Microsoft E-Commerce Platform – The Top Options for an Entrepreneurs


There are hundreds of e-commerce platforms today thanks to rapidly-advancing technology. They are based on different technologies, and those using the Microsoft ASP.NET technology have been taking the lead throughout. If you are looking for a solution for your business, whether it is new or not, it is better to get a Microsoft e-commerce platform.

Does such a platform add any value to your business? The direct answer is yes. If you choose one with features such as multivendor for products management, multichannel for diversified selling, marketing tools, a secure payment solution, and data management and reporting tools, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  •       Access to an established market or integration with popular markets
  •       Ability to edit and manage your products page
  •       Enhanced customer experience through search and filter options
  •       Inventory management system to know when to add stock
  •       Cloud-based operations to work from anywhere
  •       Secure payment system
  •       A headless e-commerce approach to help you focus on customers

There are numerous benefits to get from a single Microsoft eCommerce platform, and there are more depending on the platform you choose. That said, we will give you the options of Microsoft eCommerce platforms you can use for your business.

Virto Commerce

This has to be the first on the list due to its reliability and efficiency. This ASP.NET Microsoft e-commerce platform is best suited for big B2B companies that sell wholesale products. It promises a faster launch where your business will start getting orders in less than a month. This means exposing your products to the international marketplace.

Because it is a dynamic platform, entrepreneurs have the option of choosing B2B features, enterprise features, and many others depending on the setup of their businesses. Your business operation will also be cloud-based, which makes it easy to manage from anywhere.

Virto Commerce is integrated with other solutions such as Azure, multimarket, and others for increased productivity. You can highly customize your solution when you choose this platform.


This Microsoft eCommerce platform operates as a WordPress plugin. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to build interactive e-commerce websites. If you already have a WordPress online selling website, then integrating WooCommerce is very easy. It works like a shopping cart in this case.

However, the WooCommerce platform has numerous features to offer. You will start with a variety of themes to build your product pages and manage the pages as well. There is no limit as to the products you can add. Apart from product customization, you also have a secure payment solution, exposure to a thriving marketplace for your products, and a lot more.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that synching your WooCommerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you manage billing data, shipping, stocks, and other data appropriately.


If you have not interacted with NopCommerce, you could be missing a lot. It is a dynamic Microsoft e-commerce platform that is similar to Virto Commerce in many ways. This .NET e-commerce platform operates as an online shopping cart, so it can work with different marketplaces.

NopCommerce is user-friendly, making it best for newbies in online businesses who want to customize their webshop, upload unlimited products and their details, manage inventory, market products, and have a secure payment system.

The platform has consistently been praised by its users for stability, security, and efficiency in running business operations. So, it is worth giving it a try.


This Microsoft e-commerce platform is designed for SMBs and this gives them the power to compete with large e-commerce businesses. It is a popular cloud-based e-commerce platform helping entrepreneurs to design and launch their web stores. All you need is to choose the options given when designing your web store.

Shopify is a multichannel and multivendor platform. The former means that you can sell through different channels such as social media pages, the web, mobile phones, and any other possible channel. The former means that every entrepreneur has the freedom to manage their e-commerce page on their platform.

So, if you are looking for an interesting and affordable platform to give you a ready market for your online selling goods, Shopify is the best. After all, Shopify also helps you manage the back-end tasks and leaves you with simple front-end tasks for efficiency.


This Microsoft e-commerce platform has amazing features to help any business run smoothly. First, it offers entrepreneurs a functional selling website that you can design by yourself and unlimited cloud-based storage and management.

What’s more is that there is integration with a digital marketing tool for social media platforms.  BigCommerce also works together with reputable e-commerce solution providers such as PayPal, eBay, and MailChimp, among others.

BigCommerce may integrate with Dynamics AX for amazing control of your online business. The best cons include inventory control, customer data management, and a lot more. This platform keeps growing and you can expect a lot of other features to help scale your business up. Most importantly, it will help you generate more revenue.


Magento has a big market share of 26% in the e-commerce world. Notably, eBay is the brainchild behind this Microsoft e-commerce platform. It has some theme options to choose from when creating a webstore for your products. Since it is open-source, like many other .NET e-commerce platforms, it is affordable for any entrepreneur. The best part is the ability to customize your platform to suit your online business needs.

Magento is no different from other reliable platforms, so you can expect to have the best cloud-based solution, a headless e-commerce approach, product page management, and a secure payment engine to process your orders.

So, how does Magento help to scale up an online business? It has the necessary features including the ability to add unlimited products, manage your products, and market your products on different channels. There is a lot to enjoy such a fruitful platform whether you are in a small business or big enterprise.

Final Words

It is important that you choose a Microsoft e-commerce platform well to launch your business or take it to the next level. The ones we have discussed here will help you grow and have an easy time running an online business. The above information will help you do any business in the best way. 


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