Offer users an easy way to discover their soulmates via the Tinder clone

Tinder Clone App

Tinder that first emerged in the market in September 2012 has established itself as the numero uno dating app with a strong presence in more than 190 countries. It has made 55 billion successful matches so far and is available in 40 different languages. Let us know about tinder clone app here,

What is Tinder Clone Script?

  • It is a ready-made and customized online dating solution with a 100% source code.
  • The Tinder clone contains Android and iOS apps for the users and a robust admin panel. 
  • The white label dating app is readily deployable in the market providing a huge competitive advantage for the business firm. 
  • Additional support is given in the form of maintenance services, software upgrades, periodic bug-fixing, server deployment, free app submission, and technical support.

How the White label Tinder clone app functions?

  • The user has to register on the Tinder clone app by submitting the required information. 
  • He/She can fix their preferential settings like location and age. 
  • The user can swipe either left or right on a person.
  • If the swiped person also swipes them right, they can continue chatting with the new match. 
  • Users of the Tinder clone can also find new people on the dating app by changing their preferential settings. 

What are the numerous sources of revenue in the On-demand Dating app?

  • Paid subscription plans – There are three different monthly or yearly subscription plans available on the Tinder clone named Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, and Tinder Plus. They offer benefits to users like unlimited Likes, unlimited rewinds, and access to more number of Top Picks every day. 
  • Advertisements – Paid ads can be easily displayed on the On-demand dating app through seamless integration with Google Adsense. The revenue depends on the number of clicks, impressions, and total inflow of traffic.
  • Premium features – Users have to pay extra money to unlock custom emojis, special GIFs, profile boost, and attractive gift cards. 
  • Integration of exclusive services – Other third-party services like ticket booking, reservation in restaurants, and product delivery can also be done for an extra cost.
  • Random matching – Users can utilize this feature to get matched quickly with others without the need to fulfill any conditions. This is available in the form of a special package. 
  • Additional plugins – Extra income is fetched for the entrepreneur by offering special features to the users like a crypto-compatible digital wallet, automatic facial recognition, end-to-end data encryption, image editing, access to special promo codes, and a one-way liking module. 

What are the distinct Features of the Tinder dating app clone script?

  • Like and Super Like – The Like option is denoted by a green heart and the Super Like option is reflected by a Blue star. The Super Like option helps to attract a prospective match easily. 
  • A Boost option – It can be purchased by the user and is valid for 30 minutes a day. The user’s profile on the Tinder clone dating app is displayed at the top of their respective geographical location. Users can buy either 3, 10, or 20 boosts at a time. The Tinder Plus plan offers one free boost every month. 
  • A private messaging facility – Once two users get matched after swiping right on each other’s profiles, they can freely interact with each other through the live chat option. It is also embedded with video-calling and voice-calling facilities.
  • A Block option – Users can block other users who send violent, racist, and abusive content to them on the Tinder clone.
  • Easy profile management – Users can choose to hide details like their photo, age, location, feed posts, and also restrict ads from coming on the white label Tinder clone app. 
  • Live streaming – The on-demand Tinder clone facilitates live streaming of content by users through seamless integration with popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • A Rewind facility – In case if users have accidentally swiped left on a profile, they can utilize the Rewind option to view that specific profile again. 
  • An integrated referral program – Existing users who love using the Tinder clone app can refer new users like their friends, colleagues, and family members to the dating app. This ensures a more positive word of mouth buzz for the on-demand Tinder dating app. 
  • Social media login mechanism – Users can integrate their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to login to the Tinder clone. This is an alternative to the users as they need not enter their email address and phone number for registration. 
  • Instant sharing of notifications – Push notifications are immediately sent to users when they receive a new message, a new like, and when they get a new match. 
  • Access to Top Picks – Users are sent a detailed list of the most attractive and swipe-worthy men/women around their location every day. They can swipe them left or right according to their wish. 
  • An unmatch option – Users who have successfully matched with others can choose to unmatch with them if they are not satisfied with their relationship. They can stop chatting with each other and their conversation will be permanently deleted from the Tinder clone app. 
  • Provision of 24×7 customer support – Round-the-clock customer support is provided in many languages to deal with any kind of issues and glitches faced by the users of the Tinder clone. 

The critical role played by the admin in the On-demand Dating app

  • Manage the daily activities of the platform – The admin of the Tinder clone approves profiles of new users and monitors key metrics like the total number of users, number of daily active users, the locations from which sign-up of new users is very high, revenue, costs, profits,  and overall app rating. 
  • Handle promotional campaigns – The admin aggressively markets the Tinder dating app clone script across different communication channels. They can set up a Google Adsense account to display banner ads and earn revenue depending on the total number of clicks and impressions.

What makes the Tinder Clone App high selling and very valuable?

  • The Tinder clone is very easy-to-use, visually appealing, and covers all the aspects of online dating effectively. 
  • The attractive features encourage users to discover new relationships by utilizing the Tinder clone app regularly leading to long-term loyalty.
  • It can also be integrated with modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality for a more futuristic experience. 
  • Since millennials are the biggest user base for the On-demand Tinder dating app, it can be easily expanded to different countries ensuring a massive global reach.
  • It suits users who are looking for casual dating, and also those who want to get into a serious relationship. 

Determining the total cost of the Tinder clone

  • The budget of the Tinder clone app depends on factors like the complexity of features, the tech stack used in the development, the skill-sets of the development team, the development duration, and the hourly rate of the developers. 
  • The various phases in development include a preliminary study of the business requirements of the client, UI/UX designing, Android and iOS app development, backend server maintenance, third-party API integration, testing, and launching it officially in the market. 
  • Extra expenses will have to be incurred for software updates, bug-fixing, technical support, and design changes. 

Final Thoughts

Physical meetings have been replaced by online dating apps like Tinder. The user base and market dominance of Tinder is increasing with every passing day.  It has changed how the world views friendship, love, and relationships. Hence, get hold of the white label Tinder clone app now to get a huge edge in this intensely competitive dating industry. 


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