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Why Moldavite Is So Popular

Everyone loves gorgeous Moldavite jewelry. It is one of the best choices of jewelry to be sold at a local store. It is a beautiful design to cross the shape and set in sterling 925 silver. The stone appears to be mossy green in color and can be carried along with a black cord. It is also known as the stone of transformation, which changes the life of the wearer in a very positive way.

The Properties Of The Moldavite Stone

Moldavite Ring is the green gemstone jewelry that is actually not the crystal but a natural glass. The unique stone only comes from one place in the world, that is, the Czech Republic. It is the tektite that came to the earth 14 million years ago. And it is mossy olive green in color and has brown streaks on the surface. Moreover, the stone has a gas bubble trapped inside it, and it has a rough surface, it is not smooth like other stones.

Qualities Of Moldavite Stone 

These stones are the result of the natural event that happened, which caused them the different shapes and sizes with jagged edges and green folds in various hues. Moldavite has rich silica inside it, which gives it a glassy appearance, also it has iron and peridot content which is the reason for the green color.

Moldavite rings are the jewelry of greatness with amazing delicacy and grace, serving humankind carrying the intense frequency and fusion of the extraterrestrial energies. While holding the Moldavite in hand, the person can feel the intense heat the stone gives, and the person could feel that heat throughout their whole body.

Identifying The True Moldavite Crystal

As it is a unique stone in high demand, people are now making fake or imitation jewelry, which seems like a natural stone but isn’t it. So you as a retailer need to understand the difference between the real and the fake stone. If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, I am here to tell you how you can identify the real and the fake stone.

l First of all, ask about the origin of the person selling the stone. If they say something different than the Czech Republic, then they are not selling the real stone to you. It is actually uncommon to find the counterfeit pieces offered by the ones who have been duped and trying to make other fools.

l The bubbles on the surface are a good indication of the real Moldavite jewelry because these gas bubbles were trapped when the Moldavite was forming. The genuine Moldavite will never have a shiny glass-like finish. As they are the masterpieces of the molten glass that have been molded with care.

l The best way is to recognize the stone by holding the stone and feeling the energy of the stone. People can make the stone look similar, but they cannot imbibe the healing property inside the stone. This is because these stones have a high-frequency rate of energy.

Caring And Recharging Tips 

After finding the correct and the real stone, it is even important to take care of the stone by cleaning and recharging it in different ways.

While selling the stone to the customers, being a good retailer, you should give them the stone in a box. Tell them always to keep the stone in the box every time when they are not wearing it. By following this, the stone would be protected from damages and scratches and will always have it is shine. Moreover, tell the wearer never to do any kind of harsh or chemical work while wearing Moldavite bracelets or rings. As it could spoil the beauty of the wonderful stone. Don’t take the stone to the swimming pool as the chlorine can spoil the shade of the stone.

Always wear the stone in the end while getting ready for any occasion. So that the stone doesn’t come in contact with chemical substances like lotions, creams, make-up products. Moreover, remove these stones at the first while coming back from the event. Then just simply wash them with running water and wipe them using the soft cloth and keep them safely in the box. Also, keep the stone under the moon once a month on the full moon day to recharge it. The stone would be recharged again and will show it is benefits again in a better way.  

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