Making It Fancy: 7 Tips On How To Accessorise Your Summer Dress


Summer’s here, and it’s waiving at you! It’s the time of the year again when you can gather all your flowy dresses, and have fun at the beach. But if you’re bored with your current dresses, you can still give them a second chance by adding some accessories.

You might think that there are limited pieces that you can add to make your outfit look more chic and sophisticated, but there are a lot. In fact, you can even add accessories from head to toe given that they’re not all bulky.

Moreover, it’s better if your accessories won’t let you look all sweaty and warm. Another trick that will make you look fresh all-day is a neat hairstyle and light make-up. Imagine a typical island girl, if you will, and get some notable points from their usual look.


So if your favourite summer dress is ready, then here are some tips on how to accessorise it.

1. Save a bad hair day with a hat

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or not, having a hat is essential during the summer season. Not only does it protect you from the heat of the sun, but it also makes sure that you look good.

There are two main options when it comes to wearing hats in the summer. First is the sun hat (also called floppy hat) which is the type of hat that matches any flowy dress or swimsuit. While the second one is the baseball cap, which is an ideal pair for semi-formal dresses and outfits.

But whatever type of hat is your preference, you should still put some sunscreen products since hats are known to have lower SPF rating that ranges from 30 and above.

2. Keep sparkling with some jewelry

Are you a fan of flowy dresses in neutral colours? If yes, then you might want to try mixing them with pink diamond jewelry. Of course, you still have other options such as gold and pearls but wearing a pair of pink diamond earrings or a necklace is not something you’ll always see.

If your dress is strapless, then try wearing a bigger yet slimmer pair of pink diamond earrings. But if the strap and volume are there, simple studs would suffice.

Meanwhile, other than earrings and necklaces, you can also wear a bracelet and some rings. If you feel like you want to walk on the sand looking dainty, then multiple rings can top off the look.


3. Make it cute with a scarf

Since it’s summer, stick to lightweight scarves that are used solely for accessories. They won’t make you feel warm, yet they have this fancy touch that can transform a simple dress into an elegant one.

And aside from being a fancy accessory, a scarf will also save you from having tan lines since it’s a good choice for covering your chest and neck area.

Additionally, scarves can be used as a hair accessory and you can even wrap them around your waist, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to bring your hat or your belt. Using a simple scarf, you can come up with many styles that would improve your dress.

4. Don’t forget your sunglasses

If you want to look chic and classy, then you should never forget about your sunglasses! It’s a must-have accessory that will transform your dress from simple to stylish. However, if you’ll have to buy first, make sure that you choose the right frame for your face shape.

For instance, if you have a bigger frame, the classy and chic effect of the sunglasses may not look just as you expected. Although sunglasses can make you look good, they can also be the reason why there’s something off with your outfit.


5. Pair it with the right bag

Are you not living the tote life yet? Since you’ll have to stay outside most of the time, you must bring all the necessary items that you need to survive under the sun. For instance, you might need to carry sunscreens, oils, and some make-up, then you should just have a tote bag.

Tote bags are not just trendy and convenient bags, but they also have a wide range of designs to choose from. You can easily find the best tote bag that can match your summer dresses, especially if you go for a more versatile design.

On the other hand, if you prefer small bags, then you can also choose to carry a sling bag or a cross-body bag.

6. Stand out with the best pair of shoes

As they say, “great shoes will take you to great places”, and when you’re in a great place, might as well wear the best summer shoes you have. The common shoes for a beach getaway are wedges and sandals. However, if you feel like it, it’s never a bad idea to wear a pair of stilettos or sneakers.

But of course, the kind of shoes you should wear will depend on the type of dress you’re wearing. For instance, maxi dresses are usually paired with a more girly kind of shoes, while bodycon dresses can always work with classic white sneakers.


7. Define your curves with a belt

Losing your curves with all those fabrics? Since summer dresses are flowy, you might need a belt to find the summer body that you’ve spent months to achieve. However, there are many kinds of belts, so you might want to select a go-to belt that would match any dress.

For reference, if you want to have hour-glass curves, then wide and thick belts are the best option for you. Whether you wear it on top of a flowy or evening dress, it’ll still serve its purpose.


Isn’t it fun to play with your old dresses to make them look completely different? It would be more fun when you can create different variations using other accessories. If come up with an amazing summer dress make-over, then don’t forget to share it with us by leaving a comment below!


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