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It’s me… me, my ugly good, terrible and the bad!

The place I was born in is Mauritius. I was just three years old and with full leg braces being afflicted with polio at the time that my father died after a long and exhausting three years in a wheelchair and crippled by a severe stroke. My mother was gorgeous. young woman and was faced to the enormous task bringing up my two older sisters and me. While living in Mauritius was a challenge for me, there were but also a lot of fun. I will always have the an incredibly nostalgic and vivid memory of playing soccer with my friends on the road filled with gravel close to our home, as well as being chosen as the captain of the school three times in a row. As captain I led the team to a incredible win at the inter-school tournament and, of course the never-ending admiration and affection for my mother and two sisters. At school, I was always in one of the top five classes. Achievement in academics was a important goal in my country of origin since it was thought to be the most important factor to having a better life the family and oneself. I was always a diligent student and achieved. I was always happy to see the smiles on the faces of my parents however, not always the congratulation or the certificate that my school’s headmaster gave me. I was expected to be a diligent worker and achieve success and be a step ahead of the pack exactly like my mom did for her children. In the chaos of everything happening around me I was subconsciously assuming the role of my father. I was now expected to complete every task my father would have performed should the time have come for him to have a chance to live.

I was always inventive and entrepreneurial in my job in building or fixing anything. At 9 years old,, I created sling shots out of elastic bands my mother made using her sewing machine. She also constructed small sailing vessels out of dust pans with long handles that were made of old oil cans. I gave the items to local shopkeepers and my school friends to pay a couple of dollars which can be utilized to buy school books, but not enough to buy that dream soccer shoe that was frequently in the Christmas list of things to buy. When I was younger I had a number of visits to hospitals for myself Maurice Roussety . From acute asthma attacks and diphtheria to an infection that was gangrenous or being told how to be able to survive after swallowing a two-cent coin, I became recognized in hospitals throughout the region.

At 13 years old My mother made the leap of faith and moved to Australia. I attended Chandler High school, a small school within Noble Park. I was not very fluent when it came to English in addition to having a strong French accent. I also I was passionate about soccer (rather as Aussie guidelines) Dark-skinned, and dressed in distinct style. I was taller than the average 13 year old. Why… did that say about my appearance from my peers and teachers? In the beginning immigrants like me were uncommon and scarce at the very minimum, even within Chandler High. I never felt the same in school, and I was never really accepted. In times, I dreamed of putting everything down.

I later established an extensive consulting firm, I began studying Economics and Commerce. I then earned to earn my Masters degrees, and eventually obtained the Ph.D. However, my achievements did not give me much about life’s pitfalls and uncertainties. The most important lesson I learned were at a later time in my journey after everything had been destroyed. I fell into an insufferable pit and came to rock bottom, maybe just a few inches below. I lost everything: my family and friends, as well as my image, money as well as my determination to go on. Do you know that I’ve dug deep to dig myself out of that dark depression, and is currently working on the world of work. I would love the opportunity to tell you more about my journey.


Financial Modeling

Economic modeling: Strong,, adaptive coupled, integrated, and dynamic financial and economic models which support and validate growth models

Growth Models

Growth models: Use agency and theories of fundamentals to develop low-cost structures and models to manage existing markets as well as enter new markets

Maurice Roussety Corporate strategy

Maurice Roussety Corporate strategy Unlock your potential with an interactive process that maps the journey of your organization and company to reach its goals

Intellectual Property Valuations

Intellectual property valuations – Innovative and sophisticated appraisal techniques which have been validated by an PhD and instruments to appraise the future and present growth of assets

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