Masako Katsura: professional billiard player inspirational story

Masako Katsura


Masak Katsura is a name that has become synonymous with the professional pool game. She is one of the most celebrated and successful players in the sport’s history, and her story is truly remarkable. Mask Katsura began playing young and quickly developed a passion for the game. Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges, she rose to the top of the professional pool world and made history as one of the most renowned players ever.


This blog post will explore the inspiring story of Masako Katsura and her incredible journey to becoming a professional pool player.

Early Life


Masako Katsura born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1937. She began playing pool at a young age and quickly developed a love for the game. Despite living in a culture that did not typically allow women to play pool, Katsura followed her passion and never let anyone stand in her way. She began to hone her amateur and professional skills in tournaments throughout her teenage years and into adulthood. Masko Katsura’s life was built around her love of the game, and her work hard to become one of the most renowned professional pool players of all time.

Turning Pro

Masako Katsura’s professional pool career began in 1987 when she was 20. Despite having a relatively short playing career, Masko proved incredibly talented and quickly made her mark on the world of professional pool. She won her first professional tournament at the Japan Open Championships in 1988 and continued to compete in international competitions. Over the course of her career, Masko won numerous awards and championships and earned a spot in the Professional Pool Players Hall of Fame in 2004.
It wasn’t easy for Masko to pursue a career as a professional pool player, especially since the pool was still a relatively new sport in Japan. After competing at the Japan Open Championships, she had to prove herself and gain more experience. Masko dedicated her life to the pool, training hard and practicing daily to reach her goals. Her dedication paid off, and soon Masko was recognized as one of the best female pool players in the world.
At the time, few women competed professionally in the pool, and Masko was determined to make her mark. She also went on to compete in some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and even won the World Pool Championship twice, in 1995 and 1996. Her success cemented her legacy as one of the top professional pool players ever.

Championship Wins

Throughout Masako Katsura’s life, she has been a top-tier professional pool player, racking up an impressive number of championships along the way. Most notably, she won three world championships in 2002, 2004, and 2007 and four European Pool Championships in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2010. Additionally, Masko won an impressive ten individual national titles across multiple countries. This is a testament to her dedication and hard work throughout her career. Her success as a professional pool player is something that she should be incredibly proud of and inspires many aspiring players.

Later Years

Masako Katsura also continued to play competitively well into her later years. Despite her age, she could still compete with younger players and win tournaments. In her late 70s, she entered the World Pool Championships and was a runner-up in the Women’s Masters event. But this was a remarkable achievement, as very few professional pool players remain competitive at such an advanced age.
Katsura retired from professional competition in her early 80s and enjoyed a long retirement. She remained involved in the pool community by giving interviews, attending events, and working with different pool leagues and organizations. She was a beloved figure among her peers and a shining example of how to live a full and successful life.
In 1995, Masako Katsura passed away at the age of 86. Her passing was met with sadness by the pool community, who had grown to respect her remarkable skill and incredible accomplishments. She also left behind a legacy that will never forget, inspiring others to strive for excellence and never give up on their dreams. Masko Katsura’s life was well-live, and her memory will live forever.


Mask Katsura’s life has left a lasting legacy in the sport of professional pool. Her inspiring story and unparalleled skill set her apart as one of the greatest players ever. But Her impressive tournament record is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the game, and she also will remain an inspiration to many aspiring pool players. Therefore, her accomplishments and influence have recognized and honored by various organizations, including the Billiard Congress of America, which has inducted her into their Hall of Fame. She remains an icon in the pool world, and her life reminds us of what can achieved with her hard work, dedication and passion.

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