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Effluent treatment Plant
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WOG Group will finance, develop, and operate wastewater treatment projects. WOG Group is dedicated to being an asset-light company. Water treatment, reuse, and desalination technology cause a high level of specialized know-how and equipment. WOG strives to build long-term water infrastructure and to be a proactive partner to its clients by providing comprehensive wastewater solutions. Sewage treatment systems are currently available in a variety of shapes and sizes. One such sewage treatment approach that will be implemented is a Sewage Treatment Plant that uses MBR technology.

Sewage Treatment Plant
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The Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant, also known as the MBR Sewage Treatment Plant, is a ground-breaking wastewater treatment method. It essentially combines membrane filtration and biological treatment into a single system. WOG Group contributes to global urbanization by integrating wastewater services into each city’s water cycle. We will concentrate our efforts on environmental sustainability and comprehensive water resource protection. WOG Group is in charge of facilities capable of handling more complex effluents while adhering to stricter discharge regulations.

MBR Techniques for Treating Wastewater

We commit WOG Group to provide high-quality Membrane Bioreactor to our customers. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of MBR, large-scale RO, and UF systems. Because of these membrane bioreactors, we can provide the best service to our clients while also gaining a competitive advantage.

Membrane Bioreactor(MBR)
Membrane Bioreactor Image

We refer to an integrated membrane unit as an “MBR System”. It contains all of the elements required for the working process. A Membrane Bioreactor system, which has ten or eleven sub-systems, includes fine screening, the Membrane Zone, and, in most cases, some form of post-disinfection operation.

Water Treatment Has Several Stages

We divide the wastewater treatment process into several stages. We use a membrane bioreactor and water purifier system in the fourth and final cleaning stage. Nanofiltration is similar in operation. In contrast to conventional filtration, it forces water through a membrane that captures even the smallest dissolved particles, such as molecules or heavy metal ions. Similarly, reverse osmosis works, albeit with higher working pressures and narrower membranes.

Pollutants kept during filtering, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis are filtered into the sludge treatment process as filter sludge. Pollutants collected during filtering, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis will be filtered into the sludge treatment tank as filter sludge. The water has now reached the wastewater treatment plant’s final destination, the treated water storage tank. More water samples will collect here, and the water’s quality is calculated. Once the necessary parameters meet, it will return clean water to the water cycle.

Sewage Treatment Procedures

WOG Group has a strong research and development program in place, which allows our employees to continue pushing the boundaries of the water purification system. As an innovator, we devote our entire heart and soul to achieving our clients’ objectives. WOG Group is well-known for providing superior industrial wastewater treatment services. Water purification is now possible thanks to the use of a successful treatment procedure.

Furthermore, this technology has several advantages, including low maintenance and efficient power plants.

Municipal sewage treatment plants have the most wastewater to treat, necessitating a more diverse combination and more effective approach. It will develop techniques that are unique to each type of wastewater treatment facility.

Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant

Our MBR Sewage Treatment Plant has the following features:

  • Our solution included an automatic sludge system to ensure smooth operation and minimal disruption.
  • It can produce high-quality treated water.
  • Its goal is to reduce costs and the number of chemicals used.
  • A separate settler, clarifier, or polisher is not required.
  • They can use it both below and above ground, making it versatile.
  • It is good for the environment.
Advantages of Membrane Bio-Reactors
  • Demonstrate high waste-reduction efficiency.
  • The effluent quality has improved.
  • Capability to remove a wide range of impurities from the air, including bacteria, nitrogen, and other solid wastes.
Process guidelines for wastewater treatment

Water treatment is critical in a variety of industries. It removes all potentially hazardous chemicals from the water and repairs them using a variety of techniques. Finally, wastewater treatment plants are classified as chemical treatment, biological treatment, chemical and biological treatment combined, and heat treatment. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience required to provide effective water filter solutions. The buyer can have the pilot and demonstrator units delivered to their location.

We have sufficient wastewater and debris to transport to the testing facility. WOG Group is well-known for creating high-quality industrial sewage treatment plants.

The effectiveness of water purification systems

According to us, most manufacturing units around the world require water. We used it as a solvent and a coolant. As a byproduct of chemical reactions in the industry, they produced water. It contains both toxic and non-toxic substances. We constructed a Plant for Industrial Effluent Treatment. Overall, this is a straightforward method for cleaning industrial effluent so that it can be recycled, reused, or disposed of. Small and portable water filtering devices A variety of industrial effluent treatment systems are required for the wastewater components of various businesses.

Similarly, for textile, petroleum, and chemical companies, for example, we have established an onsite facility for treating their wastewaters using industrial effluent treatment plants.

WOG Group is a company that specializes in meeting the needs of a variety of industries in the area. Our technical staff inspects the system’s installation or design at the site, location, or industry.

The best services are available in a variety of configurations

Customers recognize the company as one of the most advanced manufacturers of industrial wastewater treatment Plant systems. Using our wastewater treatment method, we use fewer chemicals, consume less energy, and produce high-quality water. Meanwhile, businesses have altered their manufacturing processes to produce less affluent products. As a result, efficient production research procedures exist.


WOG Group solutions can help businesses that rely on wastewater-generating operations. At some point, it will try to meet future obligations. Because of previous successful effluent treatment projects, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Water Treatment Plant providers in India. Our Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant or Sewage Treatment System Integration has a clear advantage over other leading ETP vendors in India.

Finally, we have reached a significant milestone in our efforts to deliver wastewater treatment systems while ensuring complete client satisfaction. We’ve established a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry, and we’ve laid a solid foundation on which our customers can rely. Customers who best demonstrate our worth by sharing their wonderful experiences with others. We operate with complete confidence that our company will grow and establish a solid reputation in the market.


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