Market your brand in an exclusive way, with the comfort of Customized Packaging

Custom Perfume Boxes

Benefits of a Customized Packaging:

As we all know, a brand relies on custom perfume boxes in order to attract the client towards its brand. Custom packaging is a good way of getting yourself acknowledged in the market as it differentiates your products from the products of competitors available in the market. High-quality printing or advanced box design is a good way of taking competitive advantage and further building your brand. The customers are attracted to a product that has unique packaging, as a result, the selling of that product is increased and this is a good way of establishing the relations of a brand with the customer.  In custom packaging, you can make the packaging according to a specific product. This results in reduced material wastage reduced space and save money because the shipping prices are low as the weight of the box is reduced. A brand needs to find a company which can turn their dreams into realities and focus even on the tiniest of details.

Enhanced Safety:

As discussed earlier, custom packaging provides extra protection to the product. This is because, in custom packaging, a product is properly fitted. There is no room left for the product to move around in the packaging hence keeping it secure and protecting it from any kind of damage. A properly packaged product helps in building trust between the brand and the consumer. Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a package with a damaged product inside. When the product is properly packed and reaches the customer in good condition, then there will be a positive impression of the brand in the mind of the consumer and this is quite beneficial for the brand. Custom perfumes packing is very important as these are the most delicate products, which can get damaged during the delivery process.

Recyclable Material:

The biggest benefit of getting a customized packaging is that you can choose the material for the packaging yourself. Many people like to buy from the brands which have recyclable packaging over the brands which do not care for the environment. You can also use this recyclable packaging to your benefit and market your brand as a sustainable brand which also focuses on protecting the environment. Plus, in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is necessary that you choose eco-friendly packaging. This does not mean that you have to just stick to the recyclable packaging but such type of packaging looks trendy and it looks like the brand has put an extra effort whilst deciding the design for the packaging.

Drawbacks of Customized Packaging:

Since the demand of customized packaging in the market has increased, its cost has also significantly increased. The biggest disadvantage of a customized packaging is that, if the box is not standardized, then it is going to cost more. This can be difficult for the small startups and businesses which cannot afford the packaging and cannot charge their customers extra specifically for the customized packaging. However, if you buy the packaging boxes in wholesale than you can get them for cheaper prices.

Production time:

The production time for customization packages is usually high. This is because you can easily find the stock packages lying somewhere in the warehouse but the custom packages are not pre-made and are not available for immediate delivery. For getting a customized packaging for your brand, you first have to place an order and after some specific time, your order will be delivered to you. This is not suitable for the operation of many first-to-market world companies.

Additional details can delay the order delivery time:

Extra design details on the packaging requires more tools such as inks, dyes, stencils, drafting scales etc. This can again lead to increased cost and increased time.

Different types of products that you can get Custom Packaged:

There are a variety of products which you can get custom packed for your business:

  1. Apparel Products like clothes for men and women, watches, ties, shoes, undergarments etc.
  2. Bakery Products like cupcakes, muffins, cakes, French breads, macrons and so much more.
  3. Cosmetic Products like lip-glosses, lipsticks, eyelashes, eyeliner, foundation, perfumes etc.

What is the tooling for custom packaging?

A packaging manufacturing machine prints graphics and information on your packages. The tool further enables these machines to do what they already do but follow your specifications. In Custom packaging, tooling is a specific product that needs to be created for fulfilling your requirements. Manufactures, usually, do not have the tool for making your custom packaging of the same specifications. No custom packaging is ever the same without the use of these tools. Although, this is an expensive task it will improve the feel and the look of your packaging. Your customers will also notice when your packaging is not aligned and is not of the same size. This can leave a bad impression of the brand on the customer.  How to choose your customized packaging?

Product packaging is a way of marketing your products and luring the customers towards your brand. The key to creating good packaging is by finding a balance between finding what is important to your brand and which packaging is best suitable for it. You should know what type of packaging will go in accordance with your core values and goals and should decide the packaging according to it. You need to be extra careful whilst you are choosing a custom printed box for your brand because this box will then be a statement for your brand. Your packaging should give an appropriate and responsible message because if it does not do that then it can set off potential customers which may feel like their values are not aligned with yours. According to your budget, you can even choose simple paper, board packages, or complex spouted bags, only if they fall into your budget. But a brand should also place thought on the fact that the package they are customizing, will they be re-useable for the customer. This is important because a customized package represents a brand.

How can you make you custom packaging?

For making a custom box which is completely according to your preference, you first have to choose the shape of your custom box. Many different sizes and shapes are available in the market but you select according to your needs and design it in 3D.

Now show your creativity on the box, choose the background color for it, choose the style and font of the text, upload images related to your product, or even you can upload your own artwork. Don’t forget to add the logo to your brand as it makes the package more personal and professional. The last step is to buy the customized boxes you already made, choose the quantity of these boxes according to your need and you are good to go.

For making attractive packaging, it is important that you do not use generic designs. The generic designs are unattractive and make it difficult in differentiating one product from another. Also avoid any type of typographical errors, uneven white space, and unreadable prints.

Custom Packaging of Perfume:

For instance, you want to get custom perfume packaging for your business. First, you have to consider what the scent of your perfume is then according to that you will design your product packaging. A perfume box printing should include all the ingredients which are present inside the box. On the packaging, it should say what top/head notes, middle heart notes, and the base notes a perfume has. It should tell how much percentage of alcohol is present in it and where was the product manufactured. The packaging should be designed in accordance with the gender that is whether it is for males or females. Again, the design of the perfume should be in accordance with its fragrance. The customer will accept or reject the perfume on two bases, either on its packaging or its fragrance. But if the packaging is not even attractive to look at, then why would the customer want to smell its fragrance in the first place. Brands like to make a signature packaging for their signature perfume because the customers are attracted towards pleasing custom printed perfume boxes with tempting fragrances. Perfumes are not just scents but they are emotions, feelings and memories for a customer. This is why people like to wear the same fragrance, on an everyday basis.

Perfume is a perfect gift for your loved ones:

Many people like to give perfumes as a gift to their loved ones. This is because perfumes are the easiest and expensive way of showing love your friends/family. Customization of perfume packaging enhances the features of the perfume. The beautiful custom packaging will tell them the mesmerizing scent of the perfume.

High-quality packaging:

As the perfume bottles are huge and heavy, their packaging also needs to be stable and made up of high-quality material. If the packaging is not strong then the perfumes will get jerks and shocks during transportation, which can increase the chances of the perfume bottle getting damaged on the way. A good quality packaging will not only give protection to the perfume, but it will also charm the customer to establish a strong relationship with your brand.


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