Massage Therapy in Citrus Heights

foot massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology

Massage Therapy in Citrus Heights

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress. It’s also been shown to be helpful for people with chronic pain and certain health conditions, such as arthritis, depression, and anxiety. In Citrus Heights, California, Good Hands Massage can help you feel better with expert massage therapy, aromatherapy, and hot Chinese tea to soothe away tension. Good Hands Massage provides the following services:

Full Body Massage

Our Citrus Heights full body massage services include Swedish and Ashiatsu massage techniques.  Swedish massage is a relaxing massage style that focuses on the relief of muscle tension and stress. It’s sometimes referred to as “classic massage.” Ashiatsu massage uses barefoot deep tissue massage techniques, which allows us to work out knots in deeper layers of muscle tissue than Swedish massage alone.

Deep Tissue Massage

Citrus Heights deep tissue massage is used to loosen up stiff muscles and massage out knots. It is ideal for relieving aches and pains, as well as chronic back pain. By using firm strokes and targeted compression, we can break up scar tissue deep within the muscle fibers, improving flexibility, blood flow, and mobility. Deep tissue massage has been shown to help chronic pain conditions like arthritis.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Reflexology massage is similar to deep tissue massage, but it only focuses on the feet. By applying pressure and massage strokes to certain areas of the foot and toes, reflexologists are stimulating a person’s overall health and may enhance treatments for autoimmune, inflammatory, and mental illnesses. Many people choose foot massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology because it can be administered without undressing.

In addition to our single massage services, we also offer combinations for those who want more than one type of massage per session. We provide fresh towels and fluffy robes to maximize comfort for every visit. Good Hands Massage offers the best massage therapy services in Citrus Heights. Call for an appointment, or simply visit our location on Auburn Boulevard.


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