Lovely Professional University Distance Education

Lovely Professional University Distance Education

Lovely Professional University has been an eminent name in the education sector. Established in 2005, the university has given the world competent leaders, entrepreneurs and academicians. At LPU distance education in Mohali, we understand the importance of education and work to provide our students only the best of best. Therefore, we stand proud as one of the top ranking private universities in India.

Have a look into the courses offered by the University.

Benefits of Distance Education Courses

Why choose LPU Distance Education Courses

Distance education in Chandigarh is a dream come true for students who wish to pursue a degree from the Tricity but cannot move to the city. There are various courses offered in the distance education programme. These range from an undergraduate to a postgraduate degree in subjects like English, Hindi Punjabi, Psychology, Economics, etc.

Courses in LPU Distance Education

LPU Distance Education Study Material

Flexible Schedule

Are Lovely Professional University Distance Education Programmes For You?


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