No Internet Access After Linksys Extender Setup (Fixed)

linksys extender setup

So you’ve finished configuring your Linksys extender Setup! You might want to connect all of your WiFi-compatible devices to the new, extended wireless network right now. What is that, exactly? You’re connected to the internet via WiFi, but your device doesn’t have internet access. A variety of reasons could be to blame for this issue. Maybe it’s your software system’s or router’s settings that are causing this problem. The cause, on the other hand, may not always be obvious.

Here are several tried-and-true methods for resolving the ‘network-connected but no internet’ problem.

Initial Correction

First and foremost, you must determine whether the issue is with your laptop or with the router. Connect a device, such as a smartphone, to WiFi and see if it works. If all of your devices are having trouble connecting to WiFi, it’s most likely a problem with your electronic equipment, wireless router, or Internet service provider. If, on the other hand, the internet works perfectly on other devices, the problem is with your laptop and its WiFi adapter.

Follow these troubleshooting steps as soon as you find the source of the problem to resolve the ‘WiFi connected but no internet access error.

Restart All of Your Electronics

Generally, a simple restart will help you repair a variety of software and network difficulties. If your modem and router are separate, restart each one separately.

  • Turn off the modem and router by unplugging them.
  • For a few minutes, leave all of the gadgets alone.
  • After that, turn on your network and then your modem.
  • Allow some time to pass.
  • Restart your computer after that.
  • Reconnect to WiFi as soon as all of the devices have been reset.
  • Examine the LEDs on the modem.

Instead of the WiFi router, there could be an issue with your internet connection. Check that the internet lights on your modem are working properly to confirm this. The phone line and power lights should be visible in general. Contact your internet service provider if you notice any unsteady lights (ISP).

Make use of the built-in troubleshooter

If your other devices are able to connect to WiFi, the issue is most likely with your extender, computer, or WiFi adapter. When you’re using a Linksys extender, double-check that you’ve set it up correctly using the default Linksys extender login web page. If the problem is with your computer, utilize the built-in troubleshooter:

  • Choose ‘troubleshoot difficulties’ from the right-click menu on the network icon.
  • Your laptop can mechanically diagnose and attempt to resolve the issue.
  • If your computer is unable to resolve the issue, it will inform you of the problem.
  • The experts can then provide you with online technical assistance.

How to Reset a Linksys WiFi Extender

If the problems continue, you can try resetting your Linksys extender as a last resort. If you’ve completed the Linksys RE7000 extender setup, here’s how to reset your extender:

  • Tap and hold the Reset button on your extender for a few seconds.
  • Allow the LED light on your extender to continue to shine.

The extender will reset itself after that, so you’ll have to wait a few minutes.

You can restore the default settings on your WiFi extender by using the web-based button on the Linksys extender login page. Keep in mind, though, that resetting your device will delete all of your pre-installed settings. As a result, make a backup of your extender’s configuration.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to resolving the ‘no internet access after Linksys WiFi extender setup’ issue. Which method did you find to be the most effective in resolving the problem? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

Linksys Extender Wps Setup | Setup

Enter the correct login data, such as username and password, to access the user interface for Linksys extender setup. After successfully logging in, you can begin configuring the extender’s basic and advanced settings.

  • To get to the setup page, go to:
  • Visit after turning on the Linksys extender.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the computer.
  • Default login information can be found in the instructions.
  • The model number can be found on the extender’s sticker.
  • While unboxing, be careful not to damage the extension or other peripherals.
  • The extender’s power source should be close by.

To access the New Extender Setup, always use the most recent version of your web browser.

Carefully type in the login web URL. Make sure you don’t learn how to spell the URL.

However, if you are still unable to connect to Linksys Extender or view the page, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any issues with your Linksys smart wifi setup.

Setup Linksys WIFI Range Extender: How to Get to the Login Page

You must first view the Linksys extender setup website before configuring the WIFI Extender. The default domain name for accessing the New Extender Setup page is It will ask you to proceed to the configuration page once you have correctly connected to the extender.

What is the procedure for logging into the Linksys Extender page?

Logging into the Linksys Wi-Fi Extender Setup website is the first step in installing a Linksys wifi booster. This step will require you to type into the address bar of any device connected to your home Wi-Fi network’s updated browser. The new extender setup page is the default login link you’re using. The official Linksys range extender setup website may be found here. After you’ve entered the connection, you’ll be able to begin configuring your new Wi-Fi extender.

  • Now let’s look at how to access the website:
  • Setup your Linksys extender by first turning it on and waiting for the power light to turn bright.
  • Use a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet to connect to your Linksys wifi extender.
  • A screen will now open, prompting you to enter your username and password. You will be able to view the Linksys wifi extender page after entering your information.
  • Setting up the Linksys extension by hand?
  • A few steps using Extender.Linksys.setup are listed below:
  • Carry the monitor or laptop, as well as the range extender, in the same area.
  • Then, using an Ethernet cable, connect the extender to your PC.
  • Connect the range extender and computer to an electrical outlet.
  • Connect it to the Linksys extender’s setup- network.
  • In a web browser’s URL bar, type
  • A login page will appear on the screen. To log in, enter the required details.
  • Once the basic extender.linksys.setup page displays, type the network name ( SSID) of your present router in the proper boxes.

Select the manual option after that and turn the extender off for a while. Turn your range extender on properly now.

Selecting the Extender

Linksys range extenders can assist you to solve your wifi connectivity issues if your router isn’t providing a stable connection throughout your home. So now is the time to get the Extender.Linksys to improve existing wifi signals.

Purchasing a Linksys extender will not only cure your internet connection problem, but it will also offer correct wifi signals to all of your devices. Similarly, if you’re existing router can handle higher frequencies, don’t waste money on a WiFi extension with restrictive standards.

Only if you’re future-proofing—choosing a powerful range extender like Linksys AC1900 Setup with the goal of upgrading to a matching router—does this rule apply.

WiFi extenders are also available as desktop or plug-in devices. Desktop range extenders imitate a small router and are usually faster. Desktop versions usually contain multiple Ethernet connections, allowing you to get the most out of your internet connection by connecting your device directly. Their downsides include their size and the requirement for a place to sit.

How do I set up a Linksys extender using

  • To use your Linksys Extender, plug it into an electrical socket.
  • Using the power button, turn on the WIFI booster.
  • Grab any wireless device, such as a laptop or tablet, once the device’s power light has turned on.
  • Then look for the Linksys Range Extender Setup Ext network in the WIFI settings.
  • Open any web browser and connect to the extender network.
  • In the address bar, type
  • You’ve arrived at the login page. To begin, press the Start button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is it possible to connect various Linksys extenders to a single home WiFi network?

Yes, more than one Linksys wifi extender can be used on a home wifi network. Make sure the IP configuration of your Linksys RE7000 Wifi Extender is different from the IP configuration of your Linksys RE6400 Wifi Extender, i.e. is your extender network. You’ll need to utilize the IP address or the extender.Linksys set up Url to set up both extenders. To minimize confusion, you will need to set up each Linksys extender one at a time.

Extender Linksys Setup or is also valid options.

Troubleshooting steps at

Have trouble accessing the web address? You’ve arrived to the right location. Users may have difficulties while using the web URL method to install the Linksys extender.

  • Let’s get started on troubleshooting your Linksys extender setup:
  • The website address is unavailable.
  • The firmware on your Linksys extender could be out of date.
  • The IP addresses of the router and the extender are incompatible.
  • The Linksys extender is located a long distance from the main router.
  • Check the range extender’s indicator light.
  • Reset to the factory default settings.


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