Living in a private house after an apartment: How to adapt such a change?



Table of Contents:

  1. Thinking of living in a private house
  2. How to live in a house after an apartment
  3. The pros of living in a private house
  4. Disadvantages of living in a private home
  5. Issues faced in a private house
  6. What life looks like in an apartment after living in a private house
  7. How to move from an apartment to a private house
  8. Conclusion about living in a private house after an apartment

Many people live in an apartment and dream of a private house. This article will be about how you can change an apartment for a private home and what benefits you can get.

Thinking of living in a private house

Usually, thoughts about a private house appear in people who have lived in apartments all their lives. A private house is wanted by both young people and people of age and retirement. Those who lived and were born in a private house rarely think about buying an apartment; they usually choose a private house.

Many people like houses. After the apartment, this is an entirely different standard of living, with its advantages and disadvantages. We will try to tell you about them to make your own choice – where it would be better for you to live in a house or an apartment.

How to live in a house after an apartment

Living in a house after an apartment is an entirely different level of freedom. You are not limited by the layout of your living space and get an additional area for outdoor recreation. You buy not only the area of ​​the house for sale but also the joy of outdoor recreation every day.

One can always take the table out onto the terrace and eat or drink coffee overlooking the garden. Sunbathe in the sun or relax with a barbecue and gathering with friends in the yard. Your children get a safe place to rest and contact nature.


The pros of living in a private house

  • Own plot and the opportunity to relax in the fresh air
  • Only two neighbours around
  • Always free parking space for two cars
  • Pay only for your home and your expenses. No fees for housing office services and maintenance of the house.
  • Children and animals on the site are always supervised.
  • The ability to live the way you want.

There are many advantages and can be enumerated for a long time. This can bring things directly from the car into the house, autonomous heating, and independence from city networks. You are your boss, and you are in control of your life. But when you gain freedom, you also gain responsibility.

Disadvantages of living in a private home

Houses are usually larger than apartments, so you have to spend more time cleaning. Cleaning of the house is also supplemented by cleaning the area around the house and the maintenance of the site. But for some, such worries, on the contrary, are a joy. Such work helps to distract and relieve stress.

Private houses are usually located outside the city, so you will have to drive to the infrastructure facilities. Also, children to school or kindergarten, most likely, will be forced to travel by one of the adults in a car.

Houses are more expensive to buy and more costly to renovate. This is because they have a larger area of ​​the house itself, and the area of ​​the facade and roof is added. These parts do not need to be repaired as often, but money may still be required.

The maintenance of the house is solely your concern; here, you will not be able to complain to the management company. But thanks to this, you get complete autonomy and independence from other people.

Issues faced in a private house

Life in a private house differs from an apartment in that you have additional points that you need to pay attention to from time to time. If something breaks down, then you must repair it yourself or call a master.

Water. There is a central water supply, and there is water from a well. If you have the main water supply, then problems usually do not arise. Everything is the same as in an ordinary apartment. If it is a well, you need to pay attention to the pump and the well itself periodically.

Electricity. No differences in the apartment. You pay by the meter installed at the entrance to the house.

Sewerage. In private houses, there are various types of sewerage systems. This can be a central city sewer or an ordinary cesspool. But from modern options, a septic tank is usually installed.

A septic tank is a system for collecting and draining sewage water from a house. It completely solves the problem of sewage in private houses.

Gas and heating. You can heat the house with gas, electricity, wood or a heat pump. Nowadays, heat pumps are gaining popularity in Ukraine. They help reduce heating costs in winter.

What life looks like in an apartment after living in a private house

Life in an apartment building looks different. You are buying living space in an apartment building. It is good if there is a place for walking in the yard or a park nearby. It is usually easier with this in sleeping areas. But all the same, you cannot put a table in the yard and eat in the sun or put a barbecue and grill kebabs on the bench near the front door.

In an apartment, you are limited to the inner area of ​​your apartment. Everything behind her front door is already the common territory of the house. And for walks in the fresh air, the balcony is not at all suitable.

You have neighbours behind every wall, and this is additional noise and inconvenience. Usually, there is nowhere to park a car, and you need to look for a parking lot or a garage for night parking. There is no feeling of freedom from the apartment; there is a feeling that this is a place to live.

How to move from an apartment to a private house

If you want to buy a private home and move out of your apartment, we have some tips. It is better to buy a ready-made house than to build it yourself. It is much better to buy a ready-made house, albeit in a smaller area, than to get involved in long-term construction.

Usually, when they start to build houses with the help of construction companies and design buildings, they get houses of a vast area, and the construction is delayed for years. The larger the house area, the more troublesome it will be in cleaning, the more expensive heating will be in winter, and the longer it will take to build it.

If you are moving from an apartment to a private house, then the optimal area of ​​the house will be about 100 square meters. This area will be able to accommodate three bedrooms and all utility rooms. You shouldn’t build castles on three floors and 400 meters. They are challenging to maintain and very difficult to sell on the secondary market.

It is better if your private house is optimal in terms of area. Thanks to this, you will save money and not be disappointed in country life. Choosing a ready-made home, you can immediately estimate the total cost and plan your budget. Will you have enough money to buy in full for the price of the apartment, or will you need to add.

Conclusion about living in a private house after an apartment

After an apartment, a private house is a new level of freedom. Usually, those who try to live in a private house no longer want to return to the apartment. You will receive your plot and parking space. Private lawn and flower growing area. A place for children to play and the opportunity to have pets. In a private home, everyone is usually comfortable.

The disadvantages of living in a private house are more hassle and longer distances to work and the city centre. But all this can outweigh the benefits of tranquillity and spaciousness in private homes.

We advise you to buy a ready-made and built house with a small area. So you can move to almost the same conditions as in the apartment, but an area for each family member will be added, and a place for rest will appear in the form of a plot.

It would help if you did not get involved in lengthy construction. Better to live in the here and now and enjoy life. For starters, if you have never lived in private houses, we recommend renting a private house for a week or two and give it a try. Perhaps you will like it, and you will no longer want to return to the apartment.

We hope the article was helpful to you and you learned new moments about suburban life in private houses. You can still talk a lot on this topic, but everyone will make an independent choice for themselves where it is better to live. It is important to try both options and decide for yourself where you feel most comfortable.


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