Make The Day Extra-special With  Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day


Are you planning to make Valentine’s day a memorable one? Well, you must, because the day for lovers is not very far. And you must start with your planning to make your loved ones feel special and more important. To make your job easier, we have taken up a responsibility to help you with your plannings. Here is a list of some fun things to do on Valentine’s day

We have divided the activities between what you can do at home and what you can do if you want to celebrate the day somewhere out. But if you want to spend your day of love at some romantic place, the U.S. is the best choice. So once you decide on a place to visit, the United Airlines option is available to you. Just pick up your phone, visit the website and book your flight tickets. Remember to make other arrangements as well. Inform the hotel in charge that you are visiting there with your partner to spend your Valentine’s day. You can also take advantage of United Airlines Vacations Packages as a savviest travel option.

At home Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

First, we are going to discuss some of the activities or things to do at home that can make your day extra special. 

Start with your breakfast.

Go for something red, the color of love. Also, you can choose something sweet. You can serve heart-shaped pancakes with strawberry toppings. Some other options are cheesecake, cream scones, love toast, or some cookies and biscuits with your partner’s favorite coffee.

Take a bubble bath

With champagne in your hands, you can spend an hour or two in the bathing tub. Place some aroma candles all over the bathroom. Set light romantic music. Remember not to have harsh lights in the room. Make the place dark and cozy. This is one of the best and fun things to do on valentine’s day. 

Rejuvenate your love life

You can relive your journey in that one day. Collect all the good memories, pictures, snaps, and video clippings. Go through them together. Have conversations on that past yet alive moments. This way, you can spend the whole day. We are sure you must be having a lot t share with each other. Also, usually, people don’t get time for such things in their day-to-day life. 

Read/sing for your partner.

After having lunch, you can read something romantic to your partner. It can be something written by you. Or you can read some of his/her favorite writers and their favorite love poems. The husbands must know that women love when their partners sing for them. If not anything, you can write love letters to each other. This is the best way to unfold their feelings for new couples. And for the old ones, again, it’s living them.


Cook together

Cooking together is one of the most romantic things to do as partners. People who have done that must have felt that. It’s even more romantic than going on a dinner date or for a candlelight dinner, for that matter. It is not about coming up with some master chef-level of the dish. Rather, ist about ending up preparing, chopping, and cooking altogether, and then coming up with something most special for each other on this special night.


So this was the end of the day. This was all about what one can do when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s day. Now let’s talk about some fun activities one can have if they want to spend their day somewhere outside the home.

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day Outside Home

It’s not necessary that everybody gets a private space in their homes to celebrate their time. But don’t worry because we have come up with some of the best ideas. You can follow them and make the day memorable for your partner. 


Book a romantic suite:

If you don’t have much time to visit somewhere out of your city or country, you can go to one of the best resorts in your city itself. Also, many hotels and resorts throw some good deals and packages on these special days of the year. Remember to do this at least a week or two prior to Valentine’s day. We say this because you might not get room availability if you wait for the last minute.


Go for a Long Drive

The best thing is to have your partner in the driving seat and cover miles while chatting all the time. Usually, it happens that partners indulge in deep and romantic conversations during such rides; they get to know each other better. If you feel hungry, hop onto the street food stalls and try everything available. Feed your partners with love. 


Throw a party

Though many couples think of celebrating the day just with their partners, there are people who want to share this day of love with other love birds. You can arrange some romantic games such as on paper couple dance. 


Go on vacation

What can be the best time of the year to go on vacation other than Valentine’s week? Take your partner to their dream destination. And if it is somewhere in the U.S. Apart from United, There are many airlines offering amazing vacation packages and JetBlue is one such airline. Go for Jetblue all inclusive vacation as it is one of the pocket-friendly options for your trip.


Do Breathtaking Adventures

What can be the best day to create some more memories of your life? Do something unique that you and your partner have never done before. Go for paragliding, sky-diving, or scuba diving. Doing all these with your partner can add more fun to it. You get to create a bond even stronger than before. 

Moreover, you can visit the most adventurous and amusement park in your place. You can spend the whole day there trying all the different rides and attractions.

There are much more fun things to do on Valentine’s Day. But we stop the list here. However, these are some of the best ideas one can opt to make their and the partner’s day special. 


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