing, seat scrubbing, stain removal, tyre polishing, and vacuuming of headliners and roofs. 

Generally, the prices are different for hatchbacks, multi-utility vehicles (MUV), sedans, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Techpreneurs can impose a higher rate for luxury cars like Ashton Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Volvo.

Popular car wash apps in the world

Dinowash, Qweex, and Spiffy are well-known on-demand car wash apps in the USA. Customers can book their required car cleaning and vacuuming services via mobile apps or websites.   

  • Dinowash offers 4 types of car wash services (Quick, Premium, Gold, and Platinum). American users have to pay $15, $25, $40, and $70 respectively. Additionally, customers get extra discounts when compared to normal market prices. 
  • Qweex provides on-demand car wash services at both homes and offices. It uses an emulsification process to get rid of dirt. The Qweex platform is famous for its waterless washing and waxing services. 

It has washed 15940 cars so far and saved a whopping 956,200 gallons of water. Customers have to pay $35 for exterior car washing services and $55 for exterior and interior (vacuuming, washing, and waxing).

  • Spiffy is a highly experienced on-demand car cleaning technology company. They provide eco-friendly 4-wheeler washing services. Customers can book services like air blowout, carpet shampoo, instrument console, leather seat and window cleaning, paint gloss enhancement, and towel drying.

Spiffy charges $49, $89, $179, and $279 under 4 different packages for sedan vehicles. Customers have to pay a higher rate for washing non-sedan vehicles ($59, $109, $219, and $329). 

What are the top 5 features of an on-demand car wash mobile app?

Digital tools dashboard – It is a one-stop section for booking car wash appointments, tracking the movement of the service provider, processing payments, and sharing ratings and reviews. 

Discounts and offers section – Unquestionably, an on-demand car wash app provides economical services than other service centres and workshops. Vehicle owners can reduce their total bill easily by using cashback, coupons, discounts, promo codes, and special offers. 

Social media login option – Customers want quick car wash services. Hence, entrepreneurs can permit users to sign in via various social media accounts. They can sync their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. 

24×7 technical support mechanism – Users can resolve issues related to damages, payment processing glitches, and poor car wash services by contacting the dedicated Help Centre. Accordingly, entrepreneurs should provide round the clock technical assistance via email, live chat, and phone.

An integrated feedback system – Vehicle owners can rate the quality of car wash services on a scale of 1-5. Moreover, they can post comments about the professionalism of the service providers. Techpreneurs can go through these grievances and suggestions and take corrective action immediately. 

Analyzing if waterless washing is the next big trend in the car services industry

Washos is an acclaimed on-demand car washing app in the USA. It offers affordable waterless washing services. Washos utilizes bio-degradable and eco-friendly products for thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming 4-wheelers.

Customers can use services like applying shampoo to carpets, mats, and seats, deodorizing, exterior window and rim cleaning, plastic dressing, sanitizing, tyre dressing, and waxing. It offers 4 different packages Lavish ($39), Reveal ($79), Outright ($189), and Ace ($299) for users. 

According to a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), a family in America wastes around 180 gallons of water per week. Further, this increases to a humongous 9400 gallons of water per year.

Overall, households in the USA waste a whopping 900 billion gallons of water annually. If this habit continues, then America may land in a situation where there is no water left for any usage.

Washos aims to eliminate this problem by using concentrated solutions and high lubricity sprays. Therefore, vehicle owners can book no water car wash services. 

The service provider cleans and washes the car in a narrow space to avoid water wastage. It is apt for 4-wheelers with light dirt, dust, and stains. Later, microfiber towels (300 grams per square metre) are used to absorb the dirt. Extra care is taken by the Washos registered professionals to avoid any damage or scratch to the paint of the car. 

According to Washos, it uses only 4 to 6 ounces of concentrated solutions for each car wash. This is less when compared to 45 gallons of water in commercial service centres and 80 to 120 gallons of water per wash in homes.

Hence, the car washing service professionals will split their work by focusing on separate parts. They render waterless washing for the front and rear bumper, roofs, side doors and glass, and wheels. 

How can entrepreneurs maximize operational efficiency by launching an on-demand car wash app?

Concentrate on energy-saving electrical products – Since car washing takes a significant amount of time, owners of an on-demand car wash app can try to decrease the costs of power. They can use LED bulbs, sensor-based lighting systems, and solar systems. This reduces the total energy consumption. 

Focus on Interior Cleaning – It is not enough if cars look clean and shining from the outside. Therefore, the interior areas must be spot-free. Entrepreneurs can consider introducing services like cleaning the door knobs and steering wheels and vacuuming trunks. Car wash service providers can use leather cleaners and soft brushes.

Offer plant-based car wash products – The global car wash sector is changing rapidly. Customers do not want chemicals to be used during cleaning, vacuuming, and washing. Hence, it is ideal that entrepreneurs introduce eco-friendly car wash options. Organic products can be used for high lubricity spraying instead of chemical soap.

Importantly, it uses less water when compared to a hose pipe. Likewise, microfiber towels are apt for removing dirt and dust from the surface of the car without any scratches.

Overall, organic car washing products use only a few millilitres when compared to hundreds of litres of water used in a service centre. It is ideal for exterior and interior cleaning, polishing, and vacuuming. 

Set up Vacuum Centre Systems – They can open a modern Vacuum centre and offer monthly and yearly subscription plans for vehicle owners. It is better than the outdated manual car wash vacuuming systems used by customers. Vacuum centres operate in an automated manner and reduce the total maintenance costs of 4-wheelers. 

Use Water Recycling Equipment – Precious water used for cleaning and washing cars can be recycled easily instead of wasting it. Owners of an on-demand car wash app can reduce their total water bill significantly. 

Further, it also discharges fewer chemicals into the underground sewage systems. The bio recycling systems use forklift pockets with a mounted skid. It helps in the degradation of clay, grease, diesel, mud, and oil. Generally, there are 2 steps involved in the recycling of water, bio-remediation and filtration. 

Clever entrepreneurs can purchase various systems for floor cleaning, mop water recycling, and water filtration. They just need to press a few buttons to do the job. This also decreases labour costs for handling the water recycling equipment.  

What is the cost of on-demand car wash app development?

There is no specific budget for creating an on-demand car wash app. It depends on the choice of the frameworks and technologies, hourly salaries paid to the developers, the level of customization, multi-platform compatibility, the nature of basic and premium features, and the time allocated. 

Wrapping Up

Above all, the American on-demand car wash industry will grow by a high annual rate of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028. It will be worth $14.67 billion at the end of this year. Further, it will skyrocket to a value of $20.74 billion after 7 years

Entrepreneurs can consider introducing express car wash services in the future. Moreover, they can reduce operational costs by using tunnel car wash equipment systems. Importantly, techpreneurs must offer both in-bay and rollover 4-wheeler washing solutions to pocket more revenue. 

The dynamics of the car wash sector in the USA is changing now. Entrepreneurs can consider purchasing advanced equipment for barge and tank cleaning, drilling rigs, and oil spills. The on-demand car wash industry in America is also reducing costs by using permanent wash bays, portable wash pads, and pressure washers. 

Intelligent techpreneurs can become reliable automobile service providers in the future by owning an on-demand car wash app. They can start a car wash service app in the USA now and experience unlimited growth soon.


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