Marketing and how it can no longer be optional to a business

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Social Media Marketing for business is no longer optional. Social media marketing is not a luxury, for businesses it’s a necessity. Successful social media marketing requires sustained quality and consistency to build interest and following. The same too can also be said also for other main and major means of marketing. After all, every channel of marketing is different in the way it works and in how it draws people in.

Never underestimate the added value of a blog

Maintaining a blog also comes with pretty amazing SEO benefits. Publishing fresh, high-quality content on your industry essentially sends Google an alert that lets it know there’s an expert in the making. Building reputable authorship not only positions your brand as a leader in your niche, but it can also be incredibly rewarding for your Google rankings. Think of it this way: The more content you have, the more opportunities Google has to crawl. It will assess your pages and discover the value you’re creating for your customers.

You are able to draft in people to your funnel in a very targeted way

Brands will always have customers who just aren’t ready to buy, whether they aren’t fully convinced yet or simply don’t have the budget. A blog is an excellent way to draw them into the sales funnel without being overly pushy. By providing them with content they find valuable, you’re building trust with someone who might buy your product in the next week or year.

People also now want to do more and more research

Increasingly, people are searching online for information about products and services from businesses they perhaps already know before they choose where they’ll buy something. In 2015, a company specialising in local business search found that nearly 20% of customers look online for business information every week.

A website is now a essential aspect for a business

Without a business website, you won’t be able to get your products and services in front of people who are searching online. It is a fact that most people ARE looking online for information. Having a business website not only increases your credibility, but it also increases the likelihood of future customers finding you. Even if your business has been going for many years, not having a website can make you look unprofessional. That’s not because your service or products aren’t good, but because today’s consumers just assume every credible and trustworthy business will have a website.

Your website needs to say why and how you are the best in the business – this is key

Your website is another way to tell the story of your business. It needs to explain why you’re the best option for your customers. It’s a great way to talk about services and products in a concise way. It can also help to provide your customer with lots of information (like price, location and opening hours) to help them make the decision to buy from you. More people than ever expect to be able to find out information about you online. Whether that’s as simple as your opening hours or detailed photographs of your products. So for local businesses, having a good business website which explains what you offer to customers is no longer optional; it’s essential.

Overall what people need to now take into account

The reach of social media extends far beyond your typical key performance indicators, such as friends, followers, and likes. These numbers are great to monitor, but they don’t tell you what you really need to know. For example, how engaged your followers are with your brand. Social media contributes across the entire customer lifecycle. It is important in raising awareness and generating leads, especially for B2B companies. After all, it is more and more likely now to be a major means of marketing for any business, regardless of what it does and regardless of its size also.


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