Must-try: Which are the most nutritious and delicious Indian dishes?

Origins Of Indian Food

Are you an epicure?

Well, So am I. Indeed, the love for food is something that no one can avoid. Just imagine you have your favorite meal, be it a food item or drink; the pleasure it will give to your taste buds is different. One such cuisine is Indian which is perfect with every bite, and with every bite, your taste buds will have utmost pleasure. Considering the reason, people prefer to visit one of the best Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill to have food options that are filled with the finest of options. Even the blend of spices and Indian herbs can make any meal nutritious that it won’t be easy for you to control from having the same.

Just say the name: Vegan-based dishes, non-vegetarian-based curries, and whatnot; everything is present in the Indian food menu. So, when you visit one of the best Indian Restaurant in Chingford, your taste buds are not just delighted, but your body will even get the necessary nutrients it needs. Now, let’s talk you through the most healthy Indian food options you should try out.

Most nourishing Indian food options


Chilla is a savory Indian dish served for breakfast. It contains all the healthy vegetables. It’s like a pancake. The chilla incorporates spices, sour cream, Indian pickle, and plain yogurt. Chopped tomatoes and cucumber even accompany chilla. It can be made with besan and sprouted mung beans. Moreover, it contains all the minerals, vitamins, and protein that the body needs the most.


Poha is flaked rice soaked in water. It contains tempered onion, potatoes, peas, and any other vegetable you prefer, along with a blend of different Indian spices. Indeed, its delightful texture makes it difficult for you to resist the same. Poha gives your body the perfect protein, vitamin, fiber, and calcium balance.

Chole masala

Chole masala is another important and most loved Indian food option. Chole is chickpeas that are simmered and loaded with tempered onion & tomatoes added to the curry base. A variety of Indian spices is added to the spice mix to make the taste buds go all crazy. Studies have shown those who have chickpeas in their diet are at reduced risk of getting heart problems.


Daal is one of the essential parts of Indian food options. Indians cannot go without having daal. As there is variety of options that you can have like:

  • Masoor Daal (red lentils)
  • Toor Dal (Split pigeon peas)
  • Chana Daal (Chickpeas)
  • Much more

Daal is relished with naan, roti, or rice. Including daal is like you got to have one of the best food options filled with a high level of protein.

Are you flattered with Indian meals?

So, Am I. Then why not try out the Indian food at one of the best Indian restaurants near you. Shriji is one of the names that you should look upto to satisfy your food cravings in the right way. Depending on what your taste buds are, you can have that option from our restaurant food menu.



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