Offpage SEO and onpage SEO?


Maybe there are blogger friends who are still unfamiliar with the terms offpage SEO and onpage SEO ? Appac Media will discuss these two SEO terms in the following article.

Onpage SEO.

Onpage Seo if interpreted in Indonesian can mean on-page SEO. Yes, onpage SEO is an SEO technique that we apply to a web page. As we know, search engines check several criteria on a website page, to ensure that the writing conforms to or does not match the SEO standards that they apply. The better the SEO, the greater the likelihood that the blog will be referenced in the top search results (SERP).

On a previous occasion I discussed how to make SEO friendly articles on blogger, in this article discussed how to implement SEO in blog articles ( Seo Onpage ), see the full explanation in this article, How to make SEO friendly articles.

This year, it is rumored that the Google search engine has made a major update to their search algorithm, no one knows for sure what the new rules will look like. But from website experts, it is reported that Google places more emphasis on the quality of a website’s content, which can be seen from the value of return visits, percentage of bonus rate, and number of page views per visitor.

Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO can be said as an SEO technique carried out outside the website, to increase traffic to blog visits, such as by sharing blog links on social media, social bookmarking sites, or to forums, with the aim of getting people to open the blog link, which of course will direct impact on visit traffic.

There are many offpage seo techniques that can be done, but we ourselves emphasize offpage SEO through social media, share posts regularly, take advantage of active social media forums, and in accordance with the niche of each blog, make social media fanpages for blogs to use. help promote the maximum blog.

See the guide to making a Facebook fanpage as a cheap promotional media to maximize blogs and business in writing Panuan makes

offpage SEO Facebook fanpage identical to backlinks, the more external links going to our blog or website, it means that offpage SEO is implemented successfully.

More about the influence of backlinks on blogs, has been explained in a previous article, Do backlinks really have an effect on SEO?

Which is better, offpage SEO or onpage SEO?

Implementing onpage SEO does not necessarily mean that your blog is immediately shot no. 1 in search results, especially for blogs that carry popular themes, there are thousands or even millions of rivals that must be overcome. Offpage SEO is really needed for blogs or websites that are still young, to speed up your blog or website to get ranking on search engines.

So in conclusion , offpage and offpage SEO are not to be compared, but juxtaposed


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