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Umera Ahmed may be a Nice Name

the Urdu popular fiction. not like several alternative authors, she created an option to write popular fiction rather than literature. Her locution is to achieve as large an audience as doable. She is aware that it’s possible solely through popular fiction and not through literature. Actually, in an Asian country, the audience of Urdu literature is extremely tiny in number. Therefore, it is not a surprise that a writer with such an oversized caliber selected popular fiction over literature. The Urdu stories and novels of Umera Ahmed are excellent in diction. This has created many folks in her audience to surprise which will be her education has relevancy to Urdu literature. however ever, it’s not true. Umera Ahmed has done masters in English literature.

She lives in Sialkot. She got her education from Murray College, Sialkot. By profession, Umera Ahmed has conjointly been a coach at the side of being a writer. She may be a teacher at Army Public School, Sialkot and she or he teaches English to grade students of grades nine and 10.

How Umera Ahmed started writing in Urdu may be an interesting story. Umera Ahmed’s handwriting of Urdu was very poor. In her university, she thought of writing a diary daily in Urdu to enhance her handwriting. bit by bit rather than writing a diary of her accounts, she began to write diaries of 2 fanciful individuals, Kashaf and Zaroon, who were category fellows with incompatible concepts during a Masters’s class of International relations. Over the time of two years, America’s writing improved.

Moreover, those two diaries of imaginary people became a stimulating Urdu novel. Umera sent that novel for business and it had been printed very soon. Umera Ahmed recalls that since then none of her Urdu stories ever had to attend for publication.

There are some specific areas during which the stories of Umera Ahmed are powerful. Umera Ahmed may be knowledgeable of writing on affairs and forms. Her initial novel was on international affairs. Then she wrote a superb novel on the bureaucracy of an Asian country known as Amer Bail. The Amer bail is a parasite plant and this is often specifically what the bureaucracy of Pakistan is. at the start, Umera conjointly tried to put in writing the lives of the individual’s happiness to the military of Pakistan and their families. However, those stories had analysis mistakes, and they weren’t alright received.

once the bureaucracy, current affairs, and international relations, Her interest inclined towards manufacturing Urdu novels on religion. She doesn’t preach regarding the faith in her novels. However, the issue of spiritual mindedness is extremely robust in her stories and novels. a number of her stories with very strong religious undertones are Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Mano Salwa, and Peer e Kamil (s.a.w.)

currently, Umera Ahmed isn’t writing stories and novels for the popular fiction digests. Her focus is to supply stories and scripts for the TV currently. Therefore, in her quest to achieve an oversized audience Umera Ahmed is now a script and story writer for television.

Urdu is one of the foremost wide spoken languages within the Indian subcontinent. on the other hand, communities everywhere on the planet speak it. In total, nearly four million people, speak the Urdu language.

Many Factors Result in the Event of Urdu Language

The four most vital of all the factors are given below.

1. Development of Urdu by speaking

The Urdu language was developed among the troopers of the land Army who belonged to completely different nations. The word ‘Urdu’ itself means’Army’.To communicate with one another fluently, these soldiers want to speak in an associate amalgam of Persian, Arabic, and Turkish languages.

However, presently the language reached the Royal courts. The language was easier than the Persian language. that the Royals conjointly likable it. In those times, speaking Urdu became one of the trendiest things. presently the Hindu population too began to speak it, by as well as several Indic words to the language.

2. Development of Urdu through poetry

The Royals of the Indian landmass were very curious about the poetry. emir Khusro was the primary man who tried Urdu poetry in the thirteenth century. it was an enormous success. However, for an additional century, nobody outstanding dared to experiment in Urdu poetry. within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, poets gave a serious boost to Urdu poetry. The royals too appreciated it in each way. They wont to hold Mushairas in their courts and used to pay monthly stipends to the poets. on the other hand, they used to bestow valuables upon their favorite poets.

3. Development of Urdu through prose

not like Urdu poetry, Urdu stories or novels didn’t become a trend. The major reason is that the Royals were ne’er curious about the reading. However, when the decline of Mughals and within the era of the British, an awfully intelligent man tried to put in writing an Urdu novel. The name of the person was Deputy Nazir Ahmed and also the name of the novel is Mirat ul Uroos. Even though it was the primary novel of Urdu, the novel became an enormous success. Even nowadays the novel is well-liked and in demand. Deputy Nazir Ahmed will be referred to as the first and the most prestigious establishment of the Urdu novel.

4. Development of Urdu through journalism

Urdu journalism was late to select up as compared to Urdu poetry. However, as compared to the Urdu novel it picked up quite soon. Once the atrocities of land rose gradually, several outstanding Hindus and Muslims took notice. so that they started monthly, bimonthly, and weekly digest with a concentrate on this affair and political satires.

Those magazines conjointly had a dose of the ethics and also the morals to be introduced among the Muslims and the Hindus both. it’s gratuitous to say that even the beginning of Urdu journalism contributed heaps to the mental waking up of the people of the landmass.

If it weren’t for Urdu poetry, prose, and journalism, the people of the subcontinent won’t have accomplished their value and fought to drive land out of the subcontinent.


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