New back surgery technologies

Dr. Prakash P Kotwal

Spinal surgeries have undergone a tremendous evolution in the past decade, thanks to novel technologies such as robotics, computer-assisted navigation, 3D cameras, and low-exposure radiation equipment to perform certain spinal surgeries for surgery .

Current advancements in spinal surgery are being done with the following goals in mind –

  • To be less invasive
  • Preserve motion in the spinal segment
  • Enhancing spinal fusion between adjacent segments
  • Reducing postoperative pain
  • Speeding recovery

SI fusion – Many patients suffer from sacroiliac joint pain. It is the portion where the lower spine and pelvis connect. Prolonged standing can worsen the pain, spreading towards both legs. Here, titanium rods are drilled and broached, along with a guide pin. This gives way to relief from postoperative back pain with shorter hospital stays and recovery periods.

Cervical artificial disc replacement –  Patients with degenerative spine disease have often been advised of this technique. Proven most viable with 4-7 years of standing effectiveness, this surgery helps relieve extreme pressure and restores spinal alignment and stability.

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty- In patients with chronic orthopaedic conditions such as osteoporosis, bones often get fractured, which is painful. While vertebroplasty involves the injection of bone cement to fuse the fragments, kyphoplasty uses an inflated balloon catheter to restore vertebral columns in severely fractured segments before using bone cement.

Spinal fusion-  Patients having spinal deformities and excessive pain, like in the case of scoliosis, require spinal fusion. It simply means welding or permanently connecting two or more vertebrae to realign the spine, improve the column’s stability and curvature, and reduce pain.

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How the high tech treatment reliable?

Technology is spine surgeries are developing as ever thinking, it may give successful rate. What does it mean? The most modern technologies in spinal surgery are typically focused on various benefits. This technology comes up with various benefits to the people and so mainly focused on short time recovery.

These newer technologies will be performed at a high level so that they will respond best to the people in various ways. The high-tech advancement in treatment for the spine impaired your health quickly, so we have to thank the advanced treatment.

What was the spinal surgery technology limitation?

These technologies are changing the patient’s two essential fundamentals, which you must keep in mind. The various limitations of the new technologies is listed below.

  • This necessitates getting an accurate preoperative diagnosis that is surprisingly difficult when it comes aimed to identify the cause of many more kinds of back pain and neck pain. Although the best technology is not helpful in case what is operated on is not what was causing your pain. Therefore, get an accurate backpack diagnosis and then clear the issues with the aid of the latest technologies.
  • Pick the surgeon who is professionally skilled in your surgery and has expertise in your specific technology, which is used for diagnosis and then for treatment. Most people obtain the second and third opinion portion to ensure the decision and the surgeon are used to this and so need not be concerned about consulting with more than one surgeon.

These are the limitation of back surgery technologies. It will guide you in various ways and so pick it out and then gain the benefits with the technologies.

How are the technologies reliable for surgeons with the patient?

Spine surgery, like any other field, holds medicine in that combination of the arts and science. The improvement in back surgery involves trying aimed to enhance the technique for accurately diagnosing the patient’s problem, and may also enhance the surgical techniques and then buy the new technologies.

As just in the rest of life, with the aid of spine surgery, there may not have any more straightforward answers. Relying on the new technologies alone to increase the outcomes probably may not be a good idea.

With the combination of the judicial uses of the new and high technologies that may be combined with the rigorous scientific study and the surgeon’s acknowledged skills and expertise holds the trust of giving the enhanced probability of good outcomes. With the aid of the new surgical technologies, you may be active in the goal as quickly. It will give the best aid to the people in various ways. The modern equipment and evident skill of the surgeon make the surgical process reliable in the medical industry. In various ways, it will give better aid, so pick down the advanced techniques and methods and then get the best aid.

Is there any risk involved in the back surgery?

As any surgery may carry risk, and so does back surgery. Nevertheless, the back surgery may carry a higher risk rather than the other types of surgery as it’s performed that close to the nerve system. Of course, paralysis and then infection is the most common risk; you have to find the risk of back surgery that may quickly sort out with the latest technology with the expert doctor. Even though the surgery ended in a positive mode, it may take time to heal. Thus, the recovery time is depended upon the surgery and then on the patient health. In addition, there may have chances of losing flexibility.

 Hereafter you do not worry about it; this is why advanced treatment is available in order to clear the issues and then give the best aid to the people. The most significant part of the surgery risk is that the method or procedure may fail when it comes to relieving the pain. Of course, patients must openly discuss with the surgeons about prices and also comes to make sure their health condition is aware. The surgeons also find ways to expand the procedure prior to performing it.

Why does back surgery perform?

There are several reasons available why people come to go with back surgery, and the top reasons are listed below. When you come to getting into the herniated or ruptured disc, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis, vertebral fractures, and so more, in addition, in rare cases, tumours, infection, and nerve root problems as known as cause equina syndrome may easily cause the back pain. This is the time you are going to face the surgery problem. Thus, the various techniques will help to bring out the process in successful wag, and so the advanced treatment will give the best aid to the people in various ways.

Positive outcomes with successful technologies

Back surgery, with the advancement of technology, may give the best aid to people. With an expert surgeon is more possible and then give positive outcomes. The technology is primarily helpful in the surgical process without any more issues and difficulties, and this process will take out and give better aid.

After the treatment, if the back surgery in an innovative manner, you will feel free with it and the process with an expert doctor may be considerable. The advanced treatment may give the best aid and so consider the expert doctor for the back surgery and get the benefits.


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