Marketing agencies and why businesses need them

SEO agency
SEO agency

A marketing agency is there to help not only start-ups and small businesses that want to develop and reach a greater audience and clients, but it’s also a necessity for businesses that have been in the market for a very long time and already have an established name. Not only are there more people with different skill sets within an agency, but also those people generally have a greater depth of knowing what will and will not work for your business. This is in the sense that they will know how to best take your business forwards in line with your own set of objectives.

How an agency will work for you

A marketing agency can help you:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Engage your target audience
  • Earn leads (i.e. gain consumer contact information)
  • Convert leads (i.e. increase purchases)

Getting your plan underway and how an agency can bring it to fruition

You may hire a marketing agency to help with a few key challenges. For example, a new clothing boutique may want to identify a target audience. They may ask the agency to research and identify that audience. Then, they may ask the agency to create an audience engagement plan. You may hire a marketing agency for a one-time project. For example, a local bakery might want to increase brand awareness. They might ask the marketing agency to create a local marketing plan for the holiday season. Then, they might ask for help executing the plan.

Your business can expand online

If the pandemic has taught entrepreneurs one thing, it’s that businesses that don’t go digital can struggle or be left behind. It’s that plain and simple. But if your business has been mostly offline up to this point, building your online presence is going to require a big upfront time investment. You might have to build and launch a website, start running ads on social media, send out newsletters to your subscribers and the list goes on. A digital marketing agency can take all of this busy work off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

In time to come, you can expect more clients coming your way

When you do pay-per-click advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google or Instagram all by yourself, you only have to pay for the ad space. But with a digital marketing agency, you’re also paying them to make your ads look better and reach more potential customers. You might think this is a cost, but it’s actually an investment. If you hire a great digital marketing agency (we’ll show you how to do that below), then they’ll make sure your ads break even or even generate a positive return on ad spend.

Experience has zero price – you cannot buy it

There is no shortage of digital marketing agencies online. Having your business goals in mind will help you evaluate all the agencies you come across and quickly filter out the subpar ones. For every agency you’re considering, try to see if they’ve achieved similar results for their other clients. You can usually see this in the portfolio section of their sites, like this one. The larger their portfolio, the more trustworthy the digital marketing agency is. And if they don’t have one, that’s already a big red flag. And don’t just consider their experience with digital marketing as a whole. Look at their selection of clients and see if they’ve already generated results for your particular business model or industry.


Marketing can be complicated. There are lots of different channels to pay attention to, and it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information. But if you have a marketing agency, you don’t need to worry about all that. In any case, just take your time. Have a good look at who is out there, see what they have to offer, see how you may be able to work with a marketing agency and from there, your marketing will be able to take off.


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