New Designs and Features of Web Development Technologies in 2022

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Once upon a time, the ultimate requirement for businesses to sustain themselves was to create a strong digital brand identity, through a website. Fast forward to recent times, the same website now needs to keep its pace with the ever-upgrading web development technologies that render a better web experience for the users, and subsequently better conversion rates for the companies. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

There is a reason why progressive web applications stand at the top of the list. This latest technology caters to a seamless experience on mobile phones – a device that accounts for more than half of the website’s traffic.  PWAs work as a website that renders an indigenous mobile app experience. It is built with common scripting languages such as HTML and JavaScript. The world’s most renowned companies like Uber, Starbucks, Spotify have employed state of the art technology for an immaculate, uninterrupted, and linear user experience.

One advantage of PWAs is that it eradicates the need for a separate mobile application and exhibits a smooth experience even at times of flawed internet connectivity or no connectivity at all. Furthermore, it also features push notifications and offline access to cached content.

Single Page Application (SPA)

This new web development technology has eliminated the ancient, outdated web development approaches. Single Page Applications (SPA) is one such strategy that along with 5G and high-speed internet speeds. Contributed to faster website functioning and longer retainment of the user’s attention. Single Page Application differs from a typical website app as it first loads the entire website page, followed by the loading of the dynamic content of the same page. Applications that render a web-application-like experience, do not need server-downloaded pages, and are seen in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and even Facebook.

Dark Mode UI

The dark theme was created as a supplemental mode to the typical or default light theme. However, it has taken the internet world by storm. According to Andriod Authority, 81.9% of internet users had accepted the dark mode on their devices. Moreover, A survey by Polar shows that 95% prefer dark mode over light mode.

The sole reason why the dark theme is enjoying immense popularity is that it goes easy on the eyes and causes less strain. In addition, it works even during daylight and renders comfort for the website visitor to go through the content, without burdening the eyes. Since it does not need brightness, dark mode UI consumes less battery and reduces blue light as well.

Voice Search

The advent of speech recognition with AI assistants like Siri and Alexa has forced people to consider shifting to voice search instead of typing keywords. Furthermore, it has also facilitated visually and auditory impaired people. It is for this reason, that voice recognition technology has taken the spotlight amidst the myriad of current web development technologies.

Voice search optimization optimizes websites in a way that they appear in voice search. Since the voice recognition market is assumed to reach over 35.5 billion dollars and approximately 41% of people rely on it. Every business that functions on digital marketing is integrating it into their web development strategies to boost their accessibility, reachability, and user experience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is similar to Mobile Web Pages (MWP) and is well competing to be amongst the latest technologies in web development. AMP aims to provide an uninterrupted web experience, increase the page’s functionality, and maintain the user’s engagement. Its emergence depicts the shift in the approach to make the internet more user oriented. With the help of AMP, web developers belonging to a development agency in the USA aim to make web pages more mobile-friendly and to improve their readability.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbots

If you have heard about typical chatbots, AI-powered chatbots are just its much more advanced version. They use natural-learning processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to depict a human-like experience for a better interpretation of the user’s intent. The efficiency of AI-powered chatbots can be seen by their implementation. By renowned B2C companies such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Self-learning bots provide round-the-clock problem-solving features and behavior analytical capacities. Since these bots can answer FAQs, link the customer with the relevant human representative. Answer complaints and render an overall seamless experience. They are expected to eradicate the need for support managers. Therefore, they have established themselves as a viable and worthy long-term investment for companies to save time, money, and manpower.

Motion UI Experience

Motion UI is a recent creative web design technology that is a viable approach for new startups to attract their potential customers. It is a front-end framework that facilitates the development of a fully responsive web design. The technology aims to allow web developers for a development agency in the USA to create motion within an existing application. It involves the incorporation of custom animation with CSS transitions. That are source from SASS libraries and consist of a variety of animate elements.

The prime advantage that motion UI presents is that it allows. The development of a captivating website that not only attracts audiences. But also retains their engagement for a sufficient period. It makes use of the human’s emotional ability to be awe-struck by realistically moving pictures. Moreover, despite how complex it may seem, it is easy to implement to make a website visually appealing and intriguing.

Serverless Architecture and Seamless Applications

Serverless architecture is a software development model which allows web developers to host the apps through a third party. Serviceable computing eradicates the need to rely on handling server software or other related hardware. In addition, it also minimizes the risk of system overloading. Data loss and consequently leads to a decrease in development expenses.

Even though it is a comparatively recent technology. It has been implement by Amazon Web Services because of its efficacy and array of benefits.

Serverless computing is believe to be the ultimate choice of various IoT apps and products that currently need complex backend requests. Moreover. Flex era has reported that even today 99% of companies employ the use of at least one private or public cloud.  This is because the said web development technology helps replace the contemporary servers with cloud to manage resource usage. Features better scalability and scheduled maintenance.

Cyber Security

Cyber security involves the protection of computer systems, networks, and data from phishing attacks. Even though it has been highly prioritize for a long time, today, however. It is even more important because the cyber integrity of websites is all more susceptible to attacks. Due to the rise in technologies and our dependency on them.

Customers belonging to health, retail, and financial industries are aware of their increased susceptibility to emerging threats. Hence require these businesses to employ some tentative and strong measures for the protection of their data. Therefore, companies now use algorithms, IoT interaction protection, and mobile security to safeguard the data from an array of cyberattacks.


Since the only constant thing in life is change, businesses must update their websites accordingly. To sustain their existence in the highly-competitive market, compete with others, and attract and retain their customers.


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