Must know the Benefits of Gomukhasana Yoga Posture


Let’s talk about the Gomukhasana, its benefits, and the method of doing it in this article today. And also, know the precautions that should be taken while doing Gomukhasana.

‘Gomukhasana’ is a Sanskrit language word in which ‘gau’ means cow and “Mukha”’ means mouth. It is also called ‘Cow Face Pose’ in English. While doing this asana, your position is in the same posture as the face of the cow. This asana is most prevalent in the Hatha Yoga category.

While doing this asana, the position of the person appears like the mouth of a cow, hence this posture is called Gomukhasana. This posture is very easy to do. The practice of Gomukhasana is very beneficial for women. Bodyweight is reduced by this asana. 

So let us know in detail about the benefits of Gomukhasana and the method of practicing Gomukhasana.

Steps of doing Gomukhasana 

The method of performing Gomukhasana is given below.

  1. First of all, to do this posture, choose a cool and ventilated place, and sit on a mat or bed sheet.
  2. Now move the left leg back so that its heel touches your right buttock. 
  3. Now place the right foot over the left leg so that its heel touches your left buttock. 
  4. Now the rule is that the one who raised his feet on the same hand, ie the bowl of the palm of the right hand, should be taken from the elbow to the back, with the bend attached to the ear.
  5. Now make a bowl of the palm of the left hand and move it from the side of the stomach to the back.
  6. Now put the finger of both hands behind the back with each other.
  7. Now sit for as long as you can sit in this position while keeping the speed of breath normal.
  8. When you start having problems while sitting in this position, then come back to your beginning position. And in such a way, change the position of feet and do postures.
  9. Do this asana 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of Gomukhasana

There is a  long list of Gomukhasana’ s benefits. but I will tell you about some important benefits here.

  1. Gomukhasana makes knees and feet strong.
  2. Gomukhasana helps in strengthening the muscles of the hand and back.
  3. This posture strengthens the spine and works on back pain.
  4. Doing Gomukhasana provides relief in back pain.
  5. This asana is very beneficial for women because it reduces weight and makes the body beautifully flexible.
  6. Diabetic patients practice Gomukhasana daily, so their diabetes remains under control.
  7. Sexual problems are overcome by Gomukhasana. It helps in eliminating the sex-related diseases of women.
  8. For those who suffer from piles, this asana is very beneficial. 
  9. If you practice Gomukhasana for more than 10 minutes, you will reduce fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

What precautions should be taken while performing Gomukhasana – 

  1. If you have any problem or pain in the shoulder or neck, do not practice this asana.
  2. If there is any pain in the hands and feet, do not do this asana.
  3. Those who are bleeding from piles should not practice this asana.
  4. Do not force too much if you do not touch the heel of the foot.
  5. Do not force too much if you are having trouble moving your back and hands.
  6. Pregnant women should not do this asana for three months of onset.
  7. If there is any problem or pain in the spine, do not practice this asana.

Which postures to perform before performing Gomukhasana?

  1. Butterfly Posture
  2. Veerasan
  3. Bandh Konasana
  4. Supta Padangusthasana

Which posture should you do after performing Gomukhasana?

  1. Garudasana
  2. Marichyasana
  3. Padmasana
  4. Paschimottasan
  5. Ardh Matsyendrasana

Conclusion: Yoga and Asana calm the body and mind and help to develop the growth of the body. Yoga and Asana have many physical and mental benefits, but should not be used in place of any medicine. It is important that while doing any yoga asana or asana, learn and do as instructed by a yoga instructor. If you have any physical dilemma, you must contact your yoga instructor or any doctor before performing yoga asana. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.



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