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5x Mirror Designs Inspiration for All

A mirror comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making it a fun product to play with the interior. Everything is possible and we offer different types of mirrors on our website. In addition, a mirror is not only nice for the bathroom, but it is a true accessory for the entire house!

  • Make-up mirror on the wall;
  • A large round mirror;
  • A rectangular mirror;
  • Extra storage space with a mirror cabinet;
  • Mirror with strap.

A make-up mirror on the wall

Good lighting is of course a must for putting on make-up. With an illuminated make-up mirror, you always have natural light that ensures that your make-up also looks beautiful outside! Thanks to the magnification it also becomes extra easy to do precise work and you will never have the feeling that you are not seeing it right!

We have make-up mirrors in various shapes and colors, such as the black Wiesbaden make-up darpan with lighting. Are you looking for a simpler and cheaper option? Then make-up mirror Mila is a good option. It is sold in a timeless chrome color that will always match the decor! Both darpans are mounted on the wall.

As handy as a make-up darpan mounted on the wall is, sometimes we need a little more freedom. Then a standing make-up mirror like this copper make-up mirrors Wiesbaden! Ideal if you want to take the darpan with you on a trip or simply want to do your makeup elsewhere in the house.

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A large round mirror

You have probably seen this one because round mirrors are completely in at the moment. They not only look great above bathroom furniture but can also be used well in a hall or in the living room. After all, darpans make a room look bigger, which is of course also a win-win situation in a small bathroom!

Our most popular round darpan is the Lana mirror, such as the bathroom mirror Lana 80x80cm ! The handy thing about this round mirror is that it has built-in lighting. This is especially nice if it is hung in the bathroom.

Round mirrors are available in different sizes, such as 60 by 60 centimeters and 100 by 100 centimeters. We also have a darpans with a black edge, a gold edge or without a frame. This versatility gives you the choice to choose one that fits well with the rest of the interior!

A rectangular mirror

Is round still your thing? Then take a look at a rectangular darpan. These are often hung above the washbasin, but can also be placed nicely above a sideboard.

Our rectangular mirrors, which can be hung both horizontally and vertically, are also available with lighting and heating. This way you never have the darpan fogging up while showering and you always have good light! Bathroom darpan Quatro is one that contains these two functions and is available in several sizes. Thanks to its horizontal and vertical dimensions, the model fits well in different rooms and above different furniture.

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Extra storage space with a mirror cabinet

In a bathroom, there are many options to have more space for things, such as bathroom furniture with drawers. Do you still need more storage space? Then choose a darpan cabinet!

A mirror cabinet is available in black, white, gray, and in wooden colors. With this product, you kill two birds with one stone, because there is more storage space available and you have a nice darpan. That is nice in any type of bathroom, but certainly in one where there is little space left.

Mirror cabinet Callisto is one of our best-selling darpan cabinets. It not only looks beautiful because of the wooden color but also has enough space for your products with the four shelves per side inside.

Mirror with strap

If you are looking for a bathroom mirror that is slightly different, a bathroom wall mirror with a band is a nice option! This looks different from a regular darpan that you hang on the wall.

Bathroom darpan Yana is a black darpan including a black band, which will give the room a robust look. This makes it suitable for an industrial and/or hotel chic bathroom, but it also certainly fits in a lighter interior. This darpan is available in three sizes.

So there is a choice of many different mirrors! Still in need of more inspiration? Then take a look at our Pinterest page, where we share a lot of bathroom inspiration. Are you planning to buy a darpan but are you still unsure? Our bathroom specialists are always ready to give advice! Come by the showroom or make an appointment for remote advice during times when we are not open.

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